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Just the Sex

Brent Corrigan
Dirty Bird Pictures  
, , , Seth Lyons , Steve Oliver , Ace Sinclair
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Just the Sex

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Brent Corrigan: Just the sex, manů

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

One of the most interesting project development in the gay porn industry lately has been the emergence of Dirty Bird Pictures, fueled by a partnership with sex-crazed Marine web site Active Duty.

Another ingredient in this business enterprise is Brent Corrigan, one of the most recognized gay porn stars producing today. Corrigan now films movies himself, releasing these DVDs under the label Prodigy Pictures, which is a related presentation from Dirty Bird Pictures.

Dirty Bird movies typically are story driven, like this year's fun gay porn movie parody The Pourne Ultimatum. This may be why Corrigan decided to up-front name his new film Just the Sex. The result is a very nice vehicle for Corrigan, which his fans will enjoy watching. However, it should be noted that the film contains some flaws, particularly in the first scene.

Seth Lyons and Ace SinclairWatch Now
Seth Lyons sucks Ace Sinclair
Now, today's "amateur porn" is very much the popular style, so individual viewers might have no problems with the uneven production aspects of the movie. The DVD contains five action sex scenes, plus an in your face solo performance from Corrigan in bed.

For the first episode, Corrigan casts himself with Kurt Wild, a hot young man with a sweet face and mouth-watering cock. They trade enthusiastic blowjobs followed by a rousing round of flip-flop fucking on some pool patio furniture.

As mentioned earlier, the first episode is the weakest. Constant dark shadows and weird outdoor lighting distract from the action, as well as the wind blowing in the microphone. Such benefits come with a musical accompaniment, which is absent.

After this, the subsequent four scenes are filmed indoors, which helps significantly. Another benefit: Ace Sinclair debuts. Sinclair electrified Citi Boyz movies earlier this year with his bad boy looks and jawbreaker big cock. (Tight Ass Twinks) Oozing sexual energy, he is one of the most exciting new faces of the year, and he put in two great performances here.

His on-screen partner Seth Lyons is a completely new face to the screen. An accommodating bottom, he takes Sinclair's cock in several hot positions, most notably on his side, his own cock fully hard. Sinclair's balls lap at Lyons' ass until the bottom releases a hot pool of cum all over his belly, while still impaled. Sinclair pulls out and adds to the wet mess.

After this comes Sinclair's session with Corrigan, arguably the high point of the movie. Naked and hard, these two twinks ravage each other sucking on their big dicks, along with a torrent of kissing.

Sinclair's cock creeps right up to Corrigan's boy hole, knocking on his door demanding to be let inside. Sinclair gets in there, after moistening it with his tongue. He slides in from behind giving the porn star cum director a rollicking doggie style fuck.

Corrigan later bends over a chair, followed by getting it on his back, in which he easily cums, followed by Sinclair.

Next, Wild makes a welcome return, this time to bottom for newcomer Steve Oliver. This time Wild's romp works better, even though they seem to be having sex in what looks like an ornately furnished hunter's lodge, or perhaps it is Captain Nemo's study.

Wild is a very excitable bottom, practically singing non-stop as soon as the head of a penis slips inside him. In a high moment, he bucks up and down in Oliver's lap, ramming himself on his big dick. Oliver pounds him some more on the couch until he pulls out and delivers a gusher of a load onto Wild's stomach.

Luke Hass fucks Brent Corrigan

The film finishes on a great note.

[Just the Sex Friskynews Blog]

Corrigan finds Luke Hass snoozing. He removes his drawers and begins licking his fine cock in long, lollipop licks. They start with a steady build up, full of caressing, undressing and kissing.

Brent Corrigan wakes up Luke Hass and his sleeping giant. Haas also takes a nice lapping at Corrigan's backside with his tongue. They enjoy a hot flip-flop session. We've never seen Haas bottom before, this may be his first on-screen bottoming. Corrigan rams his pole inside Haas' ass in a heavy leather chair. The sparks fly when they switch positions, and he fucks Corrigan all over the room. Watching Corrigan getting fucked here illustrates why he has become one of the most popular bottoms in the adult movie world.

Haas and Corrigan very clearly show intense chemistry together to the point that Corrigan happily licks the cream off Haas' post-orgasm cock. Their rousing sex show caps the movie off on a highly satisfying note.

Just the Sex is for the most part another fan film devoted to porn star Brent Corrigan. He has brought in an impressive showcase of young guys for the movie. While it begins on a rough note, the movie takes a very good turn led by the sexual power of its star.

Just the Sex Photos:

Just the Sex snapshot Ace Sinclair fucks Brent Corrigan
Ace Sinclair and Brent Corrigan
Luke Haas and Brent Corrigan Luke Haas and Brent Corrigan in Just the Sex
Luke Haas and Brent Corrigan
Kurt Wild and Steve Oliver Kurt Wild and Steve Oliver in Just the Sex
Kurt Wild and Steve Oliver

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