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Liam Cole's Wild Breed

Liam Cole
Treasure Island Media  
Anton Dickson , Ben Statham , Darren , David Daniels , Jasper , Kevin Mann , Luke , Myles Bentley , Nikos , Ozzie Will , , Rick Fernandi , Rio , Seb , Toby Hampton , Vince Walker , Wade
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Liam Cole's Wild Breed

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Peto Coast begins a long night of breeding in London.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Another Treasure Island Media release from across the pond comes Liam Cole's Wild Breed, another collection similar in style to their US counterparts, but with an astonishingly original cruising scene set in a real London park which makes this release extra special and sets it apart from the run of the mill porno action you might usually expect. But more of that later. Crammed full of scenes and models, Wild Breed is split up into seven extremely hot and varied scenes for over an hour and a half of seed-spilling action as follows:

"Peto Breeds Ben"

A somewhat subdued start to this TIM release - subdued that, is if you consider group gang bang bareback nastiness to be the norm, which it tends to be in the TIM world. Here, we have the handsome Euro stud Peto Coast offering his huge appendage to skin headed hungry cocksucker Ben Statham, who milks it for all its worth with his hand and mouth before positioning his hairless hole right on top of that giant.

Coast gets inside before you can blink, and is using his new friend's raw hole for all its worth - loudly, angrily, and above all passionately. He seems to rest for a second, but he's just teasing. In no time Statham's hairless ass is full of cum.

To add insult to injury, Coast makes Statham rim him, with his cum deep inside, and then lets him jerks himself off to a climax in Statham's well fucked hole while the bottom shoots off all over himself.

Peto Coast tops Ben StathamWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Peto Coast tops Ben Statham
"Vince & Myles Breed David"

The stakes get a little higher in the next scene as English duffer Vince Walker and his companion Myles Bentley decide to have a little play with bottom guy David Daniels, who lit up Sex Pigs from Cazzo Films in 2002. Daniels is a submissive black bottom who loves cock in both ends.

Bentley meanwhile is a tatted hairy skinhead with a huge uncut protruding cock, while Walker has sideburns and a spiked haircut, also with a huge uncut protruding cock. But when black Brit-boy Daniels opens up his ass its like the vultures have come home to roost. When he says "fucking rip my cunt," he means it. But worse, they do...

The duo finger him, fuck him and use him however they want, verbally and aggressively, till he's left little pierced black cum-filled mess on the bed. It's all quite verbal too, so you anglophiles better get out the tissues.

"Rio In The Playpit"

Rio in the Playpit takes us back to the real UK nasty leather cruising sex club from UK Beef Bangers. It begins with the darkened silhouettes of three very well sculptured bodies, belonging to a trio of singularly named hot English studs - Jasper, Rio and Seb.

Rio is in the middle of these hot men, a young stubble-faced dark haired slut who can't resist cock. Jasper is a rimming aficionado, and he gets his tongue into Rio's jockstrapped ass in no time at all, while the latter sucks on Seb's knob. Writhing around together in various positions, with many verbal (English accented) commands, and cumming all over the place, a particular highlight of this threesome has to be when the trio make a raw fuck sandwich with Rio on the bottom and the extra hunky Seb in the middle.

It's so hot for Seb that when he pulls out and shoots it's an explosion worthy of ANY porn's cum reel, a money shot that no fan of hard cock and spunk should be without. Congratulations, Seb... And the trio don't stop there, culminating in a rather wet moment where Rio's ass is drenched clean with the industrial strength of a steam of piss.

"Darren breeds Nikos"

Darren breeds Nikos has hairy well-tatted salt and pepper daddy Darren getting snogged senseless by the younger goateed Nikos. Wrestling and writhing doesn't help, and Nikos learns a valuable lesson... Suck daddy's cock; take daddy up your hole.

Nikos does both, and he has the celluloid of a hard fuck and a colorful daddy cumming right up his sphincter to prove it...

Watch on NakedSword
Vince & Myles Breed David Daniels
"Woodland Cruising" They fuck bareback all night long outdoors in Hampstead Heath. And now we come to the piece de resistance of the movie, and something that really transcends this TIM release. It's a cruise in a real life park in north London called Hampstead Heath, which, to natives, is a well known outdoor pick-up spot for man on man action.

The scene opens with a close up of a pissing tasty looking plump oversized uncut cock, which belongs, we discover from the director's voice over, to Luke, some handsome youthful blonde bait brought into the forest to lure men. The voice over and hand-held camera (and overhead police helicopter) make this scene about as close an approximation of real life outdoor cruising as you could hope to find without actually doing it, and it is for this reason that Wild Breed should be especially commended for its originality.

The cameraman stays back and switches to grainy black and white night vision as he films the first of the cruisers that Luke bobs down on the floor and sucks off. Some real life commotion in the woods causes the guys to stop their activity for a few minutes before Luke gets back on his knees. He's soon bent over against a tree with this stranger's raw cock fucking his ass as he snorts on some poppers and finally gets a mouthful of seed from his anonymous friend.

Luke's not left alone for long – guy number 2 is soon offering him his cock, and as he sucks away a third comes in from behind with another hard prick for our hero. The cocks are shown in close grainy detail, only the guys faces are blanked out, and we really get a feel for this night time anonymous world. By the end of it another cruising bottom joins in the fun, fucked raw in the darkness and caught on film in full sloppy-holed detail. Even Luke can't resist working his cock inside the faceless slut.

The sex could go on forever in this outdoor London sex playground, but the failing batteries of the camera cut our enjoyment short. A truly superb and highly original segment, this alone makes the DVD worth buying.

An elegant Evening at the Playpit Sex Club "Anton & Wade Breed Toby"

It's back to sharp colorful images in the next scene, as the closely cropped head of bottom Toby Hampton bounces up and down the absolutely mammoth appendage belonging to skinhead Wade who we last saw putting it about in UK Beef Bangers. It's so big and curved it looks almost impossible to deep throat.

But Hampton does his best, as the extremely handsome Anton Dickson (The Second Cummin) fucks him raw and hard and from behind with his perfect looking penis, before a brave Hampton lets them switch ends and takes Wade's fucking huge wanger in his asshole. Hampton's hole is left wide open, slick and oozing with cum by the time this duo have used him up.

Kevin Mann in the playpit

The movie's finale takes us back to the Playpit sex club, where we're treated to a nice bit of group action. Skinhead Kevin Mann deep throats bearded daddy Rick Fernandi's (Barebacking Boys) meat with aplomb, before being stuffed full of someone else's cock.

Nikos is in the mix and sucks on Fernandi as well, before the craven skinheaded lips of Ozzy Will take over for him as they all writhe about on the playroom floor. The guys can't get enough of each other and it's as if they've been deprived of cock for months and just given a sex drug and let loose on each other.

Sub slut Mann is hoisted into the sling and the other guys fuck the living hell out of him as he lies with his legs spread wide open, taking every last raw inch and drop of cum from their lustful throbbing pricks. Other than the overly generous hour plus of hardcore footage there aren't really a lot of extras on offer here, but Wild Breed absolutely packs value into every second of this extremely hot and original release. For the cruising adventures of Luke alone, Liam Cole's Wild Breed is an absolute must and comes highly recommended.

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Liam Cole's Wild Breed Photos:

Rio, Seb and JasperWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD Rio, Seb and Jasper
Wade befriends Toby HamptonWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD Wade befriends Toby Hampton
Kevin Mann enjoys the PlaypitWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD Kevin Mann enjoys the Playpit

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