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Kings of New York

Michael Lucas
Lucas Entertainment  
Junior Stellano , Michael Lucas , Phillip Aubrey , , , Steven Daigle , Wilfried Knight ,
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Kings of New York

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Wilfried Knight Plays Big Time New York Kingpin

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Lucas Entertainment's high production values (and budgets) allow for plot driven pornography that somehow manages to refrain from off-putting tackiness and eye rolling setups, and actually enhances sex scenes with the additional depth the fantasy life of the models can give us. Kings of New York is no exception. While it may tell one of the oldest stories in the book, the financially motivated power struggles between the haves and have nots in NYC, it feels fresh as a crisp fall breeze in the Big Apple itself.

French hottie Wilfried Knight (Lost) finds himself in a spot of bother for crossing a powerful NYC kingpin played by porn star Junior Stellano. Stellano drives a hot car, wears a sharp suit, has a tightly cropped beard, and just happens to have a couple of heavies to hoist Knight out of his trunk and into a secluded warehouse where he's tied to a fence in just boots, some hot tight fitting white undies, and a ripped shirt.

Wilfried Knight and Junior StellanoWatch Now or
Wilfried Knight: King of New York
(Junior Stellano below)
Knight denies screwing Stellano over, but his boss isn't having any of it. And he's going to teach him a lesson for betraying him.

Stellano's cock is forced into his mouth, but rather than complaining, Knight's own penis gets so hard it no longer fits in his briefs, his uncut cockhead poking out for the entire world to see as he chows down on his bosses' tasty schlong.

Stellano is one hot piece of beefcake too, a well developed torso compliments straining biceps adorned with hot tattoos. And Frenchman Knight isn't such a bad example of manhood either.

By the time the duo trade rim jobs, you can smell the testosterone through the TV screen.

Knights's punishment actually turns out to be quite a reward. Stellano gets on his back with his legs spread in the air, and his tasty puckered manhole invites Knight's tongue, thumb, and hard Euro-cock deep inside.

Stellano is the boss through and through, however, so he gives it doubly as hard as he likes it. And this means reversing positions for Knight to take his prick from behind, before Stellano produces a huge double headed dildo which he works into Knight's now loosened up asshole.

Even ardent toy fans will wince when he turns around and pushes back on it himself – almost every inch of the toy snaking its way deep into their guts and as they fuck each other, barely a few inches left between them.

Boss Stellano works out a well earned load which Knight cant resist tasting, and feeding it back to his superior he spills his jizz all over Stellano's open mouth, and across his face. As a boss it seems Stellano's punishments are quite quite sweet. (Note: This movie is Essential Wilfred Knight)

Rafael Alencar: Every Inch a King

In the next scene, blonde southern stud Phillip Aubrey (who was last seen flip-flop fucking with Logan Slash in Lust) is late for his first NYC photo shoot. Once inside the studio Aubrey watches as photographer Rafael Alencar finishes up his shoot with Ben Andrews, who is just making a cameo here. (Sorry, guys.)

Aubrey gets his make-up applied, and Alencar is now on hand to help him choose some clothes. Undressing the blonde model, the powerful Alencar snogs his new model, easily maneuvering him over to the cot in the studio, where he lays him down.

Alencar the photographer proves himself to be a different kind of king in this second power affirmation. He calls the shots – he alone has the power to make or break the image of his fledgling model, and he knows it, exploiting his dominance for sexual gratification.

Phillip Aubrey is desperate for cock in his ass. It's amazing how far apart the now naked and extremely flexible Aubrey can spread his legs, offering up not only an amply suckable appendage, but also the prize beneath, a smooth come and get it rosebud, which Alencar laps at with animal abandon. When he takes his cock in his mouth, Alencar locks eyes with Aubrey for some extremely erotic oral play caught lovingly on film.

A horned up Aubrey then pulls down Alencar's bulging underwear, and out pops the Alencar's rock hard juicily famous dark uncut shaft, which bobs up and down begging for Aubrey's lips around it.

Aubrey complies, and noisily sucks, chokes and gags on Alencar's impressive length while the latter goads him on with nasty verbal talk.

Aubrey by now is desperate for cock in his ass. Alencar lays out, imploring the model to impale himself on his massively thick todger. The resulting penetration is shot in such a way we see Aubrey's hot smooth ass gobble up that fat prick in screen filling clarity, and then watch as he wantonly rides Alencar for all he's worth.

Alencar takes full advantage of his hole, laying his thick pipe from every conceivable angle, before fucking a huge wad out of Aubrey's cock. He jerks himself off, shooting what looks like gallons of manjuice all over the well sated Aubrey, thick ropes of spooge hanging off his oversized prickhead when he's done. It may not have been quite the shoot Aubrey was looking for, but he's certainly not complaining.

