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Kansas City Trucking Trilogy

Joe Gage
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Aaron Taylor , Bob Blount , Casey Donovan , Clay Russell , Duff Paxton , Fred Halsted , Jack Wrangler , Johnny Falconberg , Keith Anthoni , Ken Brown , Kurt Williams , Paul Baressi , Richard Locke , Rob Carter , Robert Snowden , Steve Boyd , Steve King , Will Seagers
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Kansas City Trucking Trilogy

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The Gay Porn Trucker Movie Series That Started Them All

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

This excellent trilogy of movies introduces a new kind of hero to gay film. Like no other, the Kansas City trilogy celebrates the freedom of the sexual revolution that permeated America in the 1970s. Watching the movies today inspire a vision of the macho homosexual, whose sexual voracity and transience that influenced a generation of gay men.

All three movies explore transiency: sexual, emotional, economic and geographic. The movies are filled with driving, going from place to place as the men hit the road seeking new places, new partners and new thrills. Richard Locke plays the main character, Hank, who is the star of all three movies.

Hank is the sexual predator in Kansas City, matures in El Paso and finally settles down in L.A. Locke contains all the characteristics for this kind of hero - virile, hedonistic, guiltless, versatile and seemingly insatiable. Hank is a macho man, which society would not easily suspect his pastimes.

Another theme in these movies is initiation, initiation into the world of homosexuality. The movies are rife with women, whose men operate under the understanding If it feels good do it.

This is certainly the theme of trucker Hank's cross-country haul with the straight Steve Boyd, who rides shotgun for him on the trip. During their journey, Boyd has unsettling dreams of dispatcher Jack Wrangler, attempts to hide his interest with several male encounters on the way, and permits a double jerkoff with a girlie magazine.

After all these hot, intensely sexual scenes, our drivers pull into The Truckers Exchange for a solid night's rest and recreation. Here "You can sleep, eat, anything you want."

Here is the film's final orgy scene, filled with shadowy figures and anonymous cocks which initiates Boyd into his final realizations about his sexuality.

El Paso Trucking Corp.

El Paso starts with the same haunting musical theme from the first film. In this movie, Hank sharpens into better focus. He and his new buddy, Gene (Fred Halsted - A Night at Halsteds), get fired from their job for drinking. The two head for Texas. At a roadhouse, Gene hits it with a young guy (Lou Davis) while his girl watches. As the travel through the country in their truck, they easily have lots of sex along the way. However, the two footloose animals are unsure on how to relate to each other, except as fuckbuddies.

Hank suggests to Gene that he needs to settle down. However the two are immediately off engaging in sex independently - Locks at the public rest room, and Halstead with a mechanic. There is more sex until the film's end where the initiation theme resurfaces. Gene makes it with the boss's cute son (Jared Benson) while the father (Mike Morris) watches, jerking off.

The movie concludes with another orgy scene full of shadowy figures and anonymous cocks, including Locke, Halsted and Benson. Before long, Gene opts to leave on his own, leaving Hank taking the loss by aching in silence.

L.A. Tool & Die

L.A. begins with Hank alone, having group sex in some closed-down offices. Later in a gay bar, he spots a cowboy named Wylie (Will Seegers). The two guys talk to each other, but don't connect. The movie follows Hank's ultimate decision that it has come time for him to finally settle down, and he believes that he has spotted that special someone as Wylie.

Seen together, the three movies tell a great story that speaks to the feelings and emotions of gay men from not just the 1970's, but also today. A sociological document, it also provides a nonstop look at sex and the masculine, macho gay male.

These classic movies have just been released together, fully restored on DVD. You can buy each individually, but we suggest that you see all three to see the full story.

Kansas City Trucking Trilogy Photos:

From L.A. Tool & Die

From L.A. Tool & Die

From L.A. Tool & Die

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