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Love of the Dick, Vol. 3 and Vol. 4

Jalin Fuentes
Pittbull Productions  
Chaos , Devon , Double R , Finesse , J Wheels , Joshua , Kidd Kaj , Komplex , Midnight , Playboi Kid , Ray , Stash , Castro Supreme , Tre Xavier , Troy Penetrator , Tyriek , Venom
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Love of the Dick, Vol. 3 and Vol. 4

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Supreme / Castro - Every inch a king!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Supreme arguably has the worst job in the world. He sits back as guy after guy wraps his mouth around his enormous skinhorse of a cock, getting blowjob after blowjob. Then he fucks them.

Well seriously, Supreme has a job that is the envy of many. And he also makes countless bottoms' mouths water. Pittbull continues their popular Love of the Dick series with parts three and four, all highlighting a world of big dick, Supreme's reigning as always supreme.

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Komplex tops Stash,
J Wheels watches

Love of the Dick Vol. 3: Unleaded

In the opening episode of Unleaded, the third installment of Pittbull's ode to Supreme's iron pipe, he casually throws a hard driving fuck to Chaos on the couch.

Chaos is an attractive guy who already has a history of taking big cocks up his ass (Tiger Tyson Secrets, takes Supreme like a real trooper. Supreme loves to plow guys doggie style, and with Chaos he pounds his ass until he asks "Where do you want me to cum?" Then before you know it, his thick meat is busting a white, creamy nut all over the bottom's smooth ass cheeks.

After this, the goateed Playboy Kid comes around for a piece of the action. After rubbing Supreme's shoulders, he reaches into the porn stars pants, pulling out his love muscle. The Kid then proceeds to get him hard by giving him a focused, impressive blowjob. As the Kid gets into some serious jawboning, we see the tip of his Playboy bunny tattoo peek up over his shirt collar.

Unfortunately his ass is not as open as his mouth. They have an abbreviated anal session, and no one cums.

After this, the heat turns up again with some black-on-black action between Troy Penetrator and Venom. Penetrator enters the room to find Venom asleep and the television gone. Perhaps he really was looking forward to the new episode of Desperate Housewives, cause he takes all his frustrations out on Vemon's spread eagle butt.

Penetrator has a nice, big dick and pounds with energy, twisting the bottom through a series of fantastic positions. This is no nonsense, balls deep ass hammering at its finest. They both drop big loads so gooey they flow over and down their hands.

After this, director Fuentes' talent for hot, hung tops continues to shine as Komplex, a contestant from The Show, bangs the daylights out of ballcap wearing bottomboy Stash, which the handsome J. Wheels watches. Interestingly, Wheels just gets sucked, but Komplex has enough cock for all three of them.

Komplex and Stash both finish on the couch popping out some high flying money shots.

Next, Supreme scores a big one by picking up Midnight and taking him back to his place. After some foreplay, Supreme pounds Midnight on his back, feet, still wearing his white socks, sticking up high towards the camera.

As before, once he puts the bottom on his stomach, Supreme goes to town, screwing him until he pulls out and rips the condom off just in time for him to blow cum everywhere.

The final scene pairs two more black guys, Devon and Finesse together for a one on one romp on the bed. They do not have the same gigantic sized cocks as most of the previous cast, but they are cute, and they both have good bodies and very nice butts. Devon is a spunky little top too, plowing Finesse in several positions, who, frankly, doesn't need much finessing.

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Supreme tops Joshua - The Hottest Scene!

Love of the Dick Vol. 4: Classified

The Classified DVD starts with possibly the hottest scene yet filmed for the series. Cute, young Joshua (Papi Got Flava) enters Supreme's place as he is mixing new drinks. Supreme pours him his latest concoction - a "blowjob." It looks rather nasty. Fortunately Joshua decides to show him what a real blow job is all about (like Supreme wouldn't know).

After boning up the superstar, Joshua lays on his stomach so Supreme can royally screw his bodacious latino boy butt. Hanging off the couch, Supreme goes to town on this incredible new find in bottom boys. Their heat only increases when Joshua is turned on his back, his white socked feet flailing in the air. As usual, Supreme finds his best way to cum with his bottom butt up, blowing a good sized load, followed with Joshua shooting out his own sweet love juice.

After this, beefy top Double R (The Show 2) whips out his club cock to prove to Tre Xavier that he's top dawg. Double R is 100% ripped and built in the body department, and he plows Xavier in several positions. It would have been better with more action close ups though.

Castro / Supreme fucks many guys with his giant phallus. Next, Supreme returns to spread his magik to Tyriek, a painter. Tyriek works his mouth nicely over Supreme's meat, and does an equally good job at taking it all up his ass. Tyriek has a nice, round bootie, which Supreme appears to have a good time with fucking. And then in a nice surprise, Supreme shoots his load all over his face and into his mouth.

On the heels of this comes another good episode of Supreme phallus worship. The star gets bored watching television, so he goes over to a guy snoozing on his couch (Ray) and rouses him for sex. Supreme gets quite hard when Ray blows him, and he turns out be to a hot guy to watch get fucked. Supreme works him nicely in many positions, culminating with the top shooting out a copious amount of his love juice.

The movie ends with Supreme showing off his chef skills to Kid Kaj, who ends up taking the top's king cut sausage long and deep. Supreme plows him hard, to the constant moaning and near crying of Kaj, leaving him covered in his sweet seed. What could be a better dessert course to a full course meal of Supreme?

Love of the Dick, Vol. 3 and Vol. 4 Photos:

Supreme fucks JoshuaWatch Now
Supreme tops Joshua
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Supreme tops Ray
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Supreme tops Tyriek

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