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Jungle Voodoo (Triumvirate Productions)
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W A T C H  Y O U R   F A V O R I T E    P O R N

Jungle Voodoo

Rolf Hammerschmidt
Triumvirate Productions  
Ace Reardon , Anthony Pegasus , Giorgio D'Napoli , Hudson Grant , Ivan Jakov , Kalib Mohamed , Mark Reeves , Nico Carter , Picco Morales , Pierre L'Fontaine
Twinks, InternationalOutdoor Sex

Jungle Voodoo

A Gay Porn Indiana Jones

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

An X-rated movie serial, Jungle Voodoo is a delightful send-up of the old Tarzan and Indiana Jones stories. Running an eyebrow-raising two and a half hours, it's packed with action.

The movie chronicles a bunch of back-to-nature jungle boys who spend as much time sexually pawing over each other as they do outwitting the bad guys. The bad guys are trying to get their hidden treasure. It's all over the top, but most of all fun.

After some stock footage of Africa, we meet the lean Hudson Grant. A Tarzan-type character, here he is called The Guardian. Grant watches over the loincloth lads, who spontaneously couple and decouple in his Garden of Eden.

Grant discovers a brunet outsider (Kalib Mohamad) passed out next to a river. Grant takes the youth back to camp where his mate (blonde Pierre L'Fontane in the Jane role) is busy preparing dinner.

The newcomer can't remember anything, so he drinks an elixir. Maybe there was a medicinal use, but as a love potion it works great. Soon the three are sucking each other and plowing their dicks into each others butts.

Hudson Grant is the top here, and he finishes the scene with a hot money shot.

Mark Reeve in Jungle Voodoo
Mark Reeve
Handsome villain Giorgio D'Napoli is a horny Indiana Jones. Fortunately any evil schemes quickly fall to his body's unquenchable lusts, so in the end he's not much of a threat. His band of mercenaries search the jungle for the hidden treasure.

They catch a native, the blonde Nico Carter and pour a blue elixir down his throat. Soon all four in the party are totally naked and rutting. These boys go at it like rabbits. D'Napoli gives a great workout on Nico Carter's butt. There are lots of additional configurations, followed by these little devils shooting hot money shots.

In Chapter Three, Mohammad, who still has no memory, hooks up with blonde bubblebutt boy Ivan Jakov. Their sex is versatile and their butts are beautiful.

In Chapter Four, the mercenaries capture long-haired Picco Morales and attempt to force secrets out of him. Not getting anywhere, they end up topping him instead. This four-way is really hot.

In Chapter Five, Tarzan and the outsider screw around while waiting for dinner. Chapter Six shows D'Napoli still trying to get information out of Morales. Frustration leads to more hot sex.

In time, the mercenaries find the treasure. They are captured by the innocent natives and taken to Tarzan - Hudson Grant's hut for punishment. Guess what the punishment ends up being? The action heats to a rolling boil in this rousing finale for the film.

Although its a bit overlong, Jungle Voodoo still steams up the screen with its cute, breathless boys, hot sex and witty story. This movie is loads of fun.

Jungle Voodoo Photos:

Jungle Voodoo Guys
Nico Carter, Giorgio D'Napoli, Mark Reeve, Anthony Pegasus & Ace Reardon

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