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Little Brother's Big Secret

Doug Jeffries
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Brock Webster , Chad Savage , Kyle Lewis , Marcos Pirelli , Rob Romoni , , Theo Blake , Trae Spencer
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Little Brother's Big Secret

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The Big Secret? It's Chad Savage.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

When does Doug Jeffries ever sleep? With films like Raw 2 and Deep Inside just hitting the shelves, it seems like Jeffries is seated permanently behind the camera lens. He even found time to make a cameo appearance as the mysterious voice in 2nd Inning: Little Big League 2.

In Little Brother's Big Secret, he puts on his director cap and steps into taboo territory - incestuous mischief between two brothers, here played by Kyle Lewis & Trae Spencer.

And just what is little brother's big secret? Well, he's not working undercover for the government or fucking farm animals; he's merely gay and sleeping with his college roommate (Chad Savage). Savage, whose always been from the Wrong Side of the Tracks, for his part isn't much of a role model. He identifies as straight, although the opening sex sequence will have you thinking otherwise. Savage graciously sends the closeted Spencer home for summer break with much more than a friendly handshake.

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It's easy to see how Spencer would develop a bit of a crush on his bunkmate; whether you're looking up at Savage's cock from below or gazing down at him while he's devouring your rod, he looks damn good, in many ways, exemplifying the frat boy ideal. Trae Spencer (Ripe) for his part screams twink - he has a tall, slight build with pale skin and short, blonde hairand a very young looking expression, especially when world-wise Savage fucks his tender hole in their shared dorm room.

We meet Spencer's older brother Kyle Lewis (Raw) when Spencer moves in with him for the summer. As it is, Lewis has some secrets of his own. Looking to spend some quality time with big brother, Spencer heads to the bar where Lewis works during the day. Lewis isn't there, but co-worker Rob Romoni is.

Spencer heads out, but Romoni and bar patron Brock Webster (Pig Trough) stay behind, indulging in a spur of the moment hookup. Romoni's looking considerably bloated these days, and if you can look past his sheer mass, the most interesting aspect to the scene is the interracial heat these two generate. The sex follows the formula, and with the exception of some deep and furious finger fucking (Romoni's on the receiving end), there are no surprises here.

Kyle Lewis' Big Secret

When Spencer rifles through Lewis' personals to find a clean towel, he stumbles across big brother's leather drag. Curious, he decides to follow Lewis, and the trail ends at a dark and foreboding sex club where Lewis is presiding over the joint as "the Dungeon Master."

Suddenly, Spencer's "big secret" pales in comparison. Peering from behind a corner, he's titillated by some of the light B&D he sees between Rod Barry and Theo Blake, dominant and submissive respectively. Barry is putting Blake through his paces, spitting on him and forcing him to clean his armpits. Some breathtakingly large toys get thrown into the mix and before you know it, Blake is riding high a plastic dildo while he soaks Barry's hairy hole with spit. Rod Barry is his usual loud, nasty self, literally screaming expletives while he's serviced. Lewis appears late in the game as a facilitator, encouraging Barry to turn up the heat when he's fucking Blake in the sling.

Spencer witnesses the scene and it's difficult to gauge his reaction. Lewis and Spencer only briefly make eye contact, but Lewis doesn't stop his moonlighting activities to explain. The next day, Spencer's birthday, Lewis serves up Marcos Pirelli (Scorched) by way of explanation. Pirelli's an escort that Spencer's been lusting after, and hiring him for a torrid and incest-flavored threeway seems as good a way as any for both brothers to come out to one another. It's the most electric moment of the Little Brother's Big Secret - Kyle Lewis and Pirelli strip down, hop on the bed, and offer themselves to the young twink.

Spencer leaves recriminations behind and happily shucks his threads to join in. Spencer immediately goes for Pirelli's mouthwatering uncut piece. While he's sucking, he can't help but catch sight of his older brother's stiffie hovering by Pirelli's hip. He chooses to blow both guys, and nary a one bats an eye. Big brother Lewis even gives little brother Spencer a lesson on how to suck cock, using Pirelli's as his live model. The last taboo is broken when Lewis tops Spencer while Pirelli watches with great interest.

As a sort of epilogue, we head back to campus with Trae Spencer after his summer of lovin' with brother Kyle Lewis. And when roommate Chad Savage wants to renew his affections, Spencer is no longer interested, claiming to have found the love of his life. Perhaps whoever said "incest is best" knew what he was talking about.

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Chad Savage behind Trae Spencer
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Brock Webster sucks Rob Romani

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