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Lil Nellie: Pain in Da Azz

Jalin Fuentes
Pittbull Productions  
Casanova Blue , Egypt , Joey , K.B. , Kaven Sincer , Lil Nellie , Mr. Darvin , Titan
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Lil Nellie: Pain in Da Azz

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Lil' Nellie Versatile Black Porn Star

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

There is this rather long setup for the first scene of Lil Nellie: Pain in Da Azz. The movie's star, Lil Nellie, is a randy little fucker, who bears a pretty good resemblance to the pop rap star Nellie. (Does the rapper Nelly have an outie belly button like Lil Nellie?)

Before going out clubbing, the film's star successfully seduces his dread-wearing buddy Darvin while taking a shower. Lil Nellie, whose ass gets taken down by K.B. in Pittbull's previous DVD Spread Dat Butta, impressively struts his top skills several times.

He wields a nice sized cock. It's not a mammoth trouser snake like many others. It's a perfect party size dick. The guys adjourn to the bedroom where Lil Nellie pumps a doggie style Darvin, who is a very hot bottom to watch getting fucked. His booty loves inhaling Lil Nellie's dick. And in a hot sequence, he pulls out and shoots a big white nut all over Darvin's ass.

"Are you finished?" asks the bottom. "No way!" and Nellie proceeds to fuck him in another hot round. Darvin shoots a high flying load with the top's dick screwing his ass. What a pain in da azz, indeed. Bossy bottoms unite!

Second, Egypt offers to help Kaven Sincer with his mounting bills, but only if he can mount his ass. The boyish Sincer is one of Pittbull's most interesting characters - a young guy who wears a halo of innocence, while constantly horny. On his knees, Sincer sucks his dick like a real pro. Egypt has a nice body and very long cock, which Sincer stuffs in his mouth for a lengthy blow job sequence.

After Sincer bends over the kitchen table, Egypt gets aggressive. He sticks his cock into Sincer's ass with a force that causes the bottom to gasp. After a few moments of getting used to it, Sincer opens up, allowing Egypt full access to to a long and satisfying backdoor visit. Both boys are very hot to watch, making this arguably the high point of the entire movie.

After fucking Sincer on his back, Egypt shoots a hefty money shot on the bottom's neck, followed by his own big, gooey load.

Next up, Lil Nellie returns, this time he's sharing cigarettes and beer with friend Casanova Blue. Going into his house, he finds one of Blue's dirty magazines, and proceeds to blackmail him because it's only photographs of guys.

The two guys trade blowjobs, followed with Lil Nellie licking Blue's ass. Now it's time to fuck. Nellie sticks it right in, fucking him at length bent over the couch. Once again, watching both of these sexy Black guys bumping and grinding is very hot, making this another scene that will be difficult to finish in one single sitting.

After doing it missionary style, they sit shoulder to shoulder and blow their loads, highlighted with Lil Nellie releasing a volcanic amount of thick, white cream.

After this, K.B. beats Joey at poker. As so often happens next in gay porn, the winner gets to take all. Joey is a real doll, looking especially tender and juicy. He sucks K.B.'s cock, making it very big.

Joey lays on his stomach arching his muscular butt up at that perfect insertion angle. K.B. soundly drills Joey to the music of constant moans. Replete with ass-slapping and the bottom's wild gyrations, this marks another breathless scene of thug sex.

K.B. bends Joey through three hundred and sixty degrees of positions. Joey turns out to be a truly fabulous bottom, and he takes K.B.'s load right on his mouth.

Lil Nellie Bottoms

The final episode of the movie brings back Lil Nellie, this time he's in the oft used Pittbull situation of two guys sleeping together naked in a hotel room, which also happens to be the same room used in previous scenes of the same movie.

Lil Nellie seduces straight shooter Titan, a tall, light-skinned Black with a big dick. The action takes a little while to get started, but it eventually reaches boiling point. In the scene, we learn that Lil Nellie is one of those great bottoms who can be pushed into the bed, their legs practically pushed all the way flat against their stomach.

Lil Nellie rides Titan at length on top, followed by some doggie style. In a post-modern moment, Titan spends lots of time peering directly into what is clearly a live video monitor showing what he's doing. This makes his dick even harder as it nails Lil Nellie in the ass.

There is a lot to like in Pittbull Productions' Lil Nellie: Pain in Da Azz. Once again, they structure a movie around a fairly talented model, and Lil Nellie plays the part as well as many other sexy figures who have moved through adult movies over the years.

Lil Nellie: Pain in Da Azz Photos:

Lil Nellie fucks in Pain in Da AzzWatch VOD or Naked Sword
Lil Nellie hits Darvin's azz
Kaven Sincer and EgyptWatch VOD or Naked Sword
Kaven Sincer sucks Egypt
Joey bottoms in Pain in da AzzWatch VOD or Naked Sword
Joey spreads before K.B.
Lil Nellie fucks Casanova BlueWatch VOD or Naked Sword
Lil Nellie hits Casanova Blue's azz
Kavin Sincer bottoms in Pain in Da AzzWatch VOD or Naked Sword
Egypt behind Kavin Sincer

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