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Tom Bradford
Falcon International   FIC-026
Andrew Moretti , Buck Monroe , , Jack Wright , Juan Rivero , Mario McCabe , Rod Stevans , Solten Talton , Tim Hamilton , Viktor Kinski
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Tim Hamilton is fantastic in this Falcon International Classic

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

After a five year hiatus, Falcon revives its Falcon International line with a powerful shot of adrenaline aptly titled Knock Out. The studio's first smart move for this project was hiring one of the most skilled producers in Europe today, Tom Bradford, who perfectly integrates the European guys and style into the "Falcon look."

The American distributors have placed a photo of the highly recognized Bel Ami refugee Tim Hamilton on the DVD cover, but do not be fooled. Knock Out's two actual stars are Juan Rivero and Solten Talten. These two guys will fucking melt your screen, and their scenes makes this movie one of the best of the entire year.

Rivero, a perfect specimen of masculinity from Brazil, makes his debut movie appearance here. The story is about Rivero traveling halfway across the world to Hungary for a seansonal boxing training camp. Here he falls in love with Talten, one of the leading boxing champions in the group, and an absolute beauty. Giving the story away, it is with Talten who Rivero unites with by the film's end.

Knock Out snapshotWatch on or Watch VOD
Solten Tanten & Juan Rivero
Talten appears in Csaba Borbely's Hungarian movies as Julien Veneziano (Double Agent). Here, his looks can give Francois Sagat a serious run for his money. An frustrating aspect about Knock Out is that in most instances, rather then cast the models with their generally known European film names, Falcon awards them new monikers. This practice only just confuses everybody and probably hinders the actual sales of the film.

Despite this, Knock Out rings in loud and clear.

Gay Sex Fueled Boxing Fights

One of Bradford's favorite erotic themes for movies is boxing, like his top-notch 2004 Fight Club take-off Legion of Vengeance. The movie begins with Rivero arriving at his host home, where he meets Serbian stud Buck Monroe and one of the team's champions, Andrew Moretti. Moretti, better known as Marco Campbell (Footballers), is a tall, lean top with a fabulous tattoo covering his entire left bicep.

Sitting on the living room couch, Monroe starts touching Moretti, who quickly brings their new visitor into their unfolding passion. Their clothes all come off. Rivero has a body to die for. It turns out that Monroe, slightly beefier than the others, has the biggest cock, very long with a slight down turned curve.

Of course, Monroe bottoms for both of them. All three move through every possible combination of cock sucking. For the anal sequence, Monroe props his ass up on the arm of the couch, legs spread. Moretti is a hot fucker, holding one of Monroe's legs up while screwing him hard and rapid. In a hot visual, Rivero stands aside fully hard wearing a condom, eagerly waiting his turn.

The bottom stays firmly planted in his open position as they take turns filling his hole. After taking four separate turns on his ass, the guys sit side by side and jack out their money shots. Congratulations making the opening episode a true knock-out.

After this, the cast assembles in the gym for boxing training, a sequence featuring lots of bag punching dressed in bright colored shorts. This develops into a six man orgy. Lots of dick sucking leads to the guys breaking into three separate one-on-one groups. The highlight of the scene is the visual of all three couples screwing altogether in the center of the training floor.

Mario McGabe, an extremely fun bottom to watch (Cruising Budapest 2: Ben Andrews), works his body up and down on Viktor Kinski's cock. McGabe has a sweet, smooth face, and his big dick always stays hard while bottoming. He carries one of the prettiest cocks ever, which waves around in the air like a lightening rod.

Next to them, the tattooed Jack Wright tops Enrico Tarantino upside down. Tarantino engaged in a white-hot flip-flop fuck with Danny Roddick in Hostile. Tarantino plays total bottom here looking good. Wright is a new face -- with a spectacular long and fat dick. Will he show up in future films?

Tim Hamilton fucks the daylights out of his friend in an empty bar. The couple that the camera loves the most Tim Hamilton and Rod Stevens, who receives some serious fucking from the bottle blond. They screw looking at each other, with Hamilton ultimately pulling out and shooting his seed on his buddy.

Kinski and Tarantino both compete for the best money shots, both of which are copious, juicy and mouth watering.

After this, Hamilton meets up with Monroe at a bar. With no customers anywhere, they start peeling off their tight black tank-tops. Monroe gives a fantastic bottoming encore. Hamilton comes off far better here as well. The camera soaks up his long blond bangs, and new gym built body. Apparently he's turned to new things after Lukas Ridgeston dumped him as his lover in Lukas In Love.

Hamilton has turned into quite the bodacious blond, throwing Monroe a hot plowing, legs up on a bar table. We only wish we has seen more of Hamilton's ass during all of this, as it looks fabulous.

Juan Rivero Makes Mad Passionate Love

Knock Out finishes on a superb note. Rivero hooks up with the apple of his eye, Solten Talton. They enjoy a romantic, paced one on one back at the house. The guys enjoy long sequences of kissing, rubbing and sucking. Talton's mouth literally waters when he swallows Rivero's tool.

After eating Talton's ass, Rivero proves to be an even more arousing bottom than he is as a top. Slowing grinding on Talton's cock, his face is a mask of pleasure. The high point shows Rivero on his fours with his bubble ass getting poked and groped by Talton, clearly a top who knows how to pleasure a man. Rivero clearly gets his brains fucked out on film.

Their money shots close the movie on the highest possible note. As mentioned earlier, Rivero and Talton are the film's true stars, and their coupling is dynamite.

Although the best moments are the scenes that book end the movie, Knock Out is clearly one of the high points of the year. It gets Falcon International's revived film line off to a running start, which fans will eagerly await for subsequent follow-ups.

Knockout Photos:

Knock Out snapshotWatch on or Watch VOD
Andrew Moretti observes
Juan Rivero screwing Buck Monroe
Knock Out snapshotWatch on or Watch VOD
Tim Hamilton tops Buck Monroe
Knock Out snapshotWatch on or Watch VOD
Austin Rogers sucks Tim Hamilton

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