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Lost Exit

Drew Warner
Rascal Video   RP1004
Anthony Gallo , Dereck Bishop , Ethan Marc , Frank Taylor , Geoff Ashton , Lex Kyler , Matt Douglas , Mike Lamas , , Scott Davis ,
HunksGarage Mechanics/Plumbers/Repairmen

Lost Exit

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Ethan Marc seeks that lost eExit

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

What happens when the guy you are attracted to announces he's marrying a woman? If you're Ethan Marc, you can sum it up in two words: Road Trip! Marc's journey through the desert is the kind of oddly quirky porn stories that sort of restores your faith in the creativity of porn video makers. It's interesting, the men are all very hot, and Marc has the perfect everything happens to me persona, which helps keep the viewer interested.

Veering off the highway to take a leak, Marc visits one of those rest area restrooms with a piss trough. As it turns out the trough is the star of the scene -- when Marc takes his leak and leaves, much to the chagrin of brunette hunk Geoff Ashton, who cruises him from the toilet -- the rangy smoothly muscled Matt Douglas arrives. This time, Ashton gets his man. Ashton sucks Douglas over the urinal, then Douglas bends Ashton over it to fuck him. When Ashton blows his load, it lands in -- yep, the trough.

The two guys are just catching their breath when hunky cop Lex Kyler catches them. Kyler orders the two guys to get him off. Artful videography by Wash West captures the guys tonguing and sucking Kyler's cock and balls in the reflective glare of the cop's sunglasses. When he finishes the two studs, Kyler handcuffs them naked to the trough, stranding them there.

Caught by Tuck Johnson

Back on the highway, Marc has spotted the studly Tuck Johnson from the road and pulled over. Johnson leads Marc out into the desert. Marc gets familiar with his huge cock through his pants before going down on him. Then the two studs saunter casually back in the nude to Marc's truck. In broad daylight, in what appears to be a public place, Johnson sticks his tongue deep into Marc's ass. Director Wyatt films an absolutely gorgeous shot of Ethan Marc's wet, exposed asshole gleaming in the sun. Then Johnson slides his big dick all the way up Marc's chute.

Later at a garage where Marc has stopped for parts, a Dereck Bishop is jerking off in the men's room when cutie Frank Taylor interrupts him. Taylor gets down on Bishop's uncut beauty and then Bends over for Bishop to fuck him. Again, there is some pretty ingenious camera work in this scene -- from the bottom of the toilet.

Ethan Marc Cannot Pay

All three mechanics fuck Ethan Marc's butt. Whatever else Lost Exit is about, you have to also credit the plumbing fixtures -- they're a major part of the story. ber-daddy Anthony Gallo, the owner of the garage, is displeased when Marc has no money to pay for his auto parts -- so Gallo calls over the beefy Mike Lamas and muscled Sam Carson to get their own parts worked over. Gallo has fashioned some glory holes out of a pegboard, and forces the exceedingly willing Marc to suck the studs. Gallo then throws Marc down on a table and forces his cock into Marc's butt. All three guys fuck Marc in turns. Marc does make some hot sounding noises as his asshole is being invaded.

Finally, Marc makes it to Scott Davis' apartment. Davis gives Marc the old husband won't screw me line and the two quickly get stripped on Scott's balcony. Davis has a big uncut dick himself, and Marc once again proves his power bottom skills. Lost Exit isn't as edgy as it would like to be -- but it is just edgy enough -- and very erotic.

Lost Exit Photos:

Anthony Galo fucks Ethan MarcWatch Now
Anthony Gallo fucks Ethan Marc in the garage four-way
Ethan Marc in Lost ExitWatch Now
Ethan Marc in Lost Exit
Ethan MarcWatch Now
Ethan Marc

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