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Jock Strap

Steven Scarborough
Hot House Entertainment   HH046
Alex Collack , C.J. Knight , Francesco D'Macho , Max Schutler , Mike Roberts , , Ty LeBeouf , Tyler Riggz , ,
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Jock Strap

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Vinnie D'Angelo and Tyler Riggz stretch their jock straps

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

In Jock Strap, director Steven Scarborough pulls out all the stops to glorify the look of sexy jock straps. The tight, colorful undergarments typically make their way into many Hot House movies, but here they are replete in all five sex scenes. Furthermore, the film includes many memorable model pairings, culminating in a blow-out flip-flop fuck between Vinnie D'Angelo and Tyler Riggz.

The end results are so hot, we actually wondered why hasn't anyone done this before?

A gym's locker room marks the setting for several of the movie's frolics, including the first, when Tyler Saint and Alex Collack take down the ultra-passive C.J. Knight. (Black n Blue) Knight begins with ample body worship over the two broad shouldered beasts, kissing the chests, stroking the buldges in their jock straps.

Knight and Saint both share Collack's thick cock, mutually lathering the length of it with their tongues, followed by close up orla attention to Saint's weapon. The oral play here is as satisfying as the anal action, in which the guys switch off plowing Knight.

Knight rides Saint's thick cock in ecstasy. This advances to Collack sticking it in as well for a nice sequence of double penetration. Their play does not end until Saint takes a spin on Collack's own manhole, pounding him right there on the locker room floor.

Knight squirts a hot load here all over Collack's back while getting plowed.

The Jock Strap Three WayWatch on - Watch VOD
Tyler Saint, Alex Collack, C.J. Knight
After this, Rafael Alencer and Max Schutler return home from a workout. Obviously, the exercize has only raised Alencar's testosterone levels, because he cannot keep his hands from groping Schutler's butt.

Schutler's earlier appearance in Hot House's Communion shows his world class skills as a supreme bottom. The Argentine beauty also does a fairly nice job rimming Alencar's barge-like butt, which in a jock strap looks picture perfect. Schutler next endures Alencar's breathtaking fucking skills, pounding his massive uncut meat into his friend in several positions.

Alencar's aggressive top moves meet their perfect match with Schutler's passive bottom skills. These South American beauty's are arguably the high point of the entire film.

After topping Schutler all over their living room couch, Alencar ejaculates a king size money shot that drenches the bottom's backside in seed. Schutler cums on his own jock strap, which Alencar stuffs back into his mouth.

Next, Mike Roberts wanders back into the gym locker room, where he gets his paws on Ty LeBeouf's discarded jock strap, which he uses for a slow masturbatory solo. Roberts, the stunningly gorgeous looker yet again appears on film, just to play with himself. (Roberts has actually gone even further on RandyBlue).

Why is Ty LeBeouf in a hurry to leave the gym? Roberts teases the camera by spreading his hairy asshole, followed by stroking his cock with the jockstrap until ejaculates, using the garment as a rag to clean up his own mess, then putting it on and exiting.

After this we learn why LeBeouf was in such a hurry to leave the gym. He's meeting trade in a nearby dark alley. Climbing out of his car, he gets frisky with none other than Francesco D'Macho from Trunks 4. Pulling down his jeans, LeBeouf sucks on D'Macho's stick, pointing out of his own yellow jock strap.

These two attack each other not only orally, but also anally. As blue ribbon cock hounds, they deep throat each other's cocks at length. From that, the two overheated dogs rut each other, showing off their versatility in the form of standing doggie fucks.

Francesco D'Macho's Yellow Jock Strap

At one point, D'Macho wraps his yellow jock strap around LeBouf's neck like a tight cravat, screwing him from behind closely. LeBeouf cums on D'Macho, who soon releases his own orgasm in thick, white creamy bursts, which he eats up.

Tyler Riggz's Jock Strap Duet

The movie finishes with a sizzling duet between Vinnie D'Angelo (Head Hunters, Inc.) and Tyler Riggz. (Riggz gets the curious billing of "Hot House Superstar" on the box.) These two guys smoke from beginning to end. They hed to a San Francisco leather store, where they both find pairs of leather jock straps to wear. These are actually the hottest jock straps seen in the entire movie.

They retire next to some kind of side room to engage in a lusty, slobbery fit of man sex. Riggz more often than not tops in his movies, so watching him handle a long lasting bottom ride from stud bull D'Angelo is a real treat. If this is not enough, Riggz turns D'Angelo for a bit of fucking in his on-screen virgin asshole.

Who would have expected the deflowering on Vinnie D'Amgelo in Jock Strap, and Riggz could not have been a finer choice of partner.

Their scene ends with D'Angelo going for a finishing round inside Riggz, clearly very turned on by