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Juan Carlos: Bare Fucking Skaterboy

Alex Chaves
OTB Video  
Alejandro , Angel , Bernard , Jesid , Juan Carlos , Oscar
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Juan Carlos: Bare Fucking Skaterboy

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Juan Carlos best bareback top.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Folks, we have a winning movie in the bareback twink category. OTB Video has written a "love letter" to the fans of one of their most popular models, Juan Carlos, the lean, mean uncut fucking machine who has graced many of their films. Appearing often in their Cum Crazy Twinks series, Juan Carlos is notable for not only the piercing on his lip, and the hot tattoos each of his arms, but he also is the studio's resident skaterboy, occasionally his skateboard sits in the background. [Juan Carlos from OTB Video Has A Nice Smile]

Unlike some compilation movies where the scenes look like they were extras that made the cutting room floor, the five episodes in Juan Carlos: Bare Fucking Skaterboy are all volcanic. It's clearly one of the best movies of the year in this genre.

OTB actually has fashioned a very sharp boxcover here, catching Juan Carlos in two of his best looks - on the left side he's giving a mischievous, knowing smile to the audience. On the right, he is throwing one of his signature standing fucks down into a bottom, hunched over the bottom like a big spider.

The film contains four action scene, plus a Juan Carlos solo. (OTB videos typically include one solo, where the guys reliably deliver a determined, focused performance. They don't look like a deer in the headlights. It's a nice way to leisurely study a model.)

Jesid frosts Juan Carlos Watch on OTB Boyz | Watch VOD
Jesid frosts Juan Carlos
The scenes were filmed going back two years to 2005, but the DVD starts with what appears to be one filmed more recently. Juan Carlos is locked in an embrace with Oscar, a sweet guy with a nice little body, at least according to the tight set of clothes on his bod.

First seen in the fresh air extravaganza, Bareback Cumparty 7: Outdoor Orgasms, he pays full attention of Juan Carlos' tasty fuck stick, lathering it with his tongue as he plays with himself through his own underwear.

Juan Carlos aims the head of his dick directly inside Oscar. They suck each other until each one cums in the other's mouth. Then, its time to slide that cock up the bottom's ass! Oscar looks fabulous hunched down on his fours, his lovely, round butt ripe for reaming.

Juan Carlos aims the head of his dick directly inside, and goes to town. As his is style, he pulls out several times to run his heavy foreskin against the bottom's cheeks. But the best moments show him fucking Oscar long and hard. In fact, the right side photo on the box cover is from this episode.

Juan Carlos seeds Oscar's boy hole with his hot cum, turning the bottom on so much he needs only a few more seconds to climax himself.

After this, Juan Carlos performs his solo. Judging by his face and hair, this may have been filmed at the start of his career. He starts fully clothed, working his hard-on raging inside his pants.

Juan Carlos barebacks Alejandro Watch on OTB Boyz | Watch VOD
Juan Carlos tops Alejandro
He slowly works them down, pulls off his shirt and finally presents his penis. Even here, Juan Carlos seems to love the camera, using his eyes and face to play directly into the camera. The scene also includes some macro close up shots of his dick and foreskin - very nice! After a round of showing off his ass, he bends up and shoots in his mouth.

In the next episode, J.C. gets naked with Alejandro. In this scene our superstar sports sideburns, and completely shaved pubes. Like in the previous scenes, the boys start fully clothed and they undress each other. Down go the jeans, and Alejandro is quickly putting JC's big thing in his mouth.

Another important fact about the star has become obvious - Juan Carlos owns a large collection of boxers. For all of his scenes, we have never noticed the same pair twice. But, it's always boxers!

Alejandro has a very nice looking dick, with a strong, unique curve to it. Alejandro spends most of his screen time moaning to the top's intense fucking, rolling him through an around the world set of positions. This is another five star scene.

Watch on OTB BoysWatch Now on OTB Boys

Bare Fucking Skaterboy blasts Jesid

After this, Juan Carlos gets with one of OTB's biggest sexaholics, the wild bottom Jesid. First appearing in the sizzling finale to Bareback Cumparty 3: Back for More!, Jesid seems to have a slightly different hair color in each of his films. He is also a superb bottom.

After blowing a gigantic load into Juan Carlos' mouth, that also ends up caking the side of his face is white sugar, he bends his lithe body down on the bed for a royal ass plowing. The images of Juan Carlos snugly fitting into Jesid's tight, hairless hole literally looks picture perfect.

And the shot of his creaming Jesid's hole looks like he's spreading delicious frosting on a bundt cake.

The movie doesn't end on a bad note either. Juan Carlos enjoys a hot three way with Bernard and the appropriately named Angel. This scene looks like it was filmed around the time of Bareback Cumparty 2: Keep on Cumming!.

Angel gets a mouthful of Juan Carlos' cum before sitting on his erection. Then comes the surprise of the movie: Angel climbs off, moves behind Juan Carlos, and slides his cock inside, performing an on-screen deflowering of the superstar himself.

After this, Juan Carlos makes a desperate move to reassert his skaterboy credentials by fucking Bernard's brown ass, cumming and pushing as much of it inside as possible.

Juan Carlos leads the way as one of the hottest boy tops on film, and throwing in an unexpected bottom performance in the final episode is the icing on the cake. If you are not a fan of the barebacking skaterboy yet, you will by the end of this fantastic DVD.

Literally boiling over with pheromones and funk, these videos are worth every penny. Bring home the party!

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Juan Carlos: Bare Fucking Skaterboy Photos:

Juan Carlos barebacks JesidWatch on OTB Boyz | Watch VOD
Juan Carlos drills Jesid
Juan Carlos snapshotWatch on OTB Boyz | Watch VOD
Angel, Bernard, Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos barebacks BernardWatch on OTB Boyz | Watch VOD
Juan Carlos reasserts his skaterboy credientials with Bernard

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