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Jungle Cruisers 2

Alexander Pictures  
Alan Cesar , Alex Mello , Alvaro Lima , Antonio Pinto , Bruno Santos , Carlos Olivira , Gomez Aguilar , Joam Jorge , Jorge Gomez , Jose Versas , Marco Santos , Pero Coresma
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Jungle Cruisers 2

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Just Park and Ride

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Set ostensibly in the same public cruise park in Rio de Janiero as last year's Jungle Cruisers, the sequel boasts another stunning cast of big, hung, tattooed Brazilian guys who fuck long and hard amidst the dangerous atmosphere of sex in public.

This time, Antonio Pinto brings his friend Marco Santos into the park with him, letting him witness the sex acts going on there, and ultimately seize the opportunity to share the fun as well. The setup works nicely, as does the realistic looking filming location.

Director Alexander photographs not only plenty of action close ups, but also facial reaction shots. In a commendable touch, the movie features camera views of the guys from afar, the lens peeking through various trees and bushes, giving the viewer the perspective of being there, silently watching the park's hot cruising action.

No sooner are they inside when they spy the beefy Gomez Aguilar playing with thick boner. The randy Pinto leaps over to join him, stripping out of his clothes and presenting his ass for Aguillar's massive meat (8 Inches from Brazil). Pinto tempts him with his ass. Aguillar reciprocates by teasing his hole for what seems like forever, presenting the first of the film's crafty camera views that trick the viewer into thinking they are about to watch his cock plunge inside bareback.

Aguilar eventually slams his cock inside, throwing him an intense ass plowing with Pinto standing doggie, barely able to keeping himself from falling over.

To finish, the top milks long ropes of white cum out of his cock, getting on Pinto's face. After Aguilar turns to leave, Pinto rubs his hand across his chest, still glowing from the experience.

Brazilian Tops in the Jungle

Jose Versas snapshot Jose Versas Jorge Gomez snapshot Jorge Gomez Marco Santos snapshot Marco Santos
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Jorge Gomez tops

Next comes the hottest scene of the movie: youthful looking Carlos Olivira wanders into an open area where he's attacked by two macho studs (Jorge Gomez and Joam Jorge). Gomez, wearing a ball cap, appeared way back in Alexander's first Brazil collection, Brazilians Do It Better. Since then, he's added a few more tattoos and matured into a perfect ten machofucker.

His partner in crime, Jorge, wields a colossal, torpedo of a cock. Both Gomez and Jorge position their new friend so that they make a sandwich out of him. Olivira's bottoming skills stretch to limit with these guys.

The tops stand over Olivira to cum. Gomez points his cock down to his face like a loaded gun, firing out heavy load of sticky ammunition that covers his cheek and forehead.

The next episode shows two light skinned Brazilian guys, Alan Cesar and Alvaro Lima, ravish each other's bodies. Lima in particular has some impressive body ink along the side of his hip, possibly to cover a scar.

They both suck each other's dicks, which leads to Lima bending Cesar over for a piece of his butt pie. In a hot sequence, the two guys flip flop. After Cesar screws his buddy's butt, he pulls out and fires out cum like a wild water sprinkler.

The police bust Pero Coresma

Watch out! The cops know about the goings-on at the cruise park. Jose Versas and Alex Mello represent the local law enforcement's vice department. They move through the woods in full uniform armed with nightsticks. (The models adorn the DVD boxcover)

Many vice departments have trouble keeping officers on the straight and narrow, and Jungle Cruisers 2 provides a vivid illustration of why.

Versas and Mello, both big and muscular dudes, discover Pero Coresma alone by himself. Coresma is apparently a horny guy who enjoys getting passed around at the cruise park often (as seen in Jungle Cruisers)

Within moments the cops are turning him around and pulling down his pants. Their hot three way is highlighted by the visual of Coresma's slicked, hairless hole getting stuffed by their dicks.

Coresma, whose face is an ever-changing mask of contorting expressions, keeps his big dick hard, flopping around everywhere as the guys pound him from behind.

Their scene ends with Versas, having finished his turn, seated watching his buddy get a piece of Coresma's ass. He finally stands up and drenches the bottom's back in spooge.

The movie ends with our original park guides Pinto and Santos instigating some of their own action. Their blowjobs draw the attention of slim Bruno Santos to join them. On his knees, Pinto jawbones the two big, thick cocks demanding attention before him.

Pinto then demonstrates his impressive bottom skills for the second time in the movie, easily taking Bruno Santos' full length up his ass. Here, Marco Santos spends time playing with himself, watching his buddy get fucked. He ultimately gets sloppy seconds, sharing Pinto with their new friend.

Pinto moans and groans from their ass pounding. As in the earlier three ways of the movie, the tops stand on each side of the bottom to deliver cum facials. Bruno Santos coats the bottom's face with an impressive load.

Jungle Cruisers 2 ends with a long camera shot of buddies Pinto and Santos strolling out of the park, shirtless and satisfied. The viewer will leave the film feeling the exact same way.

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Jungle Cruisers 2 Photos:

Alvaro Lima tops Alan CesarWatch Now or Naked Sword
Alvaro Lima tops Alan Cesar
Bruno Santos screws Antonio PintoWatch Now or Naked Sword
Marco Santos watches Bruno Santos screw his buddy, Antonio Pinto
Alex Mello tops Pero CoresmaWatch Now or Naked Sword
Jose Versas watches fellow policeman Alex Mello top Pero Coresma

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