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Chi Chi LaRue
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Christoph Scharff , , David Parik , Denny Martini , , Jan Fischer , Jason Hawke , Johnny Hazzard , Joshua Adams , Marlon Abdella , Steve Cannon , Thom Barron , Tim Sims , Tony Rangel , Tristan Bennet
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Thom Barron Comes Back to Collide

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

You have to hand it to Ms. Chi Chi LaRue. Who else would venture forward with the highly-stylized production that is Köllide? With several scores of directing credits under her garter belt, churning out the same old porn product satisfies neither viewer nor director. It's clear from this porn project that LaRue felt the need to push out her artistic borders, stepping out onto a creative limb. But just how far will her viewing audience follow along?

The world these models inhabit is a stark and barren one. The men in Köllide never speak, and even though they're having sex, they seem to be standing miles apart from one another. The vast open spaces of an abandoned hangar certainly lend themselves to this feeling of nowhere-ness, a place where exotic-looking men would rather stare, pout and masturbate in a corner than really connect. The film also feels decidedly German; the mix of European and American models is probably the reason, but a certain concentration camp aura is hard to shake off while watching.

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As dusty sunlight filters through large, broken windows, Thom Barron and Christoph Scharff (Getting It Straight) glare at Tristan Bennet who's jerking off seemingly a half a mile away. It takes a few long moments, but the three eventually do connect somewhere in-between, silently stripping down for a sinister threeway. It's nice to see Barron back in action, although grouping him with these two models may not be the best use of his talents. His cock is no less appealing here - it's still snakes out beautifully from his hips. There's plenty of rimming here before the fucking gets underway. And once it does, all three end up getting dicked in turn.

This trio is immediately followed by another - American Eddie Stone, German boytoy Jan Fischer and the lickable Tony Rangel. The impression one gets is that the models are strange, forgotten ghosts, trapped inside the hangar, still wearing military-issue garb, surrounded by greasy and rusted steel. And as long as they're not going anywhere, why not make the most of it? This threeway is almost interchangeable with the previous one, with the same laundry list of sex acts as the models make their way to climax. The most remarkable moments find Stone and Fischer on their knees, working over Rangel's dark cock through a dilapidated opening in a wall. The models also generated considerable heat when Fisher put his full body weight on a crouching Rangel, both men exposing their assholes for Stone to service. With their assholes mere inches apart, Stone was in rimmer's heaven.

The viewer gets a good idea of the sheer scope of the airplane hangar as a rail-thin Tim Sims runs through it, trying to avoid capture. Muscular David Parik does eventually collar him, ripping off his clothes for an eventual dom/sub scenario. Why anyone would run from humpy Parik in the first place is anybody's guess. Parik isn't a total prick - after forcing Sims to clean his armpits, he rewards him with some heated kisses and an energetic blowjob. Unwilling to give Sims the wrong idea, he flips around and demands Sims give his hole a thorough tongue bath. No complaints from Sims; his face is jammed so far up Parik's backside to do anything other than mumble. Not surprisingly, Parik bends his little buddy over and delivers the hottest cornholing in this film.

And if you were waiting for Chi Chi wunderkind Johnny Hazzard to make his first appearance, you'll have to wait until the fourth vignette. He shares his on-screen time with Marlon Abdella, Denny Martini and a returning Tim Sims. The pairing off of the models - Hazzard with Abdella and Sims with Martini - certainly contributes to the lonely feeling in Köllide. The pairs of lovers are standing mere feet apart, but each duo seems completely oblivious to the other.

The entire segment takes place on a metal staircase (think of that infamous Brady Bunch family picture), requiring quite a bit of acrobatics from the four models. Chi Chi pans quickly back and forth between the couples, so if you've got a favorite, have your finger on the rewind control. All four bring something smoky to the vignette, but my money's on Denny Martini, a brunette with a gymnast physique. No worries - the four do eventually become aware of one another and create a more cohesive sex group. But oddly enough, it's only temporary. They quickly break apart into pairs again for anal sex. This scene contains two highlights, the most erotic when Martini's hole gets a tongue bath and the most vivid when the four men arrange themselves in descending order on the staircase and jerk themselves to orgasm.

After her success with Bolt, perhaps Ms. LaRue was inspired to make a second film that was even darker. With no plot, no warms smiles and no dialogue except some sparse grunts and groans, dark is exactly what you get with Köllide. Cinematically, it's a very interesting film to watch, but this one may not be the first thing you'd think of popping in your DVD player when looking for fun sex frolic.

Note: While in Berlin, much of the cast and crew also did the hot little A Night at Bruno's.

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Kollide Photos:

Thom Barron in Kollide Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Christoph Scharff, Tristan Bennet and Thom Barron
Kollide Four-Way Watch on C1R - Watch VOD Johnny Hazzard and Martin Abdella (background)
Tim Sims and Danny Martini (foreground)
Tristan Bennet and Thom Barron Watch on C1R - Watch VOD Tristan Bennet gazes down
upon Thom Barron

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