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Latin Heat Inn Exile

Thor Stevens
Vivid Man  
Dave Casino , Dennis Lincoln , Duncan Mills , , Josh Perez , Max Grand , Rob Carona , Rob Steele , Steve Shannon , Stonie
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Latin Heat Inn Exile

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Stonie's Best Sex Video

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

It is very rewarding to stumble upon a film that received little publicity, uncovering what turns out to be a wonderful secret. Many movies in the 1990s which cast hispanic models were typically relegated to cheaply-made barrio-life tapes, none of which are the least bit memorable.

Latin Heat Inn Exile from Vivid Video deftly brings latino love into the gay porn realm.

Not only does it sport an attractive cast, but it is diverse, including hispanics, black guys and white guys. The end result is a very satisfying amalgem of combinations. It also includes a number of models who have now retired, but are very welcome to watch.

Duncan MillsWatch Now
Duncan Mills, one
of Max Grand's pawns
One particular example is the porn star Stonie, a real cutie. Latin Heat Inn Exile was probably one of Stonie's best movies.

Director Thor Stephens crafts a cute, effective plot for this movie. Here, Max Grand plays a smuggler who moves between a hotel in Costa Rica and his opulent house in California. (Stephens also utilizes Grand in the enjoyable 9 1/2 Inches). These illegal goods are never specifically defined, as Stephens essentially utilizes the same device that Alfred Hitchcock used for many movies, which movie buffs know as a MacGuffin.

The film starts with Grand getting his merchandise via the Duncan Mills' hot piece of ass. For this movie, Grand sports a handsome, neatly clipped go-tee on his chin. His uncut cock looks yummier then ever.

Mills and Grand begin this arousing opener by passionate kissing.

Grand presents his already fully hard cock, an outstanding piece of sexual equipment. He quickly has Mills on his back with his legs in the air. The latin slowly licks Mills's hot ass, who makes arousing moans of pleasure with every move.

When Mills enthusiastically sucks Grand. Grand appeared is tons of movies during his career, and at this point he looked incredible. Well-defined and muscular, he was a masculine sex machine. The younger Mills has smooth skin and a very hot ass. This is obviously a match made in heaven.

Without much ado, Grand pushes his cock all the way into Mills's ass, and subsequently plows him in numerous positions all over the hotel bed. Mills handles Grand's pole effortlessly. Grand finishes by shooting a remarkable amount of cum onto Mills's stomach.

Afterwards, Mills secretly compares notes with fellow inn employee Dave Casino (Caesar's Hardhat Gang Bang). The insightful Casino informs his friend that Grand may act like a convincing guy, but he's up to "no good."

That night, Casino meets the naked Rob Steele swimming naked by the resort's pool. Steele invites the smooth hispanic into the shimmeirng water with him. Removing his trunks, Casino's long uncut cock appears already half hard.

His remarkable dick grows in Steele's hand right before the camera's eye.

They enjoy a fun frolic of poolside under the quiet of night.

Meanwhile, Grand decides to call home to California, where his houseboy (Stonie) takes information. After hanging up, Stonie realizes that Grand's lover (Steve Shannon) has been listening in, taking notes.

In a hot flashback, Grand recalls the first time he and Shannon had sex. Shannon was a delightful "gay for pay" model, who enthusiastically plows Grand on the bathroom floor. A typical top, this switch of watching Max Grand bottom makes for a very new and exciting visual.

The following scene pairs two attractive latinos, Rob Corona and Josh Perez (Tag Team), who are also somehow connected to pinning down Grand's alleged criminal activities. They also enjoy a rousing sexual one-on-one with Corona plowing Perez, another very satisfying bottom. They both finish with memorable money shots.

Stonie gets fucked

The film finishes on a hot sexual note. Innocent Stonie is home alone when policemen Dennis Lincoln and Jeremy Tucker. What transpires is two very sexy black guys having a fine time passing the smaller, passive Stonie around.

To finish off this rousing three-way, Stonie inseminates the sofa. Fans of uniforms will enjoy the authentic police uniforms too.

Latin Heat Inn Exile is complimented with a lively musical soundtrack by Ram Fist.

Latin Heat Inn Exile is a nicely done, fun flick full of hot sex. Fans of Stonie who were put off by his numerous forgettable productions with other studios should catch this, one of Stonie's best sexual performances. This kind of latin heat could hardly ever be exiled.

Latin Heat Inn Exile Photos:

Stonie gets fuckedWatch Now
Dennis Lincoln and Jeremy
Tucker point at Stonie
Max Grand and Steve Shannon in Latin Heat Inn ExileWatch Now
Max Grand and Steve Shannon
Dave Casino and Rob SteeleWatch Now
Dave Casino and Rob Steele enjoy the pool

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