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Joe Gage Sex Files #2

Joe Gage
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Andrew Addams , Caesar Cruz , Danny Chance , David Anthony , Derek Dewars , Mark Kroner , Robert Gunn , Ron Daniels , Trent Austin
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Joe Gage Sex Files #2

Uncle Pruitt Taught Me How to Do It

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Director Joe Gage brings us his second film in his Sex Files series. This one carries the intriguing sub-title Uncle Pruitt Taught Me How to Do It. The film shows a story of a younger man learning the sex-play ropes from his older uncle-in-law. The premise is as much a turn-on as the sexual action itself.

For ninety minutes, Gage presents not only a tale of sexual education, but also a full round of fantastic cock-worship. Here, teh legendary director goes to a middle America suburbia known as Lakewood, California for his tale.

The film's two stars, Trent Austin and Mark Kroner both are great as the eager student and the persuasive teacher in the fine art of sexual perversion. Austin has a cute, youthful look with a knowing look of intelligence behind his grin. Kroner is a quinticential daddy-type with a big hairy frame and a giant horsecock.

At the start, Austin explains through voice-over narration about how his new uncle in law taught him how to have some fun in his free time, and ultimately how to get his buddies involved.

Kroner comes home to find Austin beating off on the living room couch, with a straight porn magazine open in his lap. Kroner offers the kid five bucks if he lets him join in.

Sure, Austin says. Kroner gives his nephew head. Paced similar to an impromptu, unexpected j/o session, the two suck each others dicks, whack their meat and spill big loads.

Trent Austin Trent Austin
A week later, Kroner offers his nephew another five bucks if he gets two of his buddies over. Pussy porn plays on the television set, as they jack their cocks. Austin sits on the couch, as Kroner takes position in a nearby chair.

The next part of the film is a lengthy scene showing the arrival of Austin's very cute buddies and their fun afternoon session of cock-worship and dickplay. The men here all sport regular guy looks and a laid-back, up-for-whatever attitude.

The buzz headed Robert Gunn and some others arrive. Immediately after they get their pants down, Kroner starts softly, but sternly, giving orders to the younger guys. Interestingly, all the commands from the uncle are followed.

Kroner tells Austin to suck him while his friends watch. These two play off each other great.

The cute Danny Chance arrives. Kroner gets all others to stand up and beat their hard-ons. All these guys have great looking dicks. There is sucking and whacking, but no anal action here. So are these guys straight or gay?

Chance has a great, thick cock. Austin spends a lot of time working it with his mouth. He causes it to blow a big, gooey load that drips down in long drops to the floor.

The last sequence is an afternoon j/o session with even more guys. This is the twosome's finest after-school special ever. Derek Dewars and Andrew Addams show up, with some beers in hand.

A sheepish looking, but cute hispanic named David Anthony arrives. Finally a latin hottie named Caesar Cruz and Ron Daniels arrive. Hard cocks pop out of shorts seeking relief.

This seven-way party is a fest of jacking, checkin' each other out, and dick sucking. Whatever happens there, obviously stays there. Nephew Austin learns quickly. By the end of the scene, Addams has gotten off the couch and sucked on every dick in the room.

Gage has once again crafted an intriguing, highly erotic film without the typical cookie cutter approach. Not only spotlighting the finer point of straight guys jacking off, it shows how a younger, quick-learning guy takes up after his mentor.

Perhaps the final lesson at the end of the day is that guys will do just about anything to get off.

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Caesar Cruz
Caesar Cruz

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