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Love of the Dick, Vol.1 and Vol. 2

Jalin Fuentes
Pittbull Productions  
Angel , Bandit , Bebe , Carmello , CJ , Jay Untouchable , Jermaine , Lazarus , Lil Nut , Lotus , Marshawn , Peanut Butta , Pinky , Redd , Rich , Supreme , T , Thugzilla
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Love of the Dick, Vol.1 and Vol. 2

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Supreme's dick is so big, it should be filmed in Cinemascope.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Jalin Fuentes and Pitbull Productions smartly crafted a film series around the mega-hung top star Supreme. (appearing as Castro in FlavaWorks Raw Thugs) Pitbull has worked their thug magic to bring real energy and a special vibe to this guy.

Of course this is smart marketing on Pitbull's part, because they end up being the studio everyone thinks about for top name talent in this genre. Supreme seems to be an easy going black guy, who apparently loves fucking any kind of tight hole. His penis is simply amazing. The boxcover bills it as ten and a half inches, which upon close inspection seems to be completely accurate.

His cock has a spectacular shape. It is also shaped with a really wild curve, and, of course, there is the immense overall size. Some may recall the pipe weapon piece in the Milton Bradley board game Clue. It reminds up of that. Supreme's pipe could be classified as a deadly weapon, at least in some states.

The Love of the Dick movies are all about dick, worshipping the dick, and luvin the dick. Supreme's fat dick.

Love of the Dick Vol. 1: Leave Em Open

The important thing about this series is that it seems to hit its stride as the series goes on. Volume one has some great moments, but things really get going in volumes two and three.

Volume one fun begins with Lazarus (The Way You Like It) impatiently waiting for Supreme to show up on time for their trick. Supreme drags his ass (and cock) in after unhurriedly leaving a cab. At first Supreme seems detached, or perhaps he's just stoned. Lazarus sucks him, and pretty soon Supreme is giving him some dick.

After a few minutes they warm up, and everything starts to cook. Lazarus, who has a very nice big schlong himself, gets fully hard as Supreme gets his rhythm going. He tops Lazarus on the kitchen table, legs splayed back in a beautiful angle.

"Dick so big, it should have been filmed in wide-screen"
Lazarus shoots a big cumshot all over himself.

The second episode is a uneven three way in which the big dicked Pinky (great name, as his cock is more like a middle finger in length) plays an escort who has to satisfy a slim bottom named Angel. Pinky plows Angel on his stomach. Things turn hot when the the very sexy Peanut Butta joins them. The stockier Peanut Butta, who was a big dicked top in Tiger Tyson Secrets, turns out to be a big dicked bottom in this movie.

He's a real stud with his big cock wagging around while taking it up the ass.

In the next scene, a cute guy named T takes a crack at the bigger Marshawn's ass crack. This scene would be really hot except that T stays 80 percent hard through most of the scene. In fact, after a few minutes trying it with a condom, T does the rest of the fucking without one. There were some good ingredients here, but this is an example of some of volume one's uneven nature.

After this however return Supreme in a very hot sequence with Rich, another tall black boy with an impressively high capacity ass. Furthermore, Rich's fat, uncut cock stays hard while getting plowed. Supreme gets into his action here, making this the must see episode of the film. He hammers Rich on his stomach, on his side, and in an electrifying sequence as he rides on top.

The movie finishes with two nicely built black guys, Lotus and Bandit. Lotus, who has a fine body, rams Bandit bent over a chair, and he means serious business. The Love of the Dick Vol. 1, a great ode to big black cocks, ends on a very high note.

Love of the DickWatch Now
Love of the Dick
Marshawn bottoms in Love of the DickWatch Now
T behind Marshawn

Love of the Dick Vol. 2: Iron Pipe

As mentioned earlier, volume two is where Love of the Dick really hits its stride. Supreme is in three of the five sex episodes, and he seems to be enjoying his mansex sessions, and playing that to the camera.

The movie begins with Jermaine and Bebe getting frisky in bed. It does not take long to see that Bebe is a very hot bottom. In fact, Supreme enters their room while Jermaine is plowing his friend with long, lustful thrusts.

In a spectacular opener, Supreme proceeds to undress and fuck both of them. Bebe splays himself in passive form, taking Supreme's big thrusts inside him no muss no fuss. At one point, Supreme pushes in and out facing one hundred eighty degrees turned opposite, sort of like they are playing a gay sex form of Twister.

Supreme cums a big load onto Jermaine, who follows with his own splashy money shot.

The second episode shows Lil Nut awakening to a quarrel with his new lover CJ. CJ has a big cock, so he uses to he hammer out all of their relationship problems. He tops Lil Nut on his stomach and doggie style.

Carmello Loves Supreme's Dick

After this, the movie's heat jumps back up when Carmello goes apartment hunting, and answers Supreme's ad. Supreme is pretty stringent on who can stay in his crib. Carmello decides to give up his ass for first month's rent.

Carmello gets on his knees to swallow as much of it as possible into his mouth. The best part comes when Supreme and his dominating dick stretches out Carmello's ass to mind boggling proportions. Castro works him all over his apartment.

Carmello swallows as much of Supreme's dick as possible. Carmello truly earned every penny on that day, and Supreme glows as he dominates the tall, younger bottomboy. Finally, Carmello gets to relax his sphincter, and jacks himself off while sucking the converstar. Supreme dumps a big load on his new friend.

The next episode is an interesting scene with the beefy stud Thugzilla, a Baccus regular, who seems intent on collecting his rent. The guy who owes him is Redd, oh and he also happens to be a great bottom. He succumbs to Thugzilla's orders easily.

Redd blows him on his knees. Thugzilla is a hot fucker, and Redd pushes his ass back and out to meet his thrusts. In an interesting change, Thugzilla's condom disappears in the middle of the scene, turning it into a lube-slicked bareback ride that's pretty hot.

The movie closes with another hot one-on-one starring Supreme. He picks up Jay Untouchable, and they have a big buttbanging in a hotel room. Supreme strips out of his clothes, including his Tommy Hilfiger underwear, and proceeds to drill him while still wearing his dark black cap.

Untouchable is one of the more expressive bottoms we've seen, clinging to the bed sheets as the top slides in his meat. Supreme pounds him on his stomach to the sounds of moans and groans of getting pushed to the limit.

Since winning The Show, Supreme has come into his own, moving up from just another big dicked black guy to someone with real star power.

Gotta love the dick.

Love of the Dick, Vol.1 and Vol. 2 Photos:

Supreme fucks Jermaine in three wayWatch Now
Three Way Pile-on:
Supreme behind Jermaine behind Bebe
Redd and ThugzillaWatch Now
Redd and Thugzilla
Supreme fucks BebeWatch Now
Playing Twister: Supreme tops, Bebe, Jermaine background

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