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Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita

Michael Lucas Tony DiMarco
Lucas Entertainment  
Ben Andrews , Brad Star , , Cole Ryan , , Erik Grant , Harold Pitt , Jack Bond , Jack MacCarthy , Jamie Donovan , Jason Ridge , Jonathan Vargas , Michael Lucas , , Ray Star , Spencer Quest ,
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Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita

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Michael Lucas Enjoys the Sweet Life

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

In what's got to be his most introspective fuck flick to date, Michael Lucas, the porn auteur behind Dangerous Liaisons, gets down and dismal in La Dolce Vita.

Tossing aside classic literature, this time Lucas is taking his inspiration from the 1960 Federico Fellini film of the same name. And here, life isn't nearly as sweet as it is somber. Not that there isn't some smokin' hot sex – there's plenty – but as filtered through Lucas' dark lenses, the action is much more than a collection of pretty pictures in motion. In addition to directing, Lucas takes a starring role in front of the camera, here playing a disenchanted writer, fucking his way through his writer's block and upsetting more than a few apple carts along the way. Slumming as a gossip columnist, we meet Lucas' character as he's covering a New York fashion show.

The man of the hour is designer Jack Bond, a feminine rival with a shaved head and plenty of attitude. With entourage in tow, he minces words with Lucas at the post-party, then drags his bodyguard for the evening (Wilson Vasquez) backstage for a private undressing. Bond plays a high-profile personality used to getting what he wants, and despite Vasquez's protestations, Bond successfully works his way into Vasquez's pants, managing to pop all of Vasquez into his mouth. But Bond's itch is just beginning to get scratched, and he threatens to give Vasquez the sack unless Vasquez gives up his big bone. The highlight of this scene is Vasquez's uncut beauty. What a scene stealer!

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Cole Ryan

For Lucas, the posh crowd of fashionistas is filled with rivals, among them Pete Ross. Lucky Ross manages to score some tail of his own (Jonathan Vargas). It seems like big cocks are the hot, must-have accessory in Dolce and Ross makes the most of Vargas' ample endowment.

What makes this scene so explosive is the lighting, the young men hooking up after midnight on a bed, seemingly lit only by the moon. Pete Ross is the only weak link in the chain that is La Dolce Vita, certainly not up to par with the other models on the cast roster. But once the pair slips into the 69 position, it's much easier to lose Ross in the tangle of arms and legs. Vargas remains a hot focal point. This scene contains one of the best rimming sequences in Dolce, Vargas prying Ross's legs apart to feast on hole. Vargas also makes an impressive top, plowing until his entire drips with sweat.

Meanwhile, back at the party, Lucas has bumped into an old acquaintance (Jason Ridge). The tipsy pair abandon the hoopla, stuffing themselves into a rented limo and picking up some willing street trade (Derrick Hanson). All three head back to Hanson's bachelor flat and immediately get better acquainted, a shared joint to ease the way. Of the three sex sequences in Part 1 of Dolce, this is the best of the lot, well worth waiting for.

Hanson and Ridge get the ball rolling, petting while Lucas watches with mild disinterest, his mouth stamped with his trademark pout. What he sees is two bottoms in need of an aggressive top, a void he can fill. But before the three men get down to hardcore ass-fucking, each shares himself with the others completely, kissing, licking hole and literally tearing the place apart with their lovemaking. Ridge pivots himself gorgeously between his two partners, equally convincing as both a top and a bottom, easily delivering the most erotic moments in the first half of Dolce. Again, the lighting and editing turn what could be a routine threeway into pseudo-art.

There is a short backstage blowjob at the top of the film, Jack MacCarthy (Michael Lucas' Auditions Vol. 1) swallowing ultra-hung Ben Andrews as quickly as he can before their jaunt on the catwalk.

Don't blink, or you're likely to miss the blowjob entirely. Dolce, especially the first half, is plot-heavy, firmly establishing Lucas' character such that his dive into total depravity in Part 2 is all the more dramatic.

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Justin Christopher
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Brad Star

Michael Lucas' La Doce Vita, Part 2

Without any recap of the sexual shenanigans in La Dolce Vita: Part 1, we're thrown headlong into the second half of Michael Lucas' latest epic porn undertaking. Lucas' character, a down-in-the-mouth writer with big ambition and even less self-esteem, plunges into his next assignment, a day in the life piece where he shadows a celebrity couple, Ray Star and his blonde bombshell of a wife (Savannah Sampson). It seems like a plum assignment, but Lucas sulks, having had a nasty catfight with his lover the night before (Cole Ryan).

He does his best to lose himself with Star and Sampson, keeping notebook in hand while the trio hits all the trendy New York boutiques. They end up at a strip club where another ‘Star' is in the spotlight (Brad Star). Ray is unable to tear his eyes off of Brad's gyrating bubble butt, even with his wife sitting practically in his lap. It seems that Lucas' story angle may be Ray Star's closeted homosexuality. Celebrity gives Ray plenty of entré, and he uses his clout to get a private showing with the nasty-assed go-go boy.

