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Longshot (Jocks Pac 119)

Chi Chi LaRue
Jocks Studios  
Barrett Long , Chad Knight , , Jett Allen , Joel Drake , Kent Larson , , Pierre Fitch , Trent Stone
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Longshot (Jocks Pac 119)

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Frisky school days come alive on this basketball team headed by megahung Barrett Long.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Barrett Long makes his longshot

Remember those old Nova loops from the late 70s? Watching Longshot: Making the Game instantly put me in mind of one of the most tried and true themes that companies like Nova did incredibly well - bad-ass young jocks banished to detention hall. You know the type of student I'm talking about - the type of punk who got his kicks in class by throwing spitballs or drawing giant cartoon cunts with marker on the top of his desk.

Add model Barrett Long to that list - delinquents who are young, dumb and full of cum. Of course in those old pornos, our rebel would always cross swords with his young attractive, albeit strict schoolmaster. Director Chi Chi LaRue has cast dreamy Kent Larson in the role, an instructor hell bent on making Barrett Long suffer. If Long wants to play on the basketball team, he's going to have to get a passing grade from Larson.

Trent Stone sits on Joel DrakeWatch on or Watch VOD
Trent Stone sits on Joel Drake

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Unable to focus on his detention essay, Long daydreams about two teammates, Trent Stone and Joel Drake, both of whom are lean and boyish. They're fresh from the showers when Stone decides to put the moves on Drake - and not so subtly. First eyeing the slight curve of Drake's cock peeking out from the folds of his towel, you can almost see Stone begin to drool. And after smacking his piece playfully against Stone's pouty lips, Drake indeed gets the service he was gunning for.

Drake is not shy about returning the favor, even going so far as to heartily rim Stone's butt. Drake aggressively finger-fucks his buddy, then mounts him for an extended anal session, the highlight coming when Stone rides on top, his slender cock swinging back and forth like a metronome.

Barrett Long Drains His Hose

Coming back to reality, Barrett Long heads for the john to drain his hose (and yesit is a hose). Locking himself in the stall, he decides to have a full-on wank. This is our first real glimpse of Long's snake of a cock - an uncut beauty with low-hangers. He's interrupted when porn star Owen Hawk, complete with 5 o'clock shadow and doing a bad-ass James Dean impression, comes in the bathroom for a smoke. But the school janitor (Jett Allen) has other plans.

Neither Hawk nor Allen have any idea that Long is hovering nearby, listening as they suck each other off. Jett Allen, a tall and devilish stud with a red bush, hot nuts and a beautiful smile might just steal the scene, equally sexy giving or getting head. Just as Hawk is getting ready to plug the janitor, Barrett Long pokes his head out of the stall looking to join. Allen's jaw nearly unhinges when he gets a look at Long's prick, but he certainly doesn't let that meat go to waste.

Long has enough foreskin for a sizzling docking session with Hawk, Allen pulling his pud nearby. Owen throws Allen a fuck, but it's only a warm-up for Barrett's monster. Allen, obviously an accomplished bottom, looks delicious getting rear-ended while stuffing his face with cock. The conclusion of this steamy segment is a three-way jerkoff.

Filippo Romano Drills Pierre Fitch, Chad Knight Returns!

Home Economics class was never like this. Dopey 'it' boy, Pierre Fitch, star of Through the Woods, and Filippo Romano have got their fingers in the icing while they're learning how to top off some cake. The action between them may be a little too sticky sweet until their Home Ec teacher (Chad Knight) interrupts. Shame on the guys over at Jocks Studios for mis-using this gay porn icon! Knight hasn't changed much since his Kiss-Off days - he's still lean, blond and cute.

Pierre Fitch bottoms for everybody in school. Here, he puts himself smack in the middle of his students' food fun, letting both Fitch and Romano sample his cock. With a plateful of freshly baked rolls nearby, Fitch predictably bottoms for both his teacher and his classmate. It was only a little wishful thinking on my part that would have had Knight in his more familiar bottom boy role, but apparently, times change.

The final scene in Longshot has Barrett Long trying a new tactic to make the grade. The trick to better grades? Simply put out your big cock and appeal to the screaming bottom locked away inside your English teacher. Kent Larson does indeed make an excellent horny bottom. Getting blown, it's clear that Long is now the one in charge. Larson plays with Long's chewy foreskin in a second docking segment and spends some electric moments soaking Long's balls in spit.

Long even turns Larson's tie into a clever sex toy before he fucks the teacher. And before he gets a facial, Larson blows his spunk on the proverbial red apple, then eats it.

So are you hot for teacher? God knows my instructors didn't look like Kent Larson. Longshot takes the tried and true porn theme - student/teacher seduction - and adds in a sports theme. Barrett Long is more than the sum of his parts and easily delivers on his starring role. But it may just be Jett Allen's performance as the filthy janitor that you remember.

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Trent Stone snapshotWatch on or Watch VOD
Trent Stone
Joel Drake snapshotWatch on or Watch VOD
Joel Drake
Barrett Long plows Kent LarsonWatch on or Watch VOD
Barrett Long plows Kent Larson
Filippo Romano, Pierre Fitch, Chad KnightWatch on or Watch VOD
Filippo Romano, Pierre Fitch, Chad Knight

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