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L.A. Lovers Bareback

Ben Baird
SX Video  
Alan Gregory , Dick Bangs , Jack Surf , Jim Jackson , Justin T , Mark Bruno , , Will Anton
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L.A. Lovers Bareback

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Carlos Morales and Dick Bangs' Are Bareback Lovers

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

San Diego-based SX Video takes a romantic turn with L.A. Lovers Bareback: It contains no orgies, no tricking, no cum hungry pig bottoms. But it sure contains some hot duos.

The setup is four scenes showing couples having one-on-one bareback sex, usually after a bout of intimate kissing and the imbibing of champagne. The movie is pretty good, especially because we get to see some SX models turn in some of their best so far performances, and it's nice.

One good example is with the first scene's top, bareback porn star Jack Surf. Surf is a sexy guy, however he often gets thrown into big mixes of guys, or with extremely dominating bottoms. Here, the broad shouldered smoothie connects nicely with golden skinned Alan Gregory. They have sex in front of a fireplace in several positions.

Surf appears to enjoy their duet very much. In fact, he naturally cums while topping Gregory missionary; it's really hot. He pulls right out and shoots a dollop of his gooey sperm into the bottom's mouth. Afterwards, Gregory jacks himself off with a long rope of his partner's jizz marking his chin.

The next scene is an arousing black on white pairing. Jim Jackson, a curvaceous, nicely built black guy comes home from walking the dog, Crackers, to find boyfriend Justin T (aka Marco Paris) waiting for him on the couch. Crackers's quick moment of film fame and attention ends, as his two daddies immediately start undressing and kissing each other. As in the previous scene, the models appear very much into each other.

Jackson gives Justin T an enthusiastic blowjob culminating in his boyfriend shooting out lots of hot cum, much of which he eats. After they kiss some more, it is time for Jackson to do a wild anal number on Justin T, who loves getting hammered by his man.

Jackson tops him on the floor. And then he goes at it with Justin T bent over their gold couch, the bottle of lube lying quietly just beside him. Jackson is a hot black top, who really screws his partner's brains out. In one memorable moment, Justin T slides up and down from above, Jackson's shiny, wet cock pumping in and out.

He shoots his load into the bottom's mouth, provoking Justin T to release his second money shot in the scene, a high flying nine-spurt gusher.

Fans of beefcake Marco Paris, a frequent Hot House model (Road to Temptation) will swoon over his bareback debut.

Carlos Morales' Best Bareback Sex

The third scene keeps the heat on by showing prize-winning muscle bottom Ricky Balboa (aka Carlos Morales) in a love session with an interesting Hispanic newcomer named Dick Bangs. Bangs is kind of a regular-looking latino, whose personality grew on us. And he's got a big, uncut dick, which he really knows how to use. One nice thing is that Bangs is not intimidated by the muscular Balboa, in fact he's clearly 100% focused on screwing this hottest of bottoms.

They perform some really hot barebacking in numerous positions. They finish with Balboa bent over the bed getting it doggie from Bangs, whose cock grows really big and deep purple when he shoots all over his smooth ass. (Morales explored additoinal territory in the popular 2006 film Barebacking with Carlos Morales)

Unfortunately the last scene of the film with Mark Bruno and Will Anton is a let down. The guys are pretty average, and so is the sex.

Despite this, L.A. Lovers Bareback fires on all cylinders for three of its four scenes. SX fans will enjoy, amongst other things, Jack Surf really getting into his role when screwing Alan Gregory, Carlos Morales in a satisfyingly hot bareback bottom role, and the energetic black on white plowing in scene two.

That's a lot of love for your money right there.

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L.A. Lovers Bareback Photos:

Jack Surf sucks Alan GregoryWatch on HotBarebacking or Watch Now
Jack Surf sucks Alan Gregory
Carlos Morales and Dick BangsWatch on HotBarebacking or Watch Now
Ricky Balboa (Carlos Morales) smooches Dick Bangs

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