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Excuse me while I slip this on.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Leatherpunks is a well made, pure and simple orgy film, accentuated by licks of leather. It does not offer any setups for the performers, like the seminal Manhattan Sex Party, nor does it have the kind of rich production style of Nexus. Still with its remarkable cast of wiry, sexed-up performers and producers, it makes for a highly entertaining show. The set is elegantly functional: a sling, some raised platforms, and tarps covering all the ground and walls. This literally could have been filmed anywhere. A Park Avenue penthouse perhaps? Or just some dark alley...

The film begins with two of its star pigs, Rick Gonzales and Mario Cruz stoking things up. Gonzales is always a pleasing and welcome horsehung top (Screw), and this movie project gets the best mileage out of him than any other. Sporting a red do-rag, he's a non-stop topping machine, probably getting his cock into all of the other cast members.

Rick Gonzales and Mario Cruz Watch VOD
Rick Gonzales explores
Mario Cruz

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Ortiz happily raises his rear for Gonzales on multiple occasions. Meanwhile, another group forms over on the platform engaging in some of the film's edgier sequences. Duke Rivers and Rojer Beaumont love that hot candlewax, in between some hot ass rimming. Beaumont is a very interesting, beefy guy, who makes his debut in LeatherPunks.

Another hot notable partybottom is Jason Dean (No Exit), who loves getting fucked in the sling as much as Ortiz. In fact, Ortiz plows him in the sling, followed by Rivers, who is by now a walking wax candle and Beaumont.

The orgy continues with two focal points. Either someone is getting hammered in the sling, or they are off on the side platform. For this sequence, everyone gets a piece of everyone else. The models do not linger or dwell on one particular guy for long.

About mid-point Owen Hawk and Matthias von Fistenburg emerge from behind the cameras to add their own distinctive flavors to the sexual stew. Hawk tops von Fistenburg in the sling. Later they flip flop over on the side platform, all the while speaking a fuck me/fuck you rap loudly and enthusiastically.

This inspires Cruz to start riding a mammoth dildo next to them. Next more of the tops take their turn on screwing Hawk, with von Fistenburg laying next to him getting drilled.

It's a hot pile on. This all culminates with von Fistenburg's ass becoming the orgy's center of gravity. The indefatigable top Gonzales as well as Hawk double-fucking him, causing Hawk to remark out loud that von FIstenburg's ass is like a parking lot.

Another highlight of the film is observing the primal mating rituals between Owen Hawk and Matthias von Fistenburg ( The Show). A real life couple, each watches the other get plowed by the other guys, followed by the topping each other to the tune of speaking expletives and spitting. Seriously, they look like they are having a great time.

One enhancement would have been adding a musical accompaniment to the film, but many people are just fine hearing the real-time sounds, and these guys make plenty of them.

Leatherpunks doesn't have any froufrou window dressing or exotic locales. It contains all the elements that we enjoy in most New York City porn nowadays: the guys appear to be real-live sexpigs who love getting their lusty pastimes frozen on film. The enthusiasm from the producers and performers vibrates right out of the screen.

This is mansex in New York, and they mean business.

Leatherpunks Photos:

Mario Cruz and Jason Dean Watch VOD
Mario Cruz kisses Jason Dean
Duke Rivers and Jason Dean Watch VOD
Duke Rivers tops Jason Dean
Leatherpunks Orgy Watch VOD
Leatherpunks Orgy

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