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Latin Flava

Keith Miller
Helix Studios   LS04
Andreas Camillo , Angel Rios , Damien , Eric Perez , Jacob , Junior Santana , Mario Angel , Ricky Tash , Rico Rivera , T. J. Jordan , Travis Hayden
Amateurs / First TimersBareback SexLatinosOral SexTwinks, American

Latin Flava

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Ricky Tash shows his latin flava

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Living in Texas, there is already a plentiful supply of hot Latin Flava to experience, but Helix Studios, helmed here by Keith Miller brings it to the screen for those less fortunate to have sucked on an uncut verga, or for Hispanics who haven't yet experienced man to man pleasures. Gracias to Miller, Helix brings it south.

An ambient soundtrack plays through the credits, and introduces us to dark skinned, poised, and multiply pierced Eric Perez, who sits on the bed, satisfied that his floppy haired muscle shirted bottom, Junior Santana, is on the way home and horned up. Perez is soon playing with his boyfriend, knowing how to push Santana's buttons, and instigating some intimate kissing.

They take their time. Perez' uncut dark meat slides into the mop-topped cutie's mouth, and the compliment is returned in synch. As soon as Perez is ready, he rolls Santana on to his front. He sticks him raw and rhythmically. Santana barely has time to think.

Perez gets his well loosened beau in doggy position, and uses his thick prick hard and deep. Fucking him on his side now he gets his boy WIDE open with his bare cock. The couple finish up laying side by side, jerking off and spewing strings of cum over each other.

Eric Perez sucks Junior SantanaWatch on Helix Studios
Eric Perez sucks Junior Santana
The chemistry between "anonymous" models Damien and Jacob is caught on film in the next scene. Both display smooth inked bodies, and the twinkier of the pair has a pierced tongue, which he uses on his boyfriend's prick before fingering his toned frame and sliding up that hot tight tunnel, skin on skin.

They kiss, and the bottom is worked open on his back, legs wide apart and pulled up to his chest. Then that glistening knob pounds him doggy. The scene dissolves to the bottom shooting over himself while the pair share tender kisses, but what happened to the top's cumshot? Well, this is a bareback movie after all…

T.J. Jordan barebacks Andreas Camillo

Crew cut dark skinned top T.J. Jordan (Raw Fantasies) strolls into scene three, carelessly pulling off his army pants, and jerking his meaty member. Cover star Andreas Camillo joins him, his well defined chest exposed, and matching camouflage pants soon unbuttoned.

Pulling back Jordan's skin tightly, Camillo chows down with expertise, and his army wear soon gets lost in the mix, revealing a highly fuckable ass. Jordan's tongue enjoys it first, as Camillo lays on his front. Jordan teases his cock with some sucking from behind, before burying his face back in Camillo's tasty butt.

With the bottom flipped over, legs spread wide, we really get to see what an impressive cock Jordan has, as his head works its way slowly inside. Jordan doesn't rush things at all, preferring a sensual slow entry, and his bottom squirms with appreciation as he gets gradually deeper and deeper.

The pair now on all fours rock on the bed with intense pleasure, Camillo's broad shoulders grabbed by his penetrator. With so much attention given from his top, Camillo is more than happy to mount Jordan from above, and milk his hard-on while he pulls his ass cheeks apart.

In full animal swing now Jordan reclaims dominance, taking his muscled bottom from the side, on his front, doggy, on his back... There's not a portion of Camillo's ass left unexplored. Unable to hold back any longer, Camillo spills over himself while T.J. still works him, and gets a nice wet reward all over his neck.

Moody looking hot man Rico Rivera lets his light skinned bottom boy, Mario Angel (Dicks of Hazzard), go down on his dark uncut cock for some time. Angel knows how to work his foreskin and gets his dark meat nice and wet and totally engorged. Rivera stands proud in more ways than one as Angel slobbers on him.

Spread apart, Angel straddles him, and stuffs in every inch of his latino pole. You can see he's a pro at this, and enjoying every minute of it, bouncing up and down, riding on top. We hear the hot rhythm of the bed squeaking, the slap-slap-slap of their skin meeting, and the erotic panting of this sexy pair. Angel is a fucking expert.

Rivera goes at it now, digging that raw hole from the side, cramming this hungry boy full. He bends him over to get right up him hard and keeps him in this position until he's ready to cum. His impressive hard prick finally slides out, and explodes all over Angel's chest. Angel follows suit in a hot creamy close up.

T.J. Jordan fucks everyone bareback.
This movie gets hotter and hotter with each successive scene. Next, T.J. Jordan returns, matched up this time with a bleached blonde twink cutie in the form of Travis Hayden (Boys N' Toys). Little Hayden is mopping the floor for Jordan, wearing nothing but some tight white briefs. With grins on their faces Hayden is coaxed over, and on his knees he soon comes face to face with Jordan's huge dangler.

Hayden grips that ass and goes to town before draping himself over the couch to give Jordan a look at his cute pale ass. Jordan eats it hungrily, teases the crack with his thick manhood, and shoves it inside nice and raw. Hayden reaches back and plays with Jordan's balls as he fucks him. This scene sizzles off the screen.

Hayden gets on his back, and allows full access to his cute little ass. Jordan takes full advantage of his bottom boy, his cock looks ready to explode as it moves in and out.

After sitting on top and riding, Hayden then sticks his butt out for a hard pounding, and he gets what he wants.The pair fuck all over the place, sexual gymnasts in heat. Hayden's pierced tongue sucks out a load that spills onto his neck, while his own jizz spurts out over himself.

In a final ten minute segment for those crazy enough not to have shot their loads already, blonde Mohawked Ricky Tash (Blue Motel Bareback) waves his erect rod at twinkish Angel Rios, who goes down without hesitation. His white Calvins are removed, and his tight hole takes it from behind, bareback fashion, stiff prick betraying his enjoyment as he bends over the arm of the couch

He spurts a stringy load from his uncut meat while Tash is still buried up him. Tash Pulls out, and he spunks up over Rios' balls and chest, cum flying all over the place, and both men truly satisfied.

There is so much to like about this movie. Not only the HOT Latino models, but the choices the director makes are spot on. Rather than keeping the scenes to 6 strictly timed and cut segments, he allows each to play out in its own time, so you get a true sense of the natural in the movie. Also choosing to keep music out of the scenes gives an extra level of eroticism and intimacy sometimes lacking from sound tracked porn. And if anyone thought false advertising was always bad – despite the runtime of 80 minutes listed on the box, this movie packs a length just shy of 2 hours.

The DVD for Latin Flava includes that all important scene access, (scenes three, four and five might just get a little extra attention!!) as well as a cumshot compilation which runs (excuse the pun) almost 6 minutes in length. There are also three wanksome trailers following the film.

So, if you're looking for some hot hispanic hard-ons, or just want to see some young guys enjoying each other bareback style, check Latin Flava out. It's tasty stuff.

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Latin Flava Photos:

Latin Flava snapshotWatch on Helix Studios
T.J. Jordan barebacks Andreas CamilloWatch on Helix Studios
Andreas Camillo rides T.J. Jordan
T.J. Jordan barebacks Travis HaydenWatch on Helix Studios
T.J. Jordan rams Travis Hayden

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