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Journey to Greece

Lucas Kazan
Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions)  
Antonio Armani , Federico Bulsara , Ivan Cseska , Lucas Andrades , Mario Perez , Max Veneziano , Pietro Rosselli , Sebastian Dunn , Sergei Jordonov
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Journey to Greece

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Gay Sex in Greece Never Looked Better

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Lucas Kazan's filming style has a sensuous, Mediterranean feel. His latest movie Journey to Greece contains beautiful sets, and picturesque location-shooting in the Greek islands. More then just pretty sets, the movie is studded with an assortment of incredible looking models. Unlike other euro-muscleguy movies from central Europe, the look and feel here is more natural. The guys radiate with a soothing, califacient heat, which is a common southern european look.

This movie at its heart is a sad story, telling of how lovers Sergei Jordonov and Lucas Andrades (Men Amongst the Ruins) take their first vacation, only return home separately.

Andrades and Jordonov spend the first night of their vacation together making love. The movie's first action scene shows them having gentle, romantic sex in their bed. The walls and sheets are bathed in a deep aqua blue color. Jordonov has probably aged the most gracefully then any other Bjorn model. His body is finely muscled and his ass is absolutely perfect.

Sergei Jordanov and Mario Perez Watch on or Watch VOD
Sergei Jordanov & Mario Perez
Andrades is another fine specimen: coffee skinned and bald. He has a dreamy smile and succulent, smooth butt. The two lovers kiss and suck each other. Jordonov sucks Andrades off until he cums. Then Andrades returns the favor. They rub against each other, as director Kazan films their bodymotions in an adjacent hanging wall mirror.

Viewers looking for style, color and a sense of beauty will delight in this movie.

For the anal action, Jordanov sinks his cock into Andrades. The two perform outstandingly in their roles as top and bottom. Jordonov screws him doggie style in the bed, ultimately pulling out to shoot a white, creamy money shot all over. He then jacks off his lover, kissing him as he cums.

Gay Piggyback on the Beaches of Greece

On this particular Greek island, men everywhere play and frolic with sexual exuberance. One group of three guys run naked onto the beach. All pictured on the boxcover, Pietro Rosselli, Antonio Armani and Max Veneziano tussle and ride piggyback. Eventually they become aroused.

They adjourn from their horseplay to one of the island's many picturesque rooms. Here the walls and room objects are a subdued rose color, which augments the soft skin tones on the models' bodies. In the first sequence, Armani rims Rosselli who has his legs up over a table. In the foreground, the tall, striking figure of Veneziano stands in near silhouette stroking his erection.

More picture perfect moments follow as they rearrange themselves to blow each others' upturned cocks. They stand before a large mirror, which Kazan makes clever use of. Then they repair to a red-rose colored bed to lick their smooth butts. The guys make a delectable Armani sandwich with Veneziano poking in his big meat. The guys soon rain big spurts of spooge onto Armani's body.

After this round, they continue with the two tops switching positions so that the handsome brunet Rosselli gets his turn inside Armani. Rosselli's thrusts illustrate the beautiful form of his muscular body.

After this, the movie moves to another set of guys enjoying their day. Versatile studs Ivan Cseska (The Anchor Hotel) and Sebastian Dunn lure the beefy Federico Bulsara to their place for sexplay. In one mesmerizing sequence, Dunn rams his cock in and out of the kneeling Cseka'a mouth. During this, Bulsara stands off a bit watching them, stroking, as Dunn looks directly at him smiling and grinning.

Hat tip to a great capture of voyeurism in action onscreen.

Lucas Andrades spys his boyfriend fucking Mario Perez. Soon Bulsara joins them, getting on his knees and getting Dunn to release his first load. For the anal action, Cseka and his most marvelous ass dominate the next sequence. Dunn pulls his cheeks apart and sticks his tongue in. Then they go over to the bed and in a tangle of manflesh, Bulsara mounts Cseka from above.

Czeka then sits down to ride Dunn. And not to be missed, Bulsara gets to screw Dunn, who has another one of the film's five-star asses. They all finish by squirting more milky loads.

Greece Can Be Hard on Gay Couples

Whereas Greece may be a fun location for unbridled sex, it can also frustrate relationships. Poor Andrades spys his beloved Jordanov getting frisky with Mario Perez (from Kazan's excellent movie Backstage). Both guys go over behind a building are tear off their clothes, passionately kissing. Jordanov cannot keep his hands off Perez's fine butt. They blow each other in an arousing outdoor sequence.

The two go to a spare bed where Jordanov mounts his new pal missionary. During this Andrades' feelings are crushed when he hears Jordanov tell his new partner that he loves him. The film ends with him kissing a sleeping Jordanov on the cheeks and leaving.

Romantic and slightly sad, Journey to Greece shimmers with amazingly stunning guys, great sex and inspired photography. It is a lovely presentation that takes the viewer to memorable erotic heights.

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Journey to Greece Photos:

Lucas Andrades and Sergei Jordanov Watch on or Watch VOD
Lucas Andrades and Sergei Jordanov
Max Veneziano in Journey to Greece Watch on or Watch VOD
Max Veneziano, Antonio Armani (kneeling), Pietro Rosselli

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