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Joe Gage Sex Files #1: Jack-Off Party at Billy Bob's

Joe Gage
MSR Videos   MSR 27
Damian Steele , Deacon Frost , Derek Dewars , John Carlos , Jordan , Lex Kyler , Michael Gomez , Michael Knight , Rhett O'Hara , Walt Walters , York Powers
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Joe Gage Sex Files #1: Jack-Off Party at Billy Bob's

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A Real Jack Off Party

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Legendary director Joe Gage makes a big-time comeback with the first of a new film series distributed by MSR Videos. The first installment of the Joe Gage Sex Files is enticingly sub-titled Jack-Off Party at Billy Bob's.

This title says it all. Although these actors aren't off the street amateurs, or first-timers, everyone has a regular guy look that many will love. These are guys you would expect the film's star, Billy Bob (Rhett O'Hara) to really know - regular guys who like to whack off to some straight porn.

O'Hara is a hot little number with an evil grin, a natural screen presence and a sexy cock. He begins the film explaining his love for watching porn, and how he decided that a great way to spend an afternoon would be to get his buddies over to his place for a jack-off party.

What could have potentially been a dull film turns out to be a nice surprise. The guys show up in several groups, which conveniently allows for the movie to have four separate scenes.

Are they straight or gay? That's up for the viewer to judge. What is certain is that their big dicks get rock hard at the sight of pussy porn, and they also enjoy occasionally giving their buddies a helping hand.

The first guest is Jesse, a slim hairy crotched dude from the boxcover. He wears a muscle shirt and despite arriving early, get right down to business by popping in the tape, and beating his meat to the movie moans.

Billy Bob at the jack off party
Billy Bob and Guests
Jesse strokes his rigid rod, captivated by the film. Then without warning, his cock begins shoots big spurts of come over himself.

The next pair to arrive is the bearish Damian Steele and the scruffy faced Michael Knight. Billy Bob let's the two get down to business themselves, although at one point he sticks his head in to check out what they are doing.

You guys feelin' good, the concerned host asks.

The two enthusiastically beat their meat. Quiet tension builds as their silent stroking leads to moving their hands over to their buddy's cock. They both finish with big dude-shootin' money shots.

The next group to arrive is Steve (a latino), Chet (a military haircut) and Bobby. They plop themselves on the couch and get to work. Bobby breaks the ice by whipping it out first.

The guys helpfully pass around to each other a tub of lube.

Their eyes switch between the heterosexual acts on tv, to their neighbors' dicks. Steve kneels before the other two and starts stroking their dicks. Billy Bob saunters in to watch the action. As Chet and Bobby come, he knowingly grins.

For the final scene, four guys show up to watch more porn. The troop consists of megahung York Powers, Deacon Frost, a ballcap wearing Lex Kyler and a cute hispanic named Michael Gomez.

Their j/o session is clearly the hottest on the tape. They all sit together and eagerly stroke their raging hard-ons. The scene is heightened by their trashy talk back to the pussy porn on the screen. They are clearly not only turned on by the movie, but also by the action around them.

At one point, Gomez lights a cigarette and starts dragging on it as be beats his uncut meat.

York Powers dominates the group with the loudest mouth and voyeuristic enthusiasm. Their circle jerk clearly ends the movie on a great note. Praise definately should go to director Joe Gage, who has crafted a fine series of arousing scenes.

It comes down to this - Billy Bob (O'Hara) is one crafty-minded dirty-boy. He needs to bring us more of his afternoon parties.

Joe Gage Sex Files #1: Jack-Off Party at Billy Bob's Photos:

Billy Bob helps himself
Billy Bob (Rhett O'Hara) observes his guests enjoying themselves
The Jack Off Party
Helping hands and chummy companionship reign at the party

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