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Knuckle Sandwich

Michael Clift
Club Inferno  
Adam Faust , Josh Edwards , , Mason Garet , Matthew Ford , Rocky Torrez , Til Wegman , Tim Rusty
FistingKink / SextoysLatinosLeatherDaddy / BoyRimmingSpankingTattoos

Knuckle Sandwich

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Dungeons, leather and fists abound.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

For those pigs out there who like their sex a little on the darker side, HotHouse Entertainment has been satisfying those kinkier desires for some time now with its line of edgy porns entitled Club Inferno. Dungeons, leather, fists and hardcore sex abound, and this new title from director Michael Clift is no exception.

In a movie with no lame set-ups or beating around the bush, the title, Knuckle Sandwich is equally blunt and to the point. And no time is wasted getting to the action either – the credits have hardly finished rolling over a smooth ambient soundtrack, when colorfully inked and well pierced Josh Edwards walks into the dungeon setting, looking extremely hot in his leather harness..

He steps over to a table of variously sized (from huge upwards) ass toys and selects a massive red butt plug which he greases up. Moving his jockstrap aside, he works it up his own hole for a good deep fucking.

He's then joined by Mason Garet (Black n' Blue) – a skinhead sex master who wants in on the action. After some dirty talk and spanking, Garet replaces Edwards' "modest" plug with a monster 14"x7" dildo, really widening the boy up for what's to come next.

With deep groans of ecstasy from both, Garet greases up his hand and wriggles his whole fist inside, and you can really feel the intensity between this couple. Not finished yet, he works some of the biggest anal beads this reviewer has seen inside Edwards' well worked hole, and has him push them back out with his sphincter.

Garet wants some ass play too, and he gets on the floor for his boy to stretch him wide open, first with a thick long rubber shaft, and then with the fattest mushroom butt plug he can find – at least 20" around – which Edwards works around and around. Garet's hole is gaping now, and Edwards slides his fist in with ease when he's done with the toy. All this play gives the pair massive hard-ons (especially when Garet fucks Edwards fist and arm), and they lay beside each other with their pierced cocks in hand, and work out two volcanic loads all over themselves.

Porn Star Tim Rusty
Tim Rusty
Crew cut cover model Kent North and hairy goateed top Matthew Ford spare the niceties too, and get straight in on the action. North is already wearing a butt plug, and this turns Ford on immensely. He makes some more room up this bottoms hole with his fingers, while the plug is still in place. When he's well worked, the dirty mouthed Ford has this pig drop to his knees and suck on his shaft, which is jutting out and straining with excitement and expectation. After some intense deep throating, North rolls on a rubber and fucks his bottom through assless leather chaps.

But not yet done with his play hole, Ford works him over with a massive double headed dildo followed by a thick black giant of a plug which gets both men hard as steel. North is rewarded with some oral pleasuring and then a thorough exploration of his anal cavity by Ford's gloved fist. Squatting down on the tops' outstretched arm, he spews jizz all over the dungeon floor, then lays down and rims Ford until his top rewards him with a chest slick with man-juice.

Dom leather top Adam Faust (Mister Fister) spares no seconds in barking orders at mohawked Til Wegman ("On the table…. Lube yourself up."). Snapping on a pair of black gloves he makes Wegman grease up his hands, he gets behind, and drives a fist deep inside the bent over sub. Working him open with expertise, he eventually pulls back out, and plugs him up with a whopping great butt stretcher till it's buried all the way in. Then he's back in Wegman's tattoed butt with his fist, prepping him for the dual punch fucking he's about to perform. First the left fist, then the right, pummeling back and forth relentlessly into Wegman's chasm of a hole. Ready to cum after this nasty intense butt play, Faust pulls a hard prick from his leather pouch and oozes string after string of thick ropey spunk from the head of his cock.

The final intense scene sees skinny red headed bottom Tim Rusty (Twisted) play with built dark skinned topman Rocky Torrez. Rusty is placed in doggy position which really accentuates his smooth pink hole which Torrez tells him he's going to make huge. He lubes him up with spit and gets to work there with his tongue, rubbing his goatee around Rusty's hungry opening. Verbal Torres produces a huge dildo that must be at least a foot long, and works it gradually in, deeper and deeper. Next it's a thick 11"x7" brown phallus that invades the red head till he's wiiide open. Torrez smirks with self-satisfaction as he readies this hole for his fist. He makes Rusty squat down on him, and Rusty complies, following each of Torrez nasty orders.

Torrez plays with him on his back next, with Rusty's booted legs up in the air, and his hole wide open for Torrez' deep fist fucking. Torrez gets so into it he pulls out his cock while his other hand stays buried in the boy. His cock spills jism all over Rusty's pale little ass cheeks while his fingers are still buried up inside him, in a climactic end to this edgy and hugely satisfying flick.

Club Inferno and director Clift know how to streamline hot sex. There's no excess fat here – from the title to the attitude of the models themselves, nothing is extraneous. Just no holds barred toy play, fisting, fucking, sucking, sweat, leather, and holes. Knuckle Sandwich will leave viewers of this genre completely sated, and totally spent.

This film is dedicated to HotHouse exclusive Kent North, who tragically committed suicide some time after it was flimed.

The DVD includes full scene access, a hot XXX Gallery of stills, and three of the studio's trailers.

Knuckle Sandwich Photos:

Adam Faust and Til Wegman Watch on
Adam Faust explores Til Wegman

Rocky Torrez and Tim Rusty Watch on
Rocky Torrez explores Tim Rusty
Mason Garet behind Josh Edwards Watch on
Mason Garet behind Josh Edwards
Knuckle Sandwich snapshot Watch on
Kent North and Matthew Ford

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