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Bottom of the 9th: Little Big League 3

Doug Jeffries
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Blair Mason , Blake Riley , Brodie Newport , Cameron Marshall , Christian Owen , Dallas Reeves , Derek Rivero , , Jeremy Hall , , Josh Vaughn , , TJ Young ,
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Bottom of the 9th: Little Big League 3

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Jeremy Hall coaches the Little Big League

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Director Doug Jeffries assembles a powerfully hot cast of young twentysomethings for his popular Little Big League series. Bottom of the 9th: Little Big League 3 could be the best so far. The reasons for this include a cute storyline a cast of great looking guys, many of which will be totally new to most viewers, and a shower gang bang finale that is dynamite.

It looks like everyone's favorite baseball team once again is on the verge of hitting the skids (See Little Big League). The coaches seem to have been caught flat footed about this. Probably because they are either too busy fucking, or, as in the case of assistant coach Jeremy Hall, developing a secret stalking lust for team player / boxcover boy Josh Vaughn.

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Hall, who has mostly performed very plastic tradey top roles in the past, really comes alive with his character, not only providing many of the movie's funny moments, but reminding us of his hot fucking skills.

Playing Ball with Blake Riley

Looking adorable in their tight baseball outfits, Christian Owen (Doggie Style) ducks into a restroom with Blake Riley to take a piss. Their real agenda quickly becomes clear - the guys couldn't wait to keep their hands off each other, so they partake a hot bathroom sex session

With Owen's tasty sausage pointing out of his white pants, Riley gets on his knees to give him a long blowjob. Just as they switch positions so that Owen can return the favor, Coach Hall shows up at the bathroom door, catching them in the act.

Rather then make himself known, he surreptitiously watches them, stroking himself while we hear his thoughts aloud - "My God, what are they doing? Oh no, I'm feeling temptations..." The poor guy!

Meanwhile, the players have undressed to their jock straps and take turns eating out each other's asses. Tasty mutual rimming leads to a hot flip-flop fuck session. Riley drills Owen, who is still wearing his jock strap. After this, Riley sits his hot butt down onto his buddy's lap.

Riley is another one of Rascal's exciting new line of models: brunet, built and super sexy. He is also very hot to watch get fucked.

Riley shoots his wad while riding atop Owen.

Coach Tyler Saint (Sun Soaked) explains to Hall their predicament: The team is down to just three players. Their jobs are on the line. As a last ditch effort, Saint recruits the hooligans from the detention hall to play on the team.

But there are lots of problems - the wasteoids and dweebs inherently dislike the jocks and sportos. And on top of all this, all coach Hall seems to do is lust after the players to the point of drilling a dirty little hole in the shower.

Hall spends the entire night naked in bed clutching a team photo, stroking his dick. Hall performs an impressive solo, showing off his big uncut cock, often tapping it directly onto Vaughn's face in the team photo.

He ejaculates a big money shot and soon realizes that he's got a problem.

Intra-team fighting depresses Coach Saint, so he visits the school janitor (Brodie Newport). Saint pays him for sex in his booze filled closet amongst pin up pictures of pussy.

Saint gives him an enthusiastic blowjob followed by a hot ass bang legs up on his makeshift mattress. Both guys shine in sweaty sex pig roles. Their sex is followed by a hot sequence showing Newport sitting his hot ass down onto a mammoth black dildo.

Saint shoots hot a hot, sticky money shot.

Little Big League Shower Orgy

Ultimately, Coach Saint finds a way to get the players to set aside their prejudices, and work together. All ten guys hit the showers afterwards. The film's group shower set is impressive, looking just like the open, free showers from the 1980's film Porky's. Crouching unseen, Coach Hall spys all the guys through a hole in the wall.

Through the steam, everyone's dicks blossom into full erections. Vaughn spys rascal teammate Cameron Marshall, and hey enjoy a hot sequence of silent, tense cruising. They begin kissing, which ignites a fury of cock sucking by the rest of the teammates.

The guys here are all young, cute and will leave the viewer wanting to see each of the in greater detail beyond this final free for all gang bang.

This extended final scene includes high energy mass oral sex.

This all culminates with a spectacularly filmed gang bang in which Vaughn bottoms for his other nine teammates. As everything heats up, Hall leaps from his hiding place and gets a piece of Vaughn's ass as well. There is also a very hot sequence showing Jesse Santana topping Guy Parker, while Hall drills his bubble butt from the back.

The guys end up using Santana as their cum rag.

The film closes with everyone living happily ever after, except for poor Hall. The silent stalker feels jilted at the sight of a budding romance between his love interest Vaughn, and Marshall.

Hold onto your bat because Bottom of the 9th: Little Big League 3 makes for a great evening's entertainment.

Bottom of the 9th: Little Big League 3 Photos:

Guy Parker, Jesse Santana, Jeremy HallWatch Now
Guy Parker, Jesse Santana, Jeremy Hall
Tyler Saint and Brodie NewportWatch Now
Tyler Saint sucks Brodie Newport
Derek Rivero fucks Josh VaughnWatch Now
Derek Rivero, Josh Vaughn, Cameron Marshall
Little Big League Dallas Reeves ejaculatesWatch Now
Dallas Reeves ejaculates

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