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Journey To Italy 1

Lucas Kazan
Men of Odyssey  
Bruno Di Martino , Dario DAlba , Davide Solari , Derek Cameron , Erik Kovak , Gianni Bucciarelli , Ivan Forti , Julian , Marco Balestra , Michele Siciliani , Mirko , Wolff
Euro-Muscle GuysItalians / Italy

Journey To Italy 1

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A Beautiful Sexual Awakening in Italy

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Journey To Italy starts a long, successful string of films from Lucas Kazan, a fine director who has filmed extensively in the beautiful country of Italy. The films stars blonde Derek Cameron as an American art student who tells us "he had never been anywhere before the summer my folks sent me to Italy."

This is a coming out tale, quietly observing Cameron's sexual awakening in the "summer that changed everything." He first appears wandering in a light rain - in solitude. His loneliness is established when he gets cruised by the handsome Dario D'Alba in an art museum. Unnerved by it, it sets in motion the fateful series of events.

Kazan does a great job at photographing Cameron, caressing him with myriads of careful close-ups. His first scene where he comes in contact with mansex is in the country. Hunky native (Davide Solari) greets him rather casually in the nude. Next, Cameron observes a trio of local workers who begin all oral fest. The curly haired Bruno DeMartino does most of the work with the lanky Michele Siciliani and the striking Gianni Bucciarelli, whose energy steals the scene.

There is a brief scene where D'Alba writes a letter to his buddy Erik Kovac about the cute blond he found in the museum, which quickly dissolves to Kovak and his friend Wolf. Their threesome unfolds in the bedroom of a country inn. The beautiful Kovak easily stays the center of attention while the other two service him. Wolf opens his expert ass for both D'Alba and Kovac. Like the entire film, great emphasis is placed on kissing.

The next scene features the older Ivan Forti with the mono-named Julian getting it on in a meadow. Cameron this time fantasizes the two in a new locale - a piazza where they continue to orally service each other. Soon, Forti is sitting on Julian's erection. This brief scene quickly goes into Cameron sharing a room with the youthful Marco Balestra. Balestra, who has none of Cameron's hang-ups, studies his roommate's inviting ass. Balestra works himself up, and Cameron, who knows he's being studied, feels the tension. This is a very hot scene, nicely capturing the tension and sexuality of watching and looking at silent, sexual energy humming just below the surface. Cameron comments, I wish I'd touched him.

This catalyzes Cameron to act on his desire. Next morning, he's engaging in small talk with Kovak and the skinhead Mirko. Cameron kneels to explore Mirko's thighs and basket. Cameron gets him off - impressively too with a copious money shot, who then exits - leaving Kovak to deflower the American.

Their scene is hot. The experience ignites Cameron, who admits however that it left him "empty." That problem is resolved in the lengthy, beautifully photographed final scene of the film. D'Alba appears out of nowhere on a motorbike, whisking him off to a lovely meadow to make love to him. Both animalistic and affectionate the two devour each other, culminating in D'Alba topping Cameron. They film ends with them literally driving off into the sunset.

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Derek Cameron

Dario D'Alba

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