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Leather Sessions

Chi Chi LaRue
Rascal Video   RV1121
Adam Young , Cole Ryder , , Johnny Hazzard , Luca DiCorso , Nick Mazzaro , , Tag Adams , Tyler Riggz
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Leather Sessions

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Cole Ryder Slides into a Leather Extravaganza

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Cole Ryder, a fresh face on the porn scene, was truly delicious in Sized Up, so much so that porn mistress Chi Chi LaRue put this hairy stud on the cover of Leather Sessions, a leather extravaganza that really lets Mr. Ryder out of his cage. No doubt that Ryder is the best reason to get your paws on this leather flick. Watching him mete out some much needed discipline is the stuff hardcore leather fantasies are made of.

This is one edgy flick that grabs hold and gives the viewer a few rough shakes, starting with the first encounter between Tyler Riggz and Tag Adams (Pokin' in the Boys Room), here with a head shaved down to nothing more than rough stubble, and bound to a free-standing toilet with big wads of electrical tape.

Adams has turned into one hellacious bottom, a maturation from his early days at Falcon Studios (Billy's Tale). He seems to get more and more focused as a sex performer, turning in consistently good work. Riggz (Delinquents) coaxes all that nastiness to the surface, making Adams work for every bit of pleasure he gets. A few less-than-gentle tugs on Adams' baby-fine chest hair serves to stoke Adams' lust.

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By the time he gets his mouth on Riggz's chubby, he's quite literally chomping at the bit to go the distance. Before he fucks his submissive, Riggz rolls Adams backwards on the toilet (no easy feat, be assured) and sucks his hole. Freed from his constraints, Adams is free to be the noisy, slutty bottom that viewers are familiar with, riding his top cowboy style until both men get off.

Lean pretty boy Luca DiCorso (Lights and Darks) is hard to swallow as a rough and tough leather top, especially given his bright blue eyes and pretty lips. Even dolled up head to toe in expensive-looking chaps and chains, it's difficult to shake the images of DiCorso as a happy-go-lucky bottom boy. But here he is, dominating Adam Young (Entering Freshmen), an even softer looking Latino with a luscious hole.

DiCorso serves up a rim job while a mysterious figure (Nick Mazzaro) jerks off in the shadows, playing it cool. But eventually the two lads are able to coax Mazzaro into the action, and the stranger picks up where DiCorso left off, aggressively licking Young's ever-loosening hole. Mazzaro looks meatier than ever, and quickly puts DiCorso in his place, fucking him while Young observes. Mazzaro has shaved his bush completely for his appearance here, keeping his bottom under control with one hand, firmly gripping DiCoro's shoulder while he pistons.

It's been a steady climb to porn stardom for handsome Derrick Hanson, a model who's proved himself to be a major player in films like Trouser Trout and Manifesto. He delivers consistently good performances and does again here, this time with Simon Angel, a pup you wouldn't usually connect with leather porn.

Hansen starts the scene by draping himself over a spiffed-up motorcycle, coaxing Angel out of the shadows and onto his knees. Somewhere along the way, Hansen has gotten his tongue pierced, and when he stoops to service Angel's plump beauty, it's a nice surprise to see those little flashes of steel while he licks and sucks. Even more awkward than getting banged on a free-standing commode is getting banged on a motorcycle. But the two manage quite well, alternately fucking and putting a lot of faith in the sturdiness of the bike's kickstand.

The final scene, a sultry têĂȘte-à-tête between Cole Ryder (When Bears Attack) and Johnny Hazzard, is the cherry on top of this nasty sex sundae. Standing at opposite corners of the room, the pair seduce one another with some steamy glares and mutual masturbation, eventually coming together in the center of the dungeon, a sling ominously hung from the rafters.

Hazzard (In His Dreams) has shaved off the little bit of hair he has from his chest, making his abs pop out and putting his smooth body in stark contrast to Mr. Ryder's very hairy one. LaRue plays up the sensuality here rather than the dominant/submissive angle, encouraging Ryder and Hazzard to kiss, paw, squeeze and take it nice and easy. The aforementioned sling gets put to good use when Ryder lies down, belly down and ass high, serving up a rim-feast for his younger buddy.

Ryder's ass is rock hard and amazing, and the videographers make sure to capture some excellent snaps of Hazzard driving his tongue deep. It's always a pleasure to see such a butch stud get topped by a thinner, leaner dude, so when Hazzard bends Ryder over, it's a real thrill. Bent in half, every muscle in Ryder's heavy thighs gets rigid with tension, giving excellent views, even better than when the duo take their anal play to the sling and into the homestretch.

The sets and leather gear aren't particularly original here. Ms. LaRue has certainly gotten her money's worth from some chain link and a few black, form-fitting jockstraps. But it seems like she may be taking a lesson or two from master director Joe Gage, playing up the suspense and letting the sexual tension between her models simmer for a bit before letting it come to full boil. Ryder gives the standout performance here, helped in no small measure by his co-star, tattooed beauty Johnny Hazzard.

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