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Link 2 Link (Unedited)

Chi Chi LaRue
All Worlds Video  
Alex Stone , Billy Dare , Christian Knight , Cole Tucker , Corey Jay , Daryl Brock , Frank Parker , Jack Steele , Jacob Scott , Jake Andrews , Jared Wright , Kyle McKenna , Mason Jarr , Paul Carrigan , Peter Wilder , Tom Katt , Trenton Comeaux , Tyson Cane , Zachery Scott
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Link 2 Link (Unedited)

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Link 2 Link Raunch Bottom: Corey Jay

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Link was All Worlds Video's most successful film of 1997, so it was no surprise that they released a sequel. However, to everyone's surprise it was not only more successful, but even hotter.

Filmed on location in San Francisco's Blow Buddies sexclub, this freewheeling production portrays twenty-four first-class sexpigs, many goateed and tattooed, in six scenes of outrageous hedonism.

In this kind of production, it is difficult to lose track of who is doing what to whom, however the intensity, direction and enthusiasm are so inspired, it does not matter. All the performers clearly stand out based entirely on their sexual impact.

This vision of a gay Caligula netherworld is aptly supported by Titan's Bruce Cam, who lends his strong visions often to productions at that fine studio. Link 2 Link opens with three long, phallic flashlights, their beams slice through the shadowy confines of a seething orgyroom.

Here Tom Katt, Zachary Scott and Christian Knight take turns demeaning Jared Wright and Trenton Comeaux, and a hot little boypig named Billy Dare. The action includes anal, sucking, rimming and spanking. All come at least once before the scene ends with the lengthy flashlights buried in the upended asses of these bottomless bottoms.

In the second scene, Peter Wilder takes on three hot black men, Tyson Cane, Mitchell Stack and KJV Rogers. All three tops focus independently on their bottom's pink lips and white ass. He turns in one helluva performance by sucking, drooling and eating ass with piggish delight. Wilder appears even more hungry then the black guys who are ravishing his ass.

Cole Tucker takes over Link 2 Link

The third sequence is almost entirely focused on assplay in-and-around a sling. The hard-driving Cole Tucker and equally obsessed Jack Steele go full bore on Corey Jay and Jared Wright. Rimming and ass-eating are mere appetizers to the viscous cram-screwing and anal plunging of ever-larger dildo's, chains, and grapefruit-sized anal beads.

Is this sexplay, or simple tests of endurance? Whatever it is, it is as mesmerizing as watching live-action sword swallowing.

Beer enemas all around! The next scene features Mason Jarr, Paul Carrigan and Mitch Sander, barechested and sheathed in tight jeans. They stand motionless against the wall as dark moist spots spread out over the faded denim. Ineffable images of pissplay! They subsequently jackoff closing one of LaRue's most perverse and potent scenes ever.

The fifth sequence focuses on beer enemas and anal. J.T. Sloan, Jacob Scott and Daryl Brock play topmen to Kyle McKenna, Mitch Sander, Maverick Reynolds and Corey Jay. These willing receptacles spit and spray all over each other making an incredible mess, followed up by a full-course of money shots.

This two hours of relentless raunch closes with a no-holds-barred free for all by the entire cast. This is a fitting close, and also notable by the on-screen deflowering of topman Daryl Brock. Brock is as strong a bottom as he is a top, giving it up to versatile veteran Jake Andrews.

Link 2 Link clearly pushes this blue-ribbon cast to their carnal limits. These men all work at a pure animal level. Do not expect a hint of romance in this production, it is for those seeking the best in realizing filthy fantasies.

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