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Jungle Cruisers

Alexander Pictures  
Andre Castro , Andre Mello , Antonio Bello , Bruno Loronha , Darrien Leon , Denis Torres , Gomez Aguilar , Hernando Romano , Pero Coresma , Rafael Lucio , , Samuel Jacques
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Jungle Cruisers

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Bungle in the Brazilian jungle

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Brazilian film autuer Alexander takes his watchful camera lens to the wild cruise parks in his 2006 release Jungle Cruisers. Over five riveting scenes, he captures twelve sizzling, sweaty studs bend over, grip the foliage and drill mercilessly until everyone shoots their cum loads.

In a departure from previous films, Jungle Cruisers is a self contained dvd, not a multi-part set, like the excellent Brazilians Do It Better.

The movie was filmed in Tijucia National Park in Rio de Janeiro, which as the credits state is a location where individuals should practice such activities at the own significant risk.

Boxcover model Bruno Loronha plays the silent park policemen, who at the film's beginning strolls around and casually notices a used condom wrapper on the ground.

Quickly, we move to dark, thickly built Pero Boteino waving his huge cock at the sweet, pale Pero Coresma. Instead of arresting them, Loronha essentially plays the role of the voyeur, similar to the film's audience, watching the public sex unfold, also getting highly similarly aroused watching the action in front of him.

This opening scene is a red hot showcase of ass-pounding, with Coresma bent over most of the time taking it hard from first Boteino and second Denis Torres, a real hunk. Boreino's black cock is unforgettable in size, with great hanging balls just below that slap against Coresma's flesh.

Boreino pulls out and sprays a geyser of cum on the bottom, covering and running down his neck. Boreino exits leaving the bottom alone with Torres, who gives him his second rousing fuck of the day. Torres has a massive body who pounds the bottom senseless.

From time to time, Torres looks around to see if they are in any danger of being seen. Finally, he pulls out and shoots his own hot load onto Coresma's sweet skin, and then exiting leaving the bottom to beat off by himself next to a tree.

Brazilian Tops in the Jungle

Andre CastrosWatch Now
Andre Castros
Andre MelloWatch Now
Andre Mello
Next, a cute Brazilian boy named Darrien Leon, who has a nice bubble butt, get its kissed and licked by brawny Andre Castros, who then turns him around, bends his over and sticks it in. Leon keeps his butt sticking right out, meeting Castros' non-stop thrusts.

Loronha peers at the two humping studs discretely from behind green fleshy leaves.

Tijucia National Park:
Discover the Wonder
To finish, Catros grabs purple-heather hued leaf and squirts a splattery money shot on it. Then, the bottom turns and kneels down to the ground to splash his own load onto the very contented leaf.

Next, Rafael Lucio and Andre Mello, a tattoed tanned guy, motion Alexander Pictures regular Ramon Mendez over to join them for a hot three-way. Mello eats Lucio's ass before he pounds it. Mello drives a hard bargain, shoving his thick dick in all the way. Mendez gets his own hot spin at Mucio's assets, who gets plowed bent over gripping a side wall.

Both Mendez and Mello shoot hot loads onto Lucio's backside as the park patrolman surreptitiously watches from afar. Then, like in the first scene, the tops pull up the pants and scatter, leaving Lucio by himself to fulfill himself, jacking off onto the stone sidewalk cobblestones.

Gomez Aguillar's monster cock

After this, Gomez Aguillar emerges from the jungle with his monstrous penis, which is so large that in some states could be classified as a dangerous weapon. The object of his affection is the capacious ass of smooth, youngster Hernando Romano. Aguillar drills him full thrusts against a tree.

Aguillar, who forged his way in Alexander's earlier ode of big dicks 8 Inches from Brazil, bores onto the cringing Romano in a full anal assault. The finish shows Aguillar drenching the boy's bootie in waves of hot cum.

The final episode of Jungle Cruisers unveils the fresh faced bottomboy Samuel Jacques, who gets on his knees to give a slobbery blow-job on cutie Antonio Bello, who it on wearing his yellow board shorts. In another one of the film's models with an unforgettable fat cock. He looks around their outdoor area to make sure no one is looking, as he sticks it in.

Bello rides Jacques like an animal. He finally pulls out his mammoth rod to squirt out a messy multi-spurt load on the bottom. Bello exits, leaving the until now quiet voyeur park guard Loronha to step out in front of the camera and get it on sexually with Jacques, who is at first shocked and scared to be approached by the police.

The cop's motive becomes clear when he pulls his dick out of his pants. While still wearing his uniform, he unleashes hours of pent up frustrations and desire on Jacques' poor asshole. He screws the boy hard, who can barely stay standing from the thrusts. He ultimately pulls out, energetically shooting a big squirting load on the exhausted bottom.

The film ends with the cop hauling the naked bottom away, obviously once again in trouble with the law.

Jungle Cruisers takes Alexander's movies down a nice, new path of outdoor sex and dangerous cruising. The result nicely combines these new elements with Alexander's impressive standards including big dicked tops and sweet assed bottomboys.

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Jungle Cruisers Photos:

Pero Boteino, Pero Coresma, Denis TorresWatch Now or Naked Sword
Pero Boteino, Pero Coresma, Denis Torres
Ramon Mendez tops Rafael LucioWatch Now or Naked Sword
Andre Castros watches Ramon Mendez top Rafael Lucio
Andre Castros fucks Darrien LeonWatch Now or Naked Sword
Darrien Leon receives Andre Castros
Gomez Aguilar below Hernando RomanoWatch Now or Naked Sword
Gomez Aguilar annoints Hernando Romano

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