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Lookin' for Trouble

Doug Jeffries
Rascal Video   EV1063
Brandon Lee , Brent Everett , Cade Devlin , , Enrique Velazco , Jan Fischer , Patrick Downs , Tristan Bennet
Interracial SexOral SexPrison / Jail

Lookin' for Trouble

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Meet the ruffians on the stairs: Brent Everett

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

There are a thousand reasons not to overlook this hot movie. Doug Jefferies' Lookin' for Trouble features a boatload of cute guys, hot humping and sweet ass, all wrapped together in a nifty little story. Jefferies once again shows his keen eye by casting some of the hottest cuties on the scene today. First up, there is the shimmering return of Brandon Lee, a mouthwatering Asian stud who dissapeared from the movie business a few years ago. Now he's back, his body is more muscular and tattooed and he great cock is everhard.

The movie also showcases the topman talents of Brent Everett, a young Canadian firecracker who everyone has been talking about. Everett displays his deep drilling abilities in two of the movie's four scenes. (This is just one of the reasons we deem this one of the best Brent Everett movies)

Lookin' for Trouble also serves as a satisfying introduction to a new Rascal discovery: tasty German native Jan Fischer, who should do very well in this industry with his strong facial features, full lips and bedroom eyes.

Brent Everett and Patrick DownsWatch on C1R or Watch VOD
Brent Everett and
Patrick Downs

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The movie tells the tale of juvies Fischer, Everett and Cade Devlin, who must get their act together in order to persuade parole officer Patrick Downs to release them back to a world of unmonitored freedom. Can these little thieves do it?

Fischer turns up drunk in an alley, where Brandon Lee sits in a dark corner on his motorcycle like a spider. As mentioned before, if you thought Brandon Lee in Fortune Nookie was hot, then get ready. Lee is the boss as he tells Fischer to suck him. The rough trade ends up worshiping Lee's muscular body, leather jacket and big cock.

He screws Fisher over his bike in two great sequences, and Jefferies' fine directing shows every hot angle of Lee's moving body. The movie starts with this soaring opening scene and never slows down.

Brent Everett falls into prostitution

Afterwards, Devlin and Everett hang out in a public restroom contemplating their future when a well dressed Eddie Stone (Wicked) enters to use the facilities. Devlin propositions Stone with the offer of sex for money. Stone produces his badge, turning the situation to one where the youths have to sexually please him in order to go free.

This quickly becomes one hot three-way. Stone and Devlin spend lengthy time blowing Everett's noteworthy pecker. However the real star of this scene is the blond Devlin's callipygian features. Stone spends a loving eternity with his face and tongue eating Devlin's bootie. It is truly worth its weight in gold.

A great touch to this scene is the way Everett and Devlin often look at each other, watching with satisfaction as their buddy has sex. Stone screws Devin standing doggie over a urinal. In a high point, Everett screws Stone, who is screwing Devlin. Then they take turns on Devlin, who flips back and forth between them. To finish, they stand over Stone to shoot. Devlin and Everett pop copious money shots, covering the cop in their cream.

Brent Everett's steamy bathroom three-way Next we go to the unfortunate incarceration of Fischer, who has landed back in the pen. Fortunately he is sharing a holding cell with Enrique Velazco, another latin with a fabulous butt. Officer Tristan Bennet ends up whipping out his cell keys and joining them for a smouldering three way. Both Fischer and Bennet partake in Velazco's sweet assets.

Their steamy tearoom session ends with the guys shooting nice hot loads, and ultimately escaping from prison.

The final scene has Everett back at his last parole hearing. He admits to officer Downs that he is through with a life of crime, and ready to turn over a new leaf. They celebrate Everett's epiphany by stripping naked. At this point, Downs demonstartes his awe-inspiring deep throating abilities. He swallows Everett's thick dick down to the base repeatedly. This lengthy oral action alone deserves award recognition.

After this, the slim youth gives Downs a heavy deep drilling with the bottom sprawled out over his desk. Downs' sphincter is just as talented as his mouth, as it has no problem taking the horsehung Canadian up to his tight little balls. Everett finishes off with the movie's most impressive money shot - big thick multiple spurts of cream that coats his abs.

Doug Jefferies' Lookin' for Trouble drips with hot guys and hot sex. It also features the welcome return of masculine top Brandon Lee, plus as a bevy of horned-up latinos. Lookin' for Trouble: A thoughtful statement on the trials and tribulations of today's younger generation.

Lookin' for Trouble Photos:

Brent Everett, Cade Devlin and Eddie StoneWatch on C1R or Watch VOD
Brent Everett, Cade Devlin and Eddie Stone
Brent Everett Three WayWatch on C1R or Watch VOD
Brent Everett peers right at Cade Devlin and Eddie Stone
Brandon Lee and Jan FischerWatch on C1R or Watch VOD
Brandon Lee feasts on Jan Fischer
Jan Fischer smokes Brandon LeeWatch on C1R or Watch VOD
Jan Fischer smokes Brandon Lee

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