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Lights and Darks: An Interracial Spin

Doug Jeffries
Rascal Video   EV1090
, Brandon Lee , Brett Matthews , Brock Webster , Jake Samms , , Luca DiCorso , , Rick Razor , Tommy Ritter
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Lights and Darks: An Interracial Spin

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Taking a Spin on Tommy Ritter

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Doug Jeffries once again explodes the racial barriers of modern gay porn with the highly arousing, and entertaining, Lights and Darks: An Interracial Spin. So much porn today sticks the whites with the whites, the browns with the browns and the blacks with the blacks - which is opposite to much actual real world interaction in bars and chatrooms nowadays.

Anyways: Lights and Darks features some hot property items: huge black cocks slamming white asses. Asians bottoming for hung redheads. Multiracial three-ways. In short, the film is an interracial feast of fun, and one of our favorite movies for 2005.

The producers pick a fun setting to emphasize how lights and darks get mixed: a cruisy laundromat. Perhaps this is what would happen if My Beautiful Laundrette popped up in West Hollywood. The guys find many diversioins instead of sitting there watching the clothes go 'round.

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Brandon Lee spreads
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Razor standing

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The film begins with a barnburner duet between luscious Black newcomer Jake Samms (boxcoverboy left) and Rascal's in-house rascal Tommy Ritter. Samms's boyfriend (Luca DiCorso) leaves to wash the couple's clothes at the laundromat, leaving him hours of opportunity with Ritter. Samms has a handsome face and big pec muscles. Ritter smokes Samms's long, veined pole, paying nice attention to his big balls as his ass gets groped. Samms proceeds to split Ritter's hot buns open, pumping him in a memorable grand slam.

Lots of fine close-ups show Samms's deep drilling and Ritter face, which is a mask of contorted ecstasy. Ritter's cock is capped with a big head that gets even bigger when he ejaculates his lovejuice. Although he was just as hot in Hole Patrol, Tommy Ritter needs to bottom more!

Tiya stands and casually jacks out a seven spurt money shot onto the Rascal exclusive.

Meet the Beautifil Jason Tiya

Meanwhile, at the laundromat, dirty blond Brett Matthews jostles another Black newcomer Jason Tiya, so they retreat to the privacy of the bathroom to work it out. On his knees, Matthews soon discovers that Tiya's stage name could actually be Captain Hook. Tiya quickly blooms into an erection: uncut that is as long as a jumbo-sized hot dog with a thick, heavy curve to the right.

It's a beautiful penis. Tiya reciprocates by blowing Matthews, kissing him and rimming his ass.

Tiya then turns Matthews's butt into a human pincushion. Kudos to the blond for his bottoming abilities, as he takes this kudgel to the max. They finish their tearoom retreat by blowing nice money shots.

After this, Brandon Lee, who plays a funny stereotype of the Chinese laundromat shopkeeper, leaves DiCorso on the premises to go deliver a load of laundry. This gives DiCorso the opportunity to enter into a rollicking three-way with two sexy black guys, Marcus Ram and Brock Webster (Pig Trough ).

One memorable image has the kneeling DiCorgo, wearing a red shirt which reads It's Hard to Be Humble, switching left to right the other two's erections. He lathers them with attention. Not to be boring, they switch around: DiCorsa and Webster lavish attention on Ram's dick, and he's a commanding presence.

Then DiCorso sits is ass down onto Ram's cock from above. The viewer can almost hear the muscles splitting apart. After settling on it, he rides it to heaven. Next Ram gives a hot drilling to Webster doggie style. Their frolic ends with the bottoms shooting hot loads onto Ram, who finishes with his own.

Brandon Lee's Ancient Chinese Secret

The final scene shoes Brandon Lee delivering a load of laundry to lovers Blu Kennedy and Rick Razor. They are waiting for him wearing black jockstraps, riding crop in hand. This scene does not turn down the heat of the film. A pale skinned redhead with a humongous dick, Kennedy has sure grown up fast (Real & Raw Las Vegas). Kennedy adds ample kissing and passion to his mansex, really augmenting his on-screen presence. And his topman skills shine as he gives an enthusiastic plowing to Lee.

Lee is a total sexstud now that he's moved from playing the total top. (This transition story is covered in the earlier Wicked) Lee also is credited for the film's music, which is a nice electronic beat that drives the movie's pace and story nicely.

Kennedy tops both Lee and Razor, followed by hot cumshots.

All four of the movie's sex scenes are great. The opening duet where Ritter's ass gets plowed is unforgettable, and certainly the film's keeper. For those looking to mix it up a bit, add Lights and Darks to the wash.

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Jakes Samms and Tommy Ritter Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Jakes Samms behind Tommy Ritter
Lights and Darks Three-Way Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Markus Ram, Luca DiCorso, Brock Webster

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