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Chi Chi LaRue
Falcon Studios   FVP153
Ben Damon , , , , Gus Mattox , Jeremy Jordan , , Kent Larson , Leo Bramm
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Kept is Josh Weston's movie.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Such is Josh Weston's enviable predicament. Larson is determined to keep his buddy bound to the bedroom, stripped down to nothing but a tight pair of white underpants. No doubt fans of Falcon Studios will not complain; the sight of Weston lying on his belly, his ass displayed perfectly in those fitted briefs will hardly cause the viewer to put down the DVD remote.

In Kept, Chi Chi LaRue makes Weston wear those tighty-whities as long as possible before having his captor peel them off. LaRue's ploy to have his model lolling around in his undies is an obvious one, but it works. My cock was stiff in record time.

There are worst fates in life than being Kent Larson's live-in fuck slave.

Dean Monroe atop Chad HuntWatch on or Watch VOD
Dean Monroe atop Chad Hunt
Kept's plot line, written by porn veteran Chris Steele, focuses primarily on Weston's troubled love life. His relationship with Guy Mattox (Man Made) has apparently ended, and he's moved on and shacked up with Kent Larson. But that doesn't mean he still doesn't pine for his older (and hairier) lover. Both Larson and Mattox exhibit those daddy-type traits that drive Weston crazy, or maybe it's just their dominance in the bedroom. Weston throws out believable dialogue and the plot set-up for this film is smooth and seamless.

From the very beginning of the film, it's clear that Weston's new relationship isn't working any better than his former one. Larson treats his new paramour as if he were no more than a boy for hire. That doesn't mean lack of sexual chemistry - quite the opposite. As they take turns blowing each other, I found myself thinking that Larson is a lucky, lucky man.

Larson's cock is less than spectacular and his physique, while pleasing, is not the perfection that is Josh Weston. As Larson rims Weston, he keeps up some really smoky eye contact, and Weston keeps that brilliant white underwear on as long as possible, taking every opportunity to stretch his arms overhead, exposing the ultra-hot musculature of his armpits. This is almost a trademark move for Weston. If you've got luscious pits, might as well show 'em off.

Every time Weston gets fucked in this particular flick, he ends up on his side, apparently his position of choice. Larson paws Weston's cock until he blows and seals the fuck with a kiss. After a snippy exchange, Weston reveals his reluctant party plans, leaving Larson at home to fend for himself.

The "party" Weston is headed to is really a small orgy (the best kind of party), hosted by Chad Hunt. What the viewer gets is hot sex between 5 men captured amazingly on film, something that Falcon always does exceptionally well. Gus Mattox arrives to the party early, interrupting an unfazed Hunt as he's getting blown by twink Jeremy Jordan.

I will never tire of Chad Hunt's thick prick and the endless line of men and boys who step up on film to try and conquer it. Hunt reminds me of Falcon veteran Chad Douglas but without the icy attitude; Hunt's cock on screen almost becomes its own character, commanding the attention of everyone who comes in contact with it. The videographer takes every opportunity to zoom in on its python-like thickness, making the viewer salivate. Or maybe I'm the only one wiping the drool off my chin.

Mattox, Hunt and twink Jordan spend some quality play time together. Mattox absolutely devours Jordan's asshole - sucking it, lapping it and stabbing at it with his tongue furiously. The three are joined by Dean Monroe and Bobby Williams as the action intensifies.

LaRue manipulates the 5 men into activities that probably never occur at real sex parties, but are completely appropriate in porno films. Four of the men sit side by side on the couch as Jordan blows each in turn, the cocks getting larger as he progresses down the line, Hunt and his prizewinner the obvious choice for caboose. Pity the model presenting his cock for sucking after someone has had Hunt in their mouth.

Each stud then displays his hole for Hunt to probe with his tongue. When Hunt makes an appearance on film, my mind always poses the inevitable question: who is going to sit on that thing? As Jordan gets topped by Williams, Britisher Dean Monroe (a super-bottom first seen in Antton Harri: The Beginning) is the lucky pup who gets to take the first ride. While both Monroe and Jordan are enthusiastic about getting fucked, Jordan is the better bottom and he has the stiff prick to prove it. Monroe is pretty enough with Latin looks and doe-eyes, but I'd rather have seen Jeremy Jordan step up and sit down on Hunt's dick. I'm sure LaRue will put that pair together in a future Falcon film.

Josh Weston Arrives Late

Weston arrives late to the "party" - and regrettably so - and exchanges snips and barbs with Mattox. Unfazed, Mattox gives Weston a key to his apartment and encourages him to drop by unannounced and at any time.

While Weston is socializing with Hunt and crew, sugar daddy Larson is hosting his own little get-together. Looking very much like boys for hire, Leo Bramm and Ben Damon (Desperate Husbands) are putting on a sex show for Larson, who ultimately can't resist joining the pair. Bramm tastes Damon's hole, then shares a flavored kiss with Larson. Larson obviously likes the sample and dives down to get the tang from its source.

Damon is hot enough with his slender piece, but entirely too verbal during the scene. The three are thoroughly engaged with one another, so much so that they break a sweat, backs becoming shiny. I enjoy rimming, and LaRue gives the viewer plenty to sample in this scene.

Larson tops Damon making his cock flop heavily on his flat belly. The trio try different combinations - Damon tops Bramm and gets topped simultaneously by Larson. Watch for an electric moment when Bramm gets finger-fucked deeply before taking Larson anally. You can see the models eagerly positioning their bodies to get as deep a fuck as possible.

Weston stumbles onto the action and predictably severs his relationship with Larson. Missing Mattox, he uses his new key to surprise his sleeping lover. After some superfluous make-up dialogue, the two get right to the make-up sex.

Weston blows Mattox wearing - you guessed it - his underwear. Mattox soon pulls the seat of Weston's shorts aside just enough to access his pucker and give it a tongue bath. All that licking is ample preparation for the ride Weston takes on Mattox, Weston never losing his hardon. After shooting some cum, they smear their gooey cocks together.

Falcon is consistent. The production values, choice of models, sound and lighting continue to be top-notch. Kept provides some new faces (Ben Damon, Dean Monroe, Gus Mattox) and keeps us satisfied with our favorites (Josh Weston, Chad Hunt).

This is Weston's film. He brings all the porn requirements to the table - great body, sexual heat and style - but he also has the ability to register genuine emotion during the non-sexual moments. And if Josh were smart, he'd find some way to exclusively market a line of underwear bearing his name.

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Kept Photos:

Gux Mattox fucks Josh WestonWatch on or Watch VOD
Gux Mattox tops Josh Weston
Gus Mattox, Jeremy Jordan, Chad HuntWatch on or Watch VOD
Gus Mattox (standing) waits for Jeremy Jordan, Chad Hunt below

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