Michael Lucas makes his entrance at this point, playing a suave magazine mogul interviewing cropped hottie hopeful Rod Daily.

Daily is from LA, and has had experience with the casting couch before, so with not so much as a blink he's locked the door to the office and pulled out Lucas perfect cock which is already hard from expectation.

Daily is a noisy cocksucker, which makes the scene extra hot as he bobs up and down hungrily on Lucas' famous uncut knob.

Connoisseurs of fellatio will particularly enjoy Daily when he's shot from above, his mouth and throat stretched to the limits by Lucas' big fat cock, his eyes wide with strained puppy dog excitement.

But Lucas wants that ass, and he gets Daily to bend over, teasing his muscular toned glutes with his bare boner before slipping on a condom and shoving it deep inside, and in the spirit of Kings Of New York, showing him exactly who has the power as he relentlessly works his meat in and out of Daily, shouting obscenities Daily can only moan at while he takes it like a slut.

When Daily soils himself with cum Lucas spills his seed all over his well fucked bottom's prick.

Rod Daily in Kings of New YorkWatch Now or
Rod Daily swallows Michael Lucas
Steven Daigle in Kings of New YorkWatch Now or
Steven Daigle: King of New York

Kneel down to Steven Daigle

The final scene parodies the epitome of modern day mass dominance and subjugation – the make or break phenomenon of the talent show.

In a self-referential nod to reality shows, Big Brother 2 star Monica Bailey cameos, pulling in punters to a fictional TV audition. Inside, drag queen Sherry Vine sings "I don't need no Depends" in crooning Ethel Merman fashion, for real life Village Voice columnist Michael Musto and street starlet Bianca Del Rio.

Let's just say it's a bit of a blessing when Big Brother 10's Steven Daigle passes BB2's (that's Big Brother, NOT bareback) Bailey and takes his place as the third judge for said talent show train wreck. Daigle's sex tape got him XXXposed and, after that, Stalked. Here he's playing himself in his subsequent adult porn adventure.

Enter dancer Zach Alexander, whose audition goes down like a lead balloon. But even the judges cutting remarks cannot cut through Daigle's powerful passion for the dancer.

So schooling the failed auditioner backstage, its clear Daigel is using his New York status for slovenly pursuits. He can get handsome Alexander a second shot, he says, and that's all it takes for the two to tumble into each others arms for some passionate and fiery kissing.

Steven Daigle mounts the sexy dancer. Alexander is soon on his knees with the Big Brother alum's impressively thick cock wedged down his throat. There won't be any evictions here tonight, only intake.

Dirty Daigle spits on his pal, licks his armpits like he owns the motherfucker, and then settles in for some choice cocksucking of his own.

Bending the Adonis-like Alexander over, he mounts the dancer and rocks him back and forth as he's impaled on his prick. Supple as the day he was born, Alexander proves to be an Olympian when it comes to taking cock, his days of dancing clearly paying off in other directions as well. Riding Daigle at almost impossible angles, at one point he even seems to defy gravity, with only Daigle's stiff penis keeping him tethered to the floor.

Daigle likes to take cock too, and he bends over for cute boy Alexander's shaft, for a gentler more sensual fuck. But it's when he's back inside Alexander that things reach their natural climax, Alexander shoots a load all over himself and Daigle spews a massive wad into Alexander's mouth that even Julie Chen would be proud of.

Summing-up Kings of New York

And so there we have it. Four Kings of New York – Gangster, Photographer, Publisher and TV Judge - each taking on a weaker inhabitant of NYC, and exploiting them for sexual pleasure. The plotline is fun (although the talent show in the final scene might subdue your erection for a few minutes) and the quality of production, models and sex are well above the norm as you would hope for with any lavish big budget Lucas' production. Kings of New York checks all of those boxes and then some.

The DVD extras include some superb behind the scenes footage, ten minutes of chat with Rod Daily, and a particularly illuminating twenty minute interview with ex-Big Brother star Daigle, discussing not only his reality show past, but his motivations for the side-step into gay porn. There's also full scene access, exclusive stills and a complete sex scene between Jonathan Agassi and Avi Dar taken from the 2010 Gayvn nominated Men of Israel.

Not bad at all.

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Kings of New York Photos:

Michael Lucas and Rod DailyWatch Now or
Michael Lucas above Rod Daily
Steven Daigle and Zach AlexanderWatch Now or
Steven Daigle and Zach Alexander
Rafael Alencar and Phillip AubreyWatch on Lucas Entertainment
Phillip Aubrey rides Rafael Alencar
Phillip Aubrey and Rafael AlencarWatch on Lucas Entertainment
Phillip Aubrey rides Rafael Alencar

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