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The Violation Set

Chi Chi LaRue
Jocks Studios  
Alec Martinez , Antonio Vega , , , Eric Hart , , Jason Hawke , Jeremy Jordan , Justin Dragon , , Logan Reed , Robert Balint , Roland Dane , Scott Austin , Tanner Hayes

The Violation Set

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Bank robbers seize Colby Taylor and Jackson Price

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The 2-part Jocks saga Violations involves a pair of lovers, who suddenly get entangled with bank robbers. The plot is slightly silly, but it works okay, especially since the film's fifteen well-scrubbed actors shine, delivering sex that runs the gamut from romantic to raunchy.

The stars are the big-dicked, all-American boy Colby Taylor, and the bottomboy Jackson Price. Jackson Price's ass works its magic here with its enormous capacity to take just about anything presented. Colby Taylor is in great form. He's not one of Falcon's super-star models, probably because he possesses more of a real-world quality, like someone you might really meet somewhere.

The Violation: Seized

Colby Taylor and Jackson Price make love in the first scene. Price takes Taylor's nice, perfectly shaped cock up his insatiable ass. The two lovers kiss and suck each other, and maintain eye contact while screwing. Colby Taylor has picked up some pretty good acting techniques over time, including doing intimate sex scenes versus the wilder wall-to-wall sex scenes.

We soon learn that the relationship is unwell. In the very next scene, Price is getting it on with his hot latin lover, Alec Martinez (Jocks: Addiction).

The second scene, is hotter then the first. Martinez has a really big, curved cock, which he enthusiastically dips into in Price's manhole. Price licks Martinez's smooth ass and his heavy-foreskined cock. Martinez bangs Price on his back and later on all fours.

Meanwhile back at the homestead, Taylor pines away for his boyfriend. However, he gets disoriented and frightened after cutting his hand on their framed-glass picture. Taylor staggers out into the woods. Toylar unwittingly is exposing himself to danger, considering all these thieves and killers are in the area.

Next is the film's high point. Logan Reed (Heatwave) along with his deputies are searching the woods for the thieves. Since they cannot find them, they instead begin screwing. All four guys are perfectly muscled, lickable Falcon stars. We see Euro-muscle studs Roland Dane and Robert Bliant, along with the sexy latino Antonio Vega engage in a wild four way orgy with sucking and gangbanging.

Roland Dane (Out of Athens), as always, looks incredible - perfect body, killer ass and cock. Dane is probably one of the industry's closest yardstick's to perfection around. Logan Reed with his barrel chest and thick cock, continues to look great as well.

This is the hottest scene of the video.

In Part 1's final scene, Lance Gear appears as a police detective and Scott Austin as his partner. They investigate the Taylor/Price household for the thieves, and find the scene to incriminate Price. Price leaves abruptly, so Gear and Austin search the bedroom. After finding some sex toys including rubber gloves and a huge flesh-colored dildo, Gear decides to use them on his partner. Austin gets the toys, the gloves and Gear himself all up his ass. Gear fans will enjoy watching the big hairy daddy enthusiastically bang Austin.

Part 1 abruptly ends and on to Part 2.

Robert Bliant and Antonio Vega standingWatch on or Watch VOD
Robert Bliant, Antonio Vega (standing), Roland Dane, Logan Reed (below)

Violation: Surrender

In Part 2, the actors surrender to their desires. Colby Taylor realizes that he has been jilted by his lover, Jackson Price. Out in the woods, bank robber Tanner Hayes captures Taylor and leads him blindfolded to an abandoned house. Taylor's emotions slowly melt from hostility to arousal. Hayes washes Taylor's wounds After gently cleaning his wounds, their touching turning erotic. Hayes jacks his new romantic interest to climax.

Meanwhile, on a nearby road, Caesar and Justin Dragon pick up Jackson Price, who is frantically looking for boyfriend Taylor. Once in the theives' truck, it takes little for the two bank robbers to seduce the blonde Price. This scene turns into a very aggressive and energetic three-way. Both the tattooed Dragon and Caesar look great, and easily take care of the bottom. It's is nice seeing Caesar strut is top-man skills.

The third scene is the film's high point. It starts with blonde twink Jeremy Jordan (Head Games) making out with Jason Hawke (Deep South). Hawke is a sexy stud with a nice uncut cock. Before long they are joined by their friend the cute boy-next-door Eric Hart. Their menage is electric.

"I knew you guys would start without me!" giggles Hart as he wags his cock at the other two. They then go into a long, but very hot oral scene. Great camerawork reveals how nice all of their cocks are. Afterwards, they all pound each other in very nice mutual action. Jeremy Jordan, who typically bottoms, shows us his top skills. All three connect to each other in a chain.

Going back to Tanner Hayes, who has Taylor and Price hostage. Taylor realizes that he loves his captor. As revenge, Taylor and Hayes have sex before the tied-up Price, who has to watch. After they have sex, they leave Price bound to a tree. Then Deputy Logan Reed catches Caesar and Dragon, however Taylor and Hayes escape with the money and live happily ever after.

A cute story. The movie is a fun two-parter, and contains many of our favorite Jocks athletes.

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The Violation Set Photos:

Eric Hart snapshotWatch on or Watch VOD
Eric Hart
Caesar snapshotWatch on or Watch VOD
From The Violation 2
Violation snapshotWatch on or Watch VOD
Justin Dragon, Jeremy
Jordan, Caesar (topping)
Jeremy Jordan topping in ViolationWatch on or Watch VOD
Tanner Hayes, Eric Hart,
Jeremy Jordan (topping)

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