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Knight after Night

J.D. Slater
Raging Stallion Studios  
, Erik Hunter , , Huessein , ,
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Knight after Night

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Bo Knight Supreme!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Almost unrecognizable in his full beard, porn star Bo Knight, the centerpiece of Knight After Night has turned in what has to be his finest performance.

A model whos been all over the map, filming bareback for studios like SX Video (Bareback Wood Workers) and making more traditional appearances for big players like All Worlds' enjoyable Husband by Day, Hustler by Night), Knight is one sex performer thats impossible to pin down or categorize. Here, he faces off with some of the burliest, hairiest, and downright sex nastiest costars who really give this model an opportunity to shine.

Erik Hunter and Remy Delaine Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Erik Hunter behind Remy Delaine
There really isnt a plotline that threads the individual segments together. In many ways, the sex has a very stream of consciousness feel to it. We see Knight at the outset of the film coming home to his city digs, opening a package which contains a spicy skin rag.

Suddenly Knight's in the mood to stroke it, focusing on a full page glamour shot of hirsute stud Huessein (Arabesque). Huessein already has a legion of horny devotees, but this match up with Knight will surely add more fans to the fold. Their sex is a fantasy sequence, conjured up from the depths of Knights dirty mind. Strange, but in his daydream, he no longer has the beard.

No worries Huessein has enough body hair for the both of them.

Huessein seems to take the dominant role here, coyly forcing Knight down on his dick. And from Knights vociferous grunts and groans, you can tell its a pleasure to service this fuzzy fireplug of a man. In an effort to see just how loud Bo Knight can get, Huessein rolls on a condom and starts fuckin. Our hero certainly is flexible, and Huessein eventually rolls him completely up onto his shoulders, kissing Knight at the same time hes abusing his hole. They explore several very creative positions, Huessein seeming to want to get ever deeper inside. Its an incredibly passionate and explosive beginning to the film, an act that proves hard to follow.

Erik Hunter baboons Remy Delaine's hot ass. The models in Knight after Night are ethnically all over the map. Erik Hunter with his dark brown skin is a striking contrast to Australian porn star Remy Delaine, a thinner and paler partner. By the time the viewer joins them, theyre already knee deep in the action, kissing intensely, their stiff cocks rubbing together. Like Knight, Hunter has an incredibly muscular build. Delaine, also in great shape, comparatively looks like a bodybuilder wannabe.

The differences between their body types is what gives his encounter its greatest punch. They each take turns orally servicing the other, finally settling into a nice 69. They move onto the butt banging rather quickly, Delaine naturally taking the bottom role. There are some great shots of Hunter babooning, his worn asshole filmed from behind, fully exposed as he drills his more supple partner.

Francois Sagat Jousts with Tony Serrano

The third sequence, inspired by another fantasy photo spread in the magazine Knight is leafing through, is very well done, featuring tattooed French sex symbol Francois Sagat pitted against daddy Tony Serrano (Hardsex). Watching Sagat in the bottom role always seems surprising given the amount of testosterone that must course through his veins. And while the other models in this flick are pumped to incredible size, Sagats humpy pecs, perfect ass, and rock hard thighs are proportioned perfectly.

Serrano can appreciate Sagats good looks, getting plenty of opportunities to take it all in while Sagat works between his legs. Serrano really kicks the session into high gear when he puts his lips and tongue against Sagats sweaty asshole, giving him a tender and thorough rimming before fucking him mercilessly. The cornholing looks damned good, but its the rimming thats most memorable, Sagat sitting on Serranos upturned face and giddily bouncing up and down.

Serrano does double duty, appearing in the films final sequence with the film's main attraction, Bo Knight.

Before their late night fuck session, director JD Slater films Knight scrubbing his hole clean in the low light of the bathroom shower stall. Its an excellent opportunity to salivate over Knights powerful build, his skin stretched tight as a drum over ropes of muscle. For this final scene, Bo Knight has his full lumberjack-style beard. He's never looked better. Serrano and Knight come together on a bed, alternating between being tender with one another and manhandling.

After the traditional foreplay, they get to the heart of their lovemaking the fucking. They do flip flop, but its Knight who spends the most time with his legs in the air. Serranos style is very different than Huesseins, but it makes no difference to a cock-hungry Knight who squirms, whimpers, and generally makes a big fuss every moment that hes getting ass banged.

Theres lots to like in Knight After Night but its Bo Knights performance that sets this film apart from other porn flicks. There are more than a few bottoms in the industry who could take a lesson or two in bottoming from this muscle god.

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Knight after Night Photos:

Bo Knight and Hussein Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Bo Knight takes Hussein
Francois Sagat and Tony Serrano Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Francois Sagat takes Tony Serrano
Tony Serrano and Bo Knight Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Tony Serrano plows Bo Knight
Francois Segat ass about to inhale Tony Serrano Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Francois Segat's ass prepares
to swallow Tony Serrano

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