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Lord of da Pinga: Viper

Jalin Fuentes
Pittbull Productions  
Adonis , Carmello , Jazz , Lil Jay , Lil Kidd , Onyx , Shark , Viper , Vokalz
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Lord of da Pinga: Viper

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Viper is the Lord of da Pinga

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Lord of da Pinga celebrates the star level talents of porn star Viper, a masculine top dawg Puerto Rican, sporting a pierced left nipple and a mane of long black hair. He casually chats with the guys about his girlfriend right before he fucks them, and the sexual heat is palpable.

Viper's uncut cock is thick and long enough to unclog any imaginable pipe, easily dominating his three scenes in this five episode frolic. Along with Viper is an impressive cast of New York City black and Puerto Rican guys, all sporting very hot bodies.

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Viper, the Lord of da Pinga

Viper decides to stray from his girlfriend first with Onyx, where they get freaky on an oversized red couch. Sitting in his boxer shorts, Viper let's his snake out from his basket, which Onyx easily tames with his mouth. Long and thick, Onyx runs his tongue down around Viper's nuts, charming it up to full erection.

Viper displays his fucking skills to their arousing fullest, sinking his cock in Onyx's hole and topping him at length. This scene, as well as all the others are well edited depicting long streams of hot sex.

With his butt hanging up over the end of the couch, Onyx busts a big nut over himself, followed by Viper spitting out an ever bigger wad of hot juice. As posters of The Smiths and Audrey Hepburn movies peer down from the walls, Viper exclaims to his partner "This shit had better not leave this house!"

Viper Pursues More Trade

After this, Viper is relaxing naked in a swirling jacuzzi when the pool boy, Jazz, stops by. With his hooded cock waving around in the water, Viper beckons Jazz to drop his duties and pull off his clothes.

Jazz is another one of the film's sweet Black bottom boys, armed with bubble butts and determined throats. Holding Viper's cock at the base, he blows his meat as Viper just lays back enjoying the boy's complete oral attention.

Viper adjourns their party back inside the house, where they shower off. In the bathroom, Jazz wastes no time, bending right over. His backside is soon slicked up brightly with lube as the top works it in. The bottom eventually opens up as Viper screws him doggie style, Jazz's long dick swinging around in circles to the movement of the top's thrusts.

They do it over the cramped furniture of their small space, ultimately landing in a leopard skin chair. Jazz's ejaculation literally pushes Viper's big snake immediately out of his hope. What a tight ass!

Shark fucks Volkatz

Viper does not appear in the next scene, but that does not slow the film down at all. A rowdy game of poker inspires Shark and Volkatz to get naked. These two models are arguably the hottest, best matched pair in the film. Shark is big, dark skinned and wields a beautiful big cock. Volkatz is lighter skinned, boyish and a carries a beautiful, smooth ass that looks like it is made of cocoa butter.

Volkatz works Shark's dick over with a determined blowjob, his tongue ring flecking out along the skin from time to time. They enjoy a hot round of deep butt fucking, the passive Volkatz laying back and taking it all of the top's favorite ways.

Shark finishes by shooting a surprise long distance money shot that travels across the length of Volkatz's body, hitting his directly in the face.

Next, another boyish looking black guy, Adonis, decides to help out Lil' Kidd, who gets a flat tire on his bicycle in front of his apartment. Putting the wheel repair work off to the side, instead Adonis focuses on what he do with Lil' Kidd's seat. They go up to Adonis' bedroom to trade blowjobs, where Adonis pulls an eye-popping hard on out of his jeans.

Viper busts Lil' Jay's bubble butt on one end with Carmello on the opposite side. Lil' Kidd is delighted, sucking his big boner, followed by them twisting into a sixty-nine. Adonis sticks his cock inside Lil' Kidd, igniting a continuous stream of verbal encouragement from the bottom. Lil' Kidd sure loves cock in his ass, and hopefully the strong, silent top Adonis makes future film appearances.

Lord of da Pinga: Viper ends with the film's star returning for a hot doggie encore with the young Lil Jay and the tall Carmello (The Show. In a hot visual, Viper busts Lil' Jay's bubble butt on one end while Carmello stuff his mouth full of cock on his opposite side.

Viper has garnered lot of fans from the earlier works with other New York City thug studios (Big City Video, Latino Fan Club). Pittbull Productions has effortlessly filmed his hottest film so far, wrapping a complete production around him, loaded full of authentic sex on the DL.

Lord of da Pinga: Viper Photos:

Lord of da Penga from Pittbull ProductionsWatch Now Viper tops in Lord of da PengaWatch Now
Viper tops
Volkatz bottoms in Lord of da Penga Watch Now
Volkatz spreads for Shark
Volkatz and SharkWatch Now
Volkatz sucks Shark
Lil Kid and AdonisWatch Now
Lil' Kid sucks Adonis
Viper is Lord of da PengaWatch Now

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