Sampson may look like a bimbo, but she's no dummy. When her hubby excuses himself to snag a piece of Brad's hustler ass in one of the club's backrooms, she storms out, taking the bewildered Lucas with her. Backstage, Brad Star certainly knows how to shake his money-maker, putting his celebrated guest into a frenzy with his well-aimed wiggles and shakes. Brad's flimsy g-string eventually gets tossed to the side so that Ray can get the best views possible.

Brad Star's sex scene is the best in the film. What ensures is arguably the best sex sequence in either half of La Dolce Vita. Brad is well matched with Ray, and together the sparks quite literally fly. The first thing Ray takes from Brad is a taste of his hole. With the smoky flavor of ass on his tongue, it's impossible for Ray to keep his throbber in his pants, and once he exposes his thick meat, Brad hits the floor and starts slobbering over it. Industry gossip says Brad Star (Justice) is gay-for-pay, so watching him get ruthlessly fucked is a particular treat. But the scene's climax, Brad jacking off into Ray's mouth before Brad returns the favor and does the same, is far and away the best single moment in La Dolce Vita.

While these two are slurping down one another's loads, Ray Star's wife is trying her best to seduce her new writer friend. They troll the streets of New York after dark, the most obvious tribute to Fellini's film coming when Samson prances about in a city fountain, all in an effort to seduce Lucas. As dawn arrives, the implication is that Samson and Lucas have done the deed. But the magic is definitely over when the jealous husband catches up with his wife and brusquely slugs the surprised columnist while paparazzi snap photos of the assault.

"I'm a close, personal friend of Michael Lucas." Undeterred and with his boyfriend in tow, Lucas attends a party given by a close personal friend (Spencer Quest). Quest likes em young, brazenly flirting with a college freshman (Jamie Donovan) while the party is in full swing. With a wink to Lucas, Quest takes his young protégé to his walk-in closet for an on-the-fly fuck session during the party. Both Quest and Donovan are exquisite to look at, and director Lucas really plays up the older/younger element to his advantage. Quest is ravenous, swallowing his smooth twink whole in the very cramped space. It's a nice transition for Quest (SpyQuest) as he transitions from Titan Media to Lucas Entertainment. There's not nearly enough Spencer Quest to be had here – the fuck, Quest topping Donovan, is over before it begins – but even a little nibble of the 40-something model is better than nothing.

The party has ground to a halt. Lucas' boyfriend finds himself, not in his lover's arms, but face-to-face with Chad Hunt's monster cock. Cole Ryan looks like he may have found a more suitable daddy figure than Lucas, and Hunt expertly plays the experienced cocksman, taking the slighter, hairier Ryan into his arms for the fuck of his life. Ryan whimpers, moans, sighs, and squeals as if he hasn't been manhandled for ages, and Hunt's cock looks impossibly big and bloated against Ryan's cheek, thumping against one slender hip, or finally stuffed into his boyish backside. With so many great anal hookups in Dolce, it's difficult to pick a favorite, but this tight squeeze may zip to the top of the list.

The plot comes to the fore at this point in the film – Quest is arrested at the same time Lucas finds himself confronted by his editors. There's one final sex-fest to enjoy, Michael Lucas heading to an underground sex club, hoping to silence his inner demons with hot man-sex (Justin Christopher).

Summing-up Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita

On the whole, the shorter Part 1 could probably have been absorbed by the second half of the film. Independently, both parts have must-see moments contained within, so it's impossible to watch one and not the other. While following the plot is not necessary to enjoy a Dolce Vita, what storyline there is to be had is well executed. Lucas, Quest, and Jason Ridge all act convincingly, a must for plot-rich porn. Despite its heavy hand with dialogue and character development, don't be surprised if Lucas follows his 2005 win for Dangerous Liaisons with a trophy for this beautifully executed film.

The bonus materials that come with La Dolce Vita are actually pretty impressive. The production team over at Lucas Entertainment includes two featurettes, one making-of short and the other a blooper/outtake reel. But the most sumptuous goodies are the bonus scenes that didn't make it to the final cut of the film. Cole Ryan is paired up with Erik Grant, the scene taking place in the same sex club that Lucas' character haunts in the film's finale. Something about watching two lithe tigers get it on while other kinds of wild, animal sex take place nearby is very titillating indeed. There's a red-hot scorcher been Rod Barry and Chad Hunt.

Watching Barry, a card-carrying top man, try to save face while riding Hunt's hog is something to see. But the most appealing extra to be had on the bonus disc is a rough and tumble throw-down between Spencer Quest and Michael Lucas, a passionate fuck and suck that culminates in some delicious watersports action. Many of us prefer to see Quest in the bottom role, and this little gift from Lucas was an unexpected treat.

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Wilson Vasquez behind Jack Bond
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Spencer Quest and Jamie Donovan
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Michael Lucas enjoys La Dolce Vita

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