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Leather Weapon

Roland Dane
Studio 2000 International  
, Christian Keller , , Gabriel Lantos , Gabriel Prince , James Jordan , Janos Kovacs , ,
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Leather Weapon

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Scandel erupts during a secret lether society's initiation.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Hungarian gay adult producers have released leather themed movies over the years, for example Csaba Borbely's Leather Muscle Studs. Leather enthusiasts find these productions typically tame, as the guys do exactly what they do in every other movie, just this time wearing leather vests.

Actor - cum - film director Roland Dane tosses his chaps into the ring with his movie Leather Weapon. The result is a satisfying movie that combines the most popular Hungarian male models with hot leather dress and fierce fucking.

The films describes the inner workings of a "secret society, " named Leather Weapon. Like the 4H Club or the Masons, this organization's members must show fierce loyalty, be sworn to secrecy and maintain a fanatical devotion to the group's leader. Otherwise the group is an edgy male leather club.

Leather Weapon snapshotWatch Now
Janos Kovacs behind Andrew Szakal
The leader of the group is non-other than the Lion King himself, Julian Vincenzo. In between the sex scenes, he is seen quietly moving oversized chess pieces around on a table, sort of like Laurence Olivier's Zeus from his perch on Mount Olympus during Hollywood's Clash of the Titans.

The models have appeared in lots of previous Hungarian movies. Fans of Studio 2000 International film line know that Dane coaxes performances out of these guys that make them the best in show.

The movie begins on a sizzling sexual note: Gabriel Prince visits couple Andrew Szakal and Janos Kovacs. They invite him to have a three-way with them. Prince turns them down, explaining that he's just joined a secret society, divulging the name of the group in the course of their conversation.

Kovacs is incensed, because he secretly a member. After calling Vincenzo to let him know that Prince spilled the beans, the couple decide to enjoy their own one-on-one.

Their versatile sex session is fantastic, and both guys are in top form. Szakal, better known as Claudio Antonelli, looks trim, manly and slim. Kovacs, who performs as Rob Nelson in the football film Score!, easily melts the screen with his energy.

With his body hair closely trimmed along his chest and stomach, he throws huge bent dick into Szekal's smaller frame. They flip-flop on their living room couch.

The image of a legs-up Kovacs, balled up in the corner of the couch, jacking himself off with Szakal screwing him is one of the film's high points.

Afterwards, Vincenzo sends his Hell dogs to abduct Prince while he walks down the street, and exact punishment for his breaking the rules.

Prince awakens bound and gagged in a dungeon. Fortunately, his abductors happen to be popular top porn star Lucio Maverick (billed here as Josh Lovas) and heavily hung blond veteran James Jordan (Firestarter).

Wearing leather vests, harnesses and pouches, they slap him around a bit before pulling out their cocks.

These guys have miles of man meat between the two of them. Fans of Lucio Maverick, who has come on strong the past year in movies, will not be disappointed here. He powerfucks Price doggie-style, whose mouth stays filled with Jordan's cock.

They aggressively screw him, at one point ramming him with both their dicks simultaneously. They also engage in several positions of trick fucking, like with Prince upside down as the tops ram down from above, facing the opposite direction.

The tops finish by shooting their cum on Prince's chest. Afterwards they announce his expulsion from the group.

Meanwhile, Vincenzo faces a real test of his leadership skills. He decides to reward Kovacs for narking on Prince by calling him to Olympus for intimate congratulations, followed by wild fucking.

Bringing back Kovacs for an encore performance deserves a standing ovation. He gets as much of Vincenzo's thick meat in his mouth as he can. Fortunately, his capacious, muscular ass handles his boss's cudgel far better.

Kovacs spends lots of time sprawled curled back on Vincenzo's throne, taking his massive thrusts.

Vincenzo plows him in numerous hot positions - no leather here, but that's okay. Kovacs is worth the price of admission alone.

The final episode documents the initiation of Gabor Szeles into the club. Szeles, aka Rick Bauer, has kept his luscious looks and muscle bottom frame that make him so popular in Backdraft Men and Cock Tales.

ManAtPlay image European men in the office. Sex in the sharpest suits.
Francesco D'Macho, Ted Colunga, Jean Franko.

Passions explode wearing coat & tie.
Here, he's gangbanged by Vincenzo, Christian Keller and Gabriel Lantos, who has shaved his head since he got with Vincenzo on Construction Island).

Keller is famously known as Kevin Cage, who pairs off with initiate Szeles for a starting round of ass humping. Across from them, Vincenzo tops Lantos side-saddle.

The couples enjoy a double your pleasure / double your fun side by side session of screwing. Finally, everyone gets to top Szeles.

Watching Szeles bottom never grows old, particularly in his leather boy outfit. The guys all shoot impressive money shots onto Szeles's heavily used ass, followed with the bottom's own sizeable pop shot.

Leather Weapon is a nice foray into leather adorned Euro-muscle guys having rough sex. Although the best surprise here is watching both performances of Janos Kovacs. The guys in his secret society are very lucky.

Leather Weapon Photos:

Leather Weapon snapshotWatch Now
James Jordan and Lucio Maverick sandwich Gabriel Prince
Leather Weapon snapshotWatch Now
Julian Vincenzo
Leather Weapon snapshotWatch Now
Andrew Szakal rides Janos Kovacs
Leather Weapon snapshotWatch Now
Gabriel Prince rides Lucio Maverick, James Jordan stands right

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