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Love Addiction

Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions)  
Andres de la Serna , Bruno Bordas , Daniel Marvin , Kaio Castro , Mauro Max , Nacho Navas , Nano Roca , Pedro Andreas , Thomas Achaval , Tommy Lima
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Love Addiction

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A Love Letter for Daniel Marvin

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

At last! A complete and full movie starring one of the sexiest men on the planet: Sexy Argentine porteño Daniel Marvin. Director Strongboli melts the screen with a three hour sextravaganza that will leave only the most ardant sex addicts unsated.

On rare occasions, Kristen Bjorn / Sarava Productions has produced movies helmed by new directors. (Who else remembers The Bear's Moscow: The Power of Submission?) Putting up money for a porn project in this day and age clearly entails significant risk, which makes watching and appreciating the studio's fantastic Love Addiction all the more enjoyable.

This is not the first movie to address the subject of compulsive behaviors in the lives of modern gay men. Hot House's Steven Scarborough boasts two excellent features on isolation stemming from sexual bacchanals: Descent starring Aiden Shaw and the subsequent porn video Perfect Fit. This film is decidedly more European in its attitudes, and in many ways tries to be very ambitious.
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Addicted to Love
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Marvin plays a successful, sharp-dressed young man who, recently divorced, obsessively lives in an endless stream of sex, any and all sex from vanilla to kinky.
"I live life as if it were an intense porno movie, and I want it to stay like that. In pornos, there's no room for feelings."

I Came a Thousand Times, and Wanted More

Marvin begins the movie showing how he prefers spending his afternoons, which, put loosely, is in meetings. Work can always wait, because these are sex orgies: it's a fantastic four-way with Marvin, Kaio Castro, Mauro Max and the huge dicked Nacho Navas (who has appeared as Oscar Blanco in Cruising to Orgy from Alexander Pictures)

Max is a bombshell musclebottom. Clad in a jockstrap, the other guys take turns fucking him upturned on a couch. This opener produces a whole set of searing visuals, as well as four great money shots, notably Castro creaming his load onto Max's hairless butt crack.

From this, Marvin narrates the thread of the movie as a patient seeing a therapist, played by Bruno Bordas. However, note that this interchange is not so much as therapy, but more akin to making a detailed confessional to a priest. (Bordas is another model who produced prolific work under the name Martin Soto, including fucking Max Schutler in Roman's Holiday.

Love Target: Pedro Andreas

The key moment for our hero comes when he spies Pedro Andreas on a crowded city street. Here, he falls in love. Then by chance, a subsequent call to his favorite escort service brings this object of his desire directly into his flat. They proceed to move through a romantic, well-paced flip-flop fuck. A gripe here: if you have watched Marvin and Andreas having sex in any of their large body of video work, there's really nothing that you haven't already seen here. (Especially, Bjorn's masterpiece El Rancho or Collin O'Neal's Sao Paulo.)

Another observation, after their sex Marvin notes that Andreas is just another guy who is a hooker that has no feelings. (A character trait he was bragging about himself earlier. Double standards much?)

Andreas returns for the next scene; in dark backroom he locks into mortal combat with the returning Mauro Max and Thomas Achaval. Clad in full leather regalia, Andreas and Max take full liberties on Anchaval's jock strap clad butt. This scene culminates with the tops dropping huge gooey loads of cum into Achaval's mouth. long ropes hanging exhausted off his ginger face.

Daniel Marvin in Love AddictionWatch Now or Watch on
Daniel Marvin meets his match
Next, Andres De La Serna and Nacho Navas show up for a great scene of acrobatic sex. These two show off impressive gymnastic skills both before and during their fucking. Serna has shown off his beautiful long dick and fine top man skills in other films, notably Argentina: Collin O'Neal's World of Men as simply "Andres." They fuck at length in a standing position that turns out to be one of the movie's best visuals.

After this comes an imaginative sexual encounter: Therapist Bordas shares his fantasy - what his bed would have been like if he could have made love to the two different lovers in his life simultaneously. On one side is the dreamy Kaio Castro, a bodacious beauty from Kristen Bjorn's Skin Deep. On the other, the masculine, lighter skinned Nano Roca. Both guys take turns fucking Bordas' upturned ass. Very sexy, he's a fine bottom.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the city, fuckbuddies are hooking up. Roca returns this time with long dong Andres de la Serna and a really fun surprise: porn star Tommy Lima! (Credited as Tobias Sodi, we list this about one of our favorite Tommy Lima movies.) Serna's return performance is a memorable show highlighted by him acrobatically fucking Lima's brains out. Watching his long dick ease into Lima's tight, perfect butt stands out as a high visual. This is followed with the top going balls deep in Roca's ass followed with hot cumshots, including another notable gusher from Serna.

What if you had to get double fucked by Daniel
Marvin & Pedro Andreas using one condom?
After six scenes, Love Addiction grinds on with three more full scenes. Bordas gets double fucked by Andreas and Marvin. (This scene is much more exciting then their original scene, notably because it allows us to watch the dynamite fantasy of what it would be like having the Andreas/Marvin power couple's dicks in your ass at the same time). The movie builds to a finish on an increasingly kinky note.

I guarantee that the viewer has never, ever seen so scorching a hot candle wax episode as the one between the returning Tommy Lima and Thomas Achaval. Lima gets a lit candle shoved into his asshole. Complete with singed sound effects, this will wake everyone up: if not the candle wax, then the rousing flip-flop fuck that follows.

The movie ends with a gang bang in which the bottom (Nacho Navas) gets blindfolded. He's forced to suck and get fucked by the rest of the film's cast, who follow up by scribbling their names in ink on his twisted body. The waterfall of cum that drenches his open mouth and face must be seen to be believed.

Leave the gun. Take the Strongboli.

Packed with nine sex scenes, is not only sexually explosive, but it also breaks new ground. Movies which tackle intimate subjects like regret, intimacy and gay sex sensibilities always benefit from extra layers of complexity, and this film is no exception.

It's worth observing that the film's storyline, however compelling, falls into what seems to this reviewer as a weird dichotomy. Does random sex require a complete absence of all feeling? Why can't someone have the sex life of a porn star and still separate feelings going from sexual thrill to romantic love? Is there a middle ground?

Perhaps this is a "European viewpoint" about sex that is lost on Americans. Or maybe this is a dichotomy inherited from a greater history of Catholic guilt, a sense highly prevalent in South America and Southern Europe, from which this movie's actors and producers hail. Gay sexuality is a story with many points of view. Love Addiction's non-American perspective is unique, which, in this reviewer's opinion, makes watching it all the more interesting.

Viewers may choose to ponder the meaning of the film on this level, or simply dwell on the numerous scenes of sex, as well as the ample performance put in by Marvin. Love Addiction should be enough to quench everyone's thirst.

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Love Addiction Photos:

Nacho Navas Gang Bang in Love AddictionWatch Now or Watch on
Nacho Navas Gang Bang
Andres tops Tommy Lima in Love AddictionWatch Now or Watch on
Andres De La Serna tops Tommy Lima (Nacho Navas below)
Bruno Bordas in Love AddictionWatch Now or Watch on
Bruno Bordas' Fantasy Lover Three-Way
Mauro Max in Love AddictionWatch Now or Watch on
Meet Mauro Max
Daniel Marvin in Love AddictionWatch Now or Watch on
Daniel Marvin copes with his love addiction

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