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Chad Donovan
Falcon Studios   FVP173
Andrew Justice , Ashton Star , , Derek Brodie , Jason Harley , Jeremy Hall , , , Zackary Ryan


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Brodie Sinclair shows Jesse Santana his longboard.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Young surfer studs like Zackary Ryan and Ashton Star (Dripping Wet) are catching much more than the occasional gnarly wave in this stellar beach-themed flick from Falcon.

Ryan, a lanky lad with adorably tousled hair plays the young innocent, shy and unassuming. The pie-eyed pup unwittingly strikes gold at the beach, scoring an open invitation to a polite get-together, hosted by Derek Brodie (better known as porn star Brodie Sinclair), Jesse Santana, and Dean Monroe.

Brodie Sinclair fucks Jesse SantanaWatch on or Watch VOD
Brodie Sinclair fucks Jesse Santana
As it turns out, Monroe's beachhouse is a hotbed of gay sex, dudes traipsing in and out, finding an unoccupied bedroom and shagging while the surf pounds outside. Brodie, a gay-for-pay beauty with big sizzle, and his house mate Santana set the tone in the opening sequence, parking their boards and hitting the sheets. Brodie isn't much for reciprocating, but that's just the way Santana likes it.

He goes into full service mode, grinding his own stiffie into the sofa while he blows his pal. From the top of the scene to the bottom, Brodie is all business, his expressions stern and uncompromising. Even when he's fucking Santana's compact behind, he doesn't even crack a smile, fully concentrating on the task at hand. Turns out, Brodie's a "dribbler" holding his cock in place, his load spilling onto Santana's rear.

When Dean Monroe (Bang Bang) comes home, the joint is buzzing with young men.

He nods approvingly as Andrew Justice and Jorden Michaels squeeze past the open cases of beer en route to the bedroom. Goateed Justice is a new personal favorite; the dude is just smokin' sex appeal! His partner, Michaels, is equally appreciative, kissing his way down Justice's torso, past the fuzzy stomach to the grand 7" prize. Like Brodie, Justice does little by way of reciprocation, content to give only a greasy finger fuck before mounting Michaels from behind.

Days later at the beach, Monroe finally gets to know the Zackary Ryan a little better. Director Chad Donovan sets Ryan up to be the film's prime slice of cherry pie, a mysterious surfer who all the locals are trying to seduce. But no worries for Monroe, his dance card is already full.

The next vignette is a kitchen threeway, Monroe hosting Jeremy Hall (Spokes 3) and Jason Harley. True to form, Monroe gives the film's outstanding performance, a dynamo who shows no signs of losing his on-screen sizzle. He's slyly sexy, sharing Hall's long dick with stocky Jason Harley from Bar Trade). Hall (Wildlands) is in heaven, two top-notch cocksuckers giving him head at the same time.

And as an aside, Hall's body hasn't ever looked more pumped and lean than it does here. No surprise that Monroe ends up as the group's primary bottom boy, but Harley steals a little of his thunder, sandwiching himself between the two men, dicking Monroe while Hall dicks him. When all is said and done, Monroe gets each of his pecs painted with salty jizz, Hall on the right, Harley on the left.

Ashton Star and Zackary Ryan

In the film's climactic scene, Ryan meets another twink at the beachhouse (Ashton Star) and a bond is quickly formed. Unlike some of the other horndogs in the house, Star is laidback, more Ryan's speed. When the moment's right, the two start ambling down a road of sexual exploration, tender and erotic. Ryan is blessed with a long, slender prick which he offers up to Star in every way imaginable.

And for a newbie, Ryan has the moves, sitting his fresh and fuzzy hole right onto Star's upturned face, then plugging his new buddy from behind. Star's whimpers and breathy cries are hot as hell, a nice contrast to Ryan's more muted approach to getting off. I imagine this surfer crew will be seeing a lot more of Zackary Ryan around the beachhouse from now on.

Overall, there's some comic flubs when Dean Monroe arrives home, gets handed an empty beer bottle and pretends it's full anyway, though it obviously isn't, then Ryan "arrives" appearing a little too quickly to be genuine. But hey – it's porn, right? And despite the porno-style fuck-ups, Falcon delivers in style.

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Longboard Photos:

Jeremy Hall fucks Dean MonroeWatch on or Watch VOD
Jason Harley, Dean Monroe, Jeremy Hall
Jeremy Hall, Dean Monroe, Jason HarleyWatch on or Watch VOD
Jeremy Hall (top), Dean Monroe, Jason Harley (bottom)
Ashton Star bottoms for Zachary RyanWatch on or Watch VOD
Ashton Star bottoms for Zachary Ryan

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