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Link 5: The Evolution (Director's Cut)

Chi Chi LaRue
All Worlds Video  
Blake Nolan , Blake Riley , , , Brendan Davies , , Cole Ryan , Cole Ryder , Dean Tucker , , , Joe Strong , Johnny Hazzard , , Ken Browning , Ken Mack , Kevin Miles , , Manuel Torres , Matt Majors , Nick Marino , Nick Moretti , Park Wiley , Robert Thorn , Scott Spears , Scott Tanner , Steve Carlisle , , Tim Towers , Tommy Blade , Tyler Riggz ,
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Link 5: The Evolution (Director's Cut)

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An eight hour journey into the dark; Steve Cruz is the Doggie Boy.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

A dirty little secret in the gay porn business is that hard edged, all-sex movies starring real men, not the boys, enjoy the most popularity. Chi Chi LaRue's Link movie series several years ago was one of All Worlds Video's best sellers. Now with the studio under Channel 1's ownership, a follow-up sequel was only a matter of time.

For Link 5: The Evolution, the creators go all out devising memorable sexual scenarios that contain lengthy sequences of hard driving sex, all wrapped in the envelope of an ensemble cast of rutting pigs.

2007 was a banner year in many ways for lovers of leather. The three disc Director's Cut gives all of them a run for their money, all to the sure delight of consumers who want to see their sex hard, heavy and... thump...kicked to the ground.

Tommy Blade in Link 5Watch Now

Tommy Blade in Link 5

With a determined chin, the opening credits roll through thirty-one models, many of whom have appeared in previous films of the series. Some models have come out of retirement, all looking fantastic, to put in a new, great performance. Director LaRue has these guys acting up in episodes of unforgettable stunts eclipsed often by unforgettable, awesome images.

An ancient battered television plays images of porn to no one. Suddenly, up, out of a filthy toilet, comes a leather boot wearing drone, who's only purpose in life now is to continue on in the aptly titled Link 5: The Evolution.

Bo Matthews looks filthy. In a hallway covered in mud, Tyler Saint and Nick Moretti appear. They produce a large bucket of water, which they throw onto him. Still dirty, the guys produce a snakelike water hose, which Matthews fondles like a penis. He then gets thoroughly hosed down in water all over his body, ultimately going to his ass where it is used as a douche. With Tyler holding the hose, Matthews ejects long streams of water from his anus.

Closing their sporting around with water, Matthews gets fully hard and ejects a long stream of piss.

The water washes away and Matthews gets his knees, transforming into a total cock hound sucking Saint's and Moretti's fat dicks. Both big, beefy tops, they twist and turn Matthews into a variety of positions. Both fully enjoy pumping his hole until their cream on Matthews' goateed face.

Nasty Businessman: Blake Riley

The second episode starts by fetishizing men dressed in immaculate business suits. Blake Riley, Scott Tanner and the out of retirement Kevin Miles (In Deep: Miles to Go) sip brandy in a barren room lit by broken chandeliers.

The ultimately remove their threads, revealing startling leather garments underneath. Riley, a cute stud pup from Little Big League 3, sports a leather jock strap hugging his hot buns. Opening up Miles' trousers reveals a leather harness running down on an oversized leather pouch, which holds his mammoth cock.

Scott Tanner's ensemble turns out to be the comparatively conservative harness running down to a metal cockring wrapped around his erection.

Tanner and Riley take turns worshipping Miles' dick, so long he shows his ability to bend up and suck himself.

Miles hops onto Tanner's lap and aggressively rides it. After this, Miles stuffs his massive meat into the bent over Riley. Their sex ends with Miles and Riley ejaculating onto the seated Tanner, who shakes through an earthquake of an orgasm.

Next, it's Latin stud Manuel Torres as the Butcher. Wearing nothing except his butcher's apron, he takes time to carefully inspect the two hunks hanging in his meat locker: Steve Carlise and Josh Weston. Torres takes his time tenderizing their assholes with his long tongue.

Tyler Saint, Bo Matthews, Nick MorettiWatch Now
Tyler Saint, Bo Matthews, Nick Moretti
Tension mounts as both guys hang erect, watching each other receiving blow-jobs from the butcher. Torres always looks like there is nothing better in the world than getting his dick sucked (Manhattan). Well, with the exception of when he fucks a hot hole. Both Carlisle eagerly offers up his ass for a steady plowing from both Torres and Weston.

In the Director's cut, their episode includes Torres breaking out the black gloves for some hand balling inside both of his meat products' holes. Weston also takes a long, multi-bulbous blue dildo up inside his ass. Torres finally pops a big load, followed by Weston and Carlisle as they slither entwined on the ground.

Disc one finishes with an outstanding seven man orgy. The all out fuck fest is orchestrated around the watchful and knowing hand of Chad Hunt. In the role like Prospero, the sorcerer in Shakespeare's The Tempest, Hunt relaxes on the back of his Harley Davidson motorcycle as the sex swirls around him. The participants include Nick Moreno, Bobby Williams, Chad Hunt, Tim Towers, Ken Mack, Dean Tucker and the impressive Eddie Diaz. Their orgy runs a continuous stream of cocksucking, ass eating and fucking from start to finish.

It is nice seeing Williams back in action, doing what he does best on Hunt's famously huge cock. The stand-out performance from the sex pack is Diaz, who performs as an astonishingly hot bottom, taking Hunt thick pole atop his motorcycle.

Everybody showers Towers with the cum.

Doggie Boy Steve CruzWatch Now
Steve Cruz as the Doggie Boy

Lex Sabre starts Link 5 Disc 2

The second disc starts with an eye opening show by Lex Sabre (No Cover), who towering and beautiful cock grows fully hard on-screen without anyone touching it.

This draws the attention of Ken Browning. Dressed as a policemen and brandishing a nightstick, his verbal talk indicates that he wants Sabre throbbing inside him, while simultaneously acting coolly repelled by any possible sex. Browning's "whatever and fuck you too" attitude is another of Link 5's high performances.

Sabre sits in a chair until Browning presents him with his bare ass. The lean sex machine lathers his tongue deep inside Browning's bent over butt. Browning gets split in half by Sabre's uncut sword. Using the nightstick, Browning makes Sabre watch him fuck himself until he ejaculates.

Disc two features its own wild six man orgy, this time organized around long beamed flashlights and black leather boots. Bodacious bottom Tommy Blade gets thoroughly reamed by the super sexy Park Wiley (Going Under). Around them Derrick Hanson buries the fat head of his cock deep into Robert Thorn, as Cole Ryder and Scott Spears add to the lusty entertainment.

Following this somes one of Link's signature beer enema episodes, the doused subject this time being the sultry Cole Ryan (Trunks 3). Brawny guys Tyler Riggz and Blake Nolan lifts their bottles to the boy and say, in so many words, "This Bud's for you!"

In a very long and hot sequence, they twist Ryan all around like a pretzel while topping him.

Doggie Boy Steve Cruz

LaRue wraps up everything in a true fin de siecle fashion - the episode everybody really is talking about. In an awesome presentation, Steve Cruz trots over on his fours to a fire hydrant, lifts up his leg and urinates. Bristling with tatts and a closely shaved head, Joe Strong appears to give the doggie boy his long bone.

Strong's magnetic masculinity drips from the screen in this riveting episode. Matt Majors, another porn star who has popped back up recently in hot movies (The Missing) appears wielding his huge hard-on. Brendan Davies and Johnny Hazzard join in creating a frenzy of cocksucking, followed by raining a torrent of piss onto Cruz.

Everything culminates with Cruz and Hazzard getting gang banged. And not to be outdone, Hazzard finishes the scene popping what is arguably the hottest, high flying cum shot of the film, hitting Cruz directly on his face.

A third disc that includes a very interesting behind the scenes documentary narrated and filmed by Chad Hunt. Hunt makes a strong effort in showing the work, talent and ideas that go into making a movie like this.

The nine extended scenes of Link 5: The Evolution all enjoy imaginative creative concept, crisp editing and moody lighting. People enjoying porn on a dark and nasty side will find this eight hour treasure trove totally awesome.

Link 5: The Evolution (Director's Cut) Photos:

Link 5 The Evolution snapshotWatch Now
Johnny Hazzard tops Steve Cruz
Joe Strong, Matt Majors and Brendan Davies observe
Eddie Diaz bottomsWatch Now
Eddie Diaz bends over
Link 5 The Evolution snapshotWatch Now
Cole Ryan between Blake
Nolan and Tyler Riggz
Link 5 The Evolution snapshotWatch Now
Nick Marino, Bobby Williams, Chad Hunt

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