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Lost (Wilfred Knight)

Michael Lucas
Lucas Entertainment  
Alex Clark , , Christophe Blanc , Clay Price , Dan Bradford , David Cody , Luciano Haas , Luke Stamm , Michael Lucas , Richard Black , Wilfried Knight
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Lost (Wilfred Knight)

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Michael Lucas Finds Meaning in NYC

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Michael Lucas' Lost examines how tricking effects the relationships of today's sexually active gay couples. In this movie, the characters are detatched, listing at sea and seemingly uncertain of where they are. In a word: lost.

The movie is judgmental or preachy, but instead a nice envelope in which to wrap the movie's four very hot sex scenes. And showing the behaviors of what lots of guys practice seen through a 2005-style lens makes the movie more interesting.

Lost begins with Lucas heading back to Manhattan in a cab. He blankly looks out at the passing cityscape, flashing back in his mind to his just-completed trick with porn star Wilfred Knight and fuckbuddy Alex Clark. Their steamy three way captures all the potential intensity of this magical trifecta.

Wilfred Knight and Richard Black in Lost Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Wilfred Knight & Richard Black
The studs get down to lots of cock sucking and ass eating. Clark is a hot little number: a shaved head and packed little body which possesses a nasty streak. Clark gave a hot interview in Lucas' Auditions Vol. 1. Here he gets thoroughly plowed by Lucas and Knight. The two trade off his hot ass in numerous positions. Knight's performance also heats up starting here. In fact, he never really slows down for most of the movie; he appears in three of the four scenes. (Note: This movie is Essential Wilfred Knight)

Sporting a fashionable facial beard and attractive smile, he seemingly can't get enough of Lucas' uncut pole up his ass. Knight gets extra points for being the movie's truly talented 50/50 versatile performer. And in a hot moment, bottomboy Clark mounts him with his legs in the air.

This brings their three-way to an explosive climax. Lucas hurries out, accidentally leaving a wallet photo of his boyfriend behind, which Knight scoops up with interest. Lucas gets back home, and chooses to not divulge his earlier whereabouts to lover Luciano Haas.

Wilfred Knight's Lost Orgy

Next, Knight and buddy Richard Black throw a rollicking orgy at their flat. The special guest stars are Chad Hunt and his penis. It starts with all seven participants kissing and groping, still wearing their underwear. Lanky Brit David Cody does an admirable job at deep throating Hunt. Additionally, newcomers Luke Stamm, Dan Bradford and Clay Price round out the frisky lot, all forming a moving, moaning pile of guys.

Black is a hot, butch bottom. He gets his ass eaten and then pounded. In a high moment, Hunt fully withdraws his sledgehammer from Black's hole, pulling with it gobs of hot juice from inside. The bottom is bent over looking out the window down onto the street many floors below. Hunt knows exactly how to work over a hole. After lots of ass plugging, they all shoot their loads, most of which gets aimed at party host Knight.

Scooping up Luciano Haas

After the orgy, Black and Knight stop for some fast food at a restaurant. Knight recognizes the sultry Haas from the photo Lucas dropped at his place. They quickly scoop up Haas and take him back to the apartment for a foursome, in what is probably the hottest scene of the film.

Simple props to occupy their time. Haas (Ace in the Hole), who is from Argentina, speaks with a sexy spanish accent. Unleashed with these guys, he exhibits hard-driving versatile talent. Their attention begins with blowing Black's dick. This is followed with another rousing round of rimming, particularly with Blanc tonging Knight's hole.

In a very hot visual, the two couple hump doggie style on the bed, side to side. The couching bottoms kiss each other as Hass and Blac top Black and Knight, respectively. The intensity increases as the bottoms flip onto their backs. Blanc keeps on hammering masc-bottom Black, but Knight and Haas switch positions in a fit of versatility.

Finally, Haas wanders back to the domicile feeling guilty. Lucas is at home, probably presuming that his bf is off screwing. Without talking about it, they have a lusty one-on-one sexual encounter. Haas seems to relish sucking on Lucas' big dick. Haas takes the bone in several positions, the best of which has him firmly implanted on Lucas' pole with his thighs spread wideopen before the camera.

He blows his load in this position with Lucas inside him.

Lost, Disc Two

The second disc contains lots of nice interviews with the models. Lucas casts interesting guys for his movies, many of which are non-US and have not performed in many previous films. Watching the eighty minutes of interviews makes for entertaining viewing. There is also the obligatory water sports scene, which is with budding sexpig Clark, Lucas and Knight. Spend the extra couple of dollars and get the Director's Cut of the film, there is something for everyone.

Lost makes for an interesting film. The couple seems locked into an apathetic relationship, while constantly enticed by the lures of sex with other guys. Why stay together? This is a clear case of how easy it is to fall into a relationship, versus how much more difficult it is to discontinue one.

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Lost (Wilfred Knight) Photos:

Wilfried Knight and Luciano Haas in a four-way Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Wilfried Knight and Luciano Haas (fore), Christophe Blanc and Richard Black (back)
The Lost Orgy Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Richard Black holds onto Chad Hunt at the orgy party

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