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Erik Rhodes
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Alessio Romero , Andre Barclay , Ari Silvio , , Clay Towers , Colby Keller , Conner Habib , Dean Tucker , Girth Brooks , Matthew Ford
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Girth Brooks encounters workplace turmoil.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Considering that the entire porn industry is reeling from severe economic difficulties this year, not to mention at Falcon Studios (the owners of Mustang), there's an entire additional subtext behind the 2010 movie Laid-Off. Actually, Laid-Off is a quite lively movie with an enthusiastic cast of good looking, rugged men all permanently pissed off about impending doom at the office.

Longtime Falcon maven Erik Rhodes gets his very first billing as co-director, along with John Bruno. Perhaps this explains the punched-up levels of saucy attitude and raucous mansex. Believe us when we say, we're sensing some good vibes.

Conner Habib and Girth BrooksWatch on or Watch VOD
Conner Habib sucks Girth Brooks
The movie starts with the guys in the shipping and receiving warehouse getting the bad news. Dean Tucker (Forced Entry) and Ari Silvio are justifiably upset, but when they realize that a security guard (Christian Wilde) has been called in to enforce loss prevention, someone's crossed a line.

If they are going to be watched, Tucker and Silvio decide that they should force Wilde to watch them fucking. Slobbery blow-jobs cause the handsome guard to take his own hefty erection out of his dark pants. They bend Silvio's legs up over a his head, giving Wilde the opportunity to slide his dick inside.

Their intense three-way comes replete with ample sucking and butt-fucking. Tucker gets fucked by Silvio, and later by Wilde. It ends with Wilde hosing both guys down with a multi-spurt gusher of spooge.

Girth Brooks Silences Chatterbox Conner

Next comes a hot episode in which Girth Brooks amuses himself by inventing a way to silence "chatterbox Conner", that is the devilish mite Conner Habib. Brooks is so pleased that he calls co-worker Colby Keller (King Size) for some on the job afternoon delight. Brooks' colossal cock requires some skilled deep throating, which Habib delivers impressively.

On his knees, Habib switches off sucking their dicks, followed by the guys forming an arousing chain of ass eating on a ladder. The scene's apex shows Brooks and Keller fucking Habib, causing him to sing like a canary. It finishes with Habib getting both sides of his face doused in thick gobs of cum.

Alessio Romeo's last day at work

Arguably the hottest scene comes next when Alessio Romero gets handed his pink slip. In what is clearly depicted as procedure under California workplace guidelines, boss Clay Tower's insists on getting the employee's ass before releasing any severance compensation. Romero sure looks good in a tight muscle shirt and jeans.

Alessio Romero gets handed his pink slip, then he gets fucked. The taller Towers slaps his ass a bit before peeling him out of his pants. They kiss. Towers roots around in Romero's hairy asshole like a pig seeking truffles. Their fucking is great to watch. Romero's hungry bottom matches Towers' thrusts move for move. In a great show, Towers ends up fucking him all over the office culminating in great money shots. Clay Towers' earthquake orgasm is so real, viewers will probably smell the pheromones coming through the screen.

The final episode of the film shows a completely pissed-off Matthew Ford (Verboten) confronting the boss, Andre Barclay, who looks like he'd rather be swimming in spreadsheets instead of getting his hands dirty.

Some may find Ford's furious rant, and subsequent lunge at his boss to be incompatible with a sexual episode. This is when we really wonder how close this story of downsizing hits close to home.

Barclay buries his small face inside Ford's giant ass. Amidst a flurry of spitting comes lengthy blow-jobs. After eating out Barclay's ass, Ford fucks his juicy rump atop his desk. Their grudge fuck ends with Ford cumming on his boss, who follows shortly thereafter. The movie ends with no follow-up resolution to anything.

Laid-Off has its moments, and its nice to see some real sexual enthusiasm. For some watching the movie's occasional drifts into anger and bitterness gets distracting. We look forward to more movies from Erik Rhodes. But considering the state of the economy, the political wins and losses regarding Proposition 8, and the turbulent times in the adult industry, we wonder if life in the Golden State is hopefully not this dismal.

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Laid-Off Photos:

Sandwiching Conner HabibWatch on or Watch VOD
Conner Habib sandwiched between
Colby Ketter & Girth Brooks
Alessio Romero bottoms for Clay TowersWatch on
Alessio Romero rides Clay Towers
Christian Wailde watches Dean Tucker and Ari SilvioWatch on or Watch VOD
Christian Wilde observes Dean Tucker and Ari Silvio
Matthew Ford fucks Andre BarclayWatch on or Watch VOD
Matthew Ford opens Andre Barclay

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