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Little Big League

Doug Jeffries
Rascal Video   EV1051
Brent Everett , Dallas Foster , Drew Peters , Holden Grey , , Josh Carter , Marcus Allen , Matthew Matters , , Robbie Angel , Sergio Anthony , Theo Blake
OrgyTwinks, AmericanUniformsAthletes / SportsSex with the CoachFetish: Jock Straps

Little Big League

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Theo Blake Is Down and Out

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

In Little Big League, Electro Video presents an inspiring tale of a down and out coach pulls himself and his misfit baseball team up by their own jockstraps into success. Doug Jefferies' cute script makes the viewer hope that a sequel featuring all of our badboy friends is in the works. Theo Blake awakens late, showing up scruffy and discombobulated to work. His disappointed baseball team players inform him that he missed their own practice yet again.

Worse, he visits the office where rival coach Marcus Allen (Ace in the Hole) informs him that it is only a short matter of time before he's canned. Allen clearly relishes seeing his rival knocked off. A stung Blake leaves to go home and reassess his life as Allen turns to one of his ballplayers for a piece of ass.

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Robbie Angel looks up
at Marcus Allen
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This first action scene is a hot matchup of two classic Channel One all-American boys, both of whom look good enough to eat in one swallow. (Both on the boxcover) Blondeboy Angel is adorable in his baseball uniform, as he kneels before his coach sucking him. Afterwards nails the kid's smooth ass doggie style, who never stops moaning.

Director Jeffries' film skills shine here. Numerous closeups of the bottom's facial expressions, and plenty of close-up shots of the anal action light up the on-screen sex. Allen's big hands grip around Angel's small, smooth hips as he thrusts. When Angel feels his coach's hot load hitting his skin, he easily starts spurting out his own cream.

Afterwards, Angel asks the coach if he can be the team's pitcher. Allen sneeringly insults him, causing the bottom to go and seek revenge. Angel finds Matthew Matters and Sergio Anthony (Pool Boy) in the men's room. Taking the role of the movie's Judas, he informs them to play up their next game, because Coach Blake's job is on the line.

The players take the information to heart, although right now Matters seems to have nothing on his mind other then getting his stiff cock inside his hispanic friend. Anthony is one hot chulito. Matthew Matters reminds us of the messy haired, puckish California boys that graced the screens of Larry Bronco or William Higgins movies of the 1980s. He seems to have nothing on his mind other then relieving his everhard erection.

The pale-skinned Matters gets Anthony on his knees. As he receives an enthusiastic blowjob, Matters tells him in about fifty different ways how good it feels, and how good Anthony will soon feel shortly. The anticipation breaks to fornication with Anthony standing doggie, his right leg raised up taking Matters energetic cockthrusts. Later on his back, the supine bottom goes on and on about getting that cock.

Whereas many times editors stick the second scene with its weakest pairing, the Matters/Anthony screw is burning hot; one of the film's highest points. Anthony unloads while standing up, shaking the cream off his wagging erection. Matters blows his loads up over his body and into his hair. A fine finish to this surprisingly firey pairing.

Everything turns out great in the end. The bad-news-boys upset their rivals, not only to win the game, but also saving the coach's job. Afterwards in the locker room, the guys celebrate by having an improptu orgy. Canadian cutie Brent Everett steps out of the shower brandishing the lengthy bat between his legs, provoking Drew Peters to put his mouth around it. (Note: This video is one of our favorite Brent Everett videos)

The situation quickly evolves into a sizzling six man orgy. Josh Carter, another choice bottom, moves in to sample Everett's goods. The others get to taste him as well, including jockstrap-wearing Jacob Slater. Ballcap wearing Dallas Foster gives head to sporto Holden Grey. After this, the team rearranges itself so that Carter can get on his knees to blow all their dicks.

Lots of undershoots here show his face and chin taking it in his mouth to the balls. For the anal action, the team divides into three one-on-ones. All are hot. Everett tops Carter. Slater tops Peters. Grey tops Foster. All pairings are equally worth busting a nut over. This lengthy well filmed orgy scene clearly powers the movie through more high points.

The movie's final scene shows Coach Blake who is celebrating his victory with baseball player Owen Hawk. Blake gives his team member a fine rimjob. Soon the coach opens his own ass up to Hawk. Hawk usually plays bottom in films, so watching him take charge is simultaneously new and hot to watch. Hawk has a nice dick on him, which he plows Blake with. He also brings out the dildos for the coach's ass as well.

Little Big League is one of the best twink flicks for 2004. Jefferies casts an adorable cast, coaxing them all into steamy performances. Twink lovers are already snapping up this one. Go Electro Video and DynaGirl!

Little Big League Photos:

Sergio Anthony and Matthew MattersWatch VOD
Sergio Anthony spreads before Matthew Matters
Owen Hawk and Theo BlakeWatch VOD
Owen Hawk spreds for Theo Blake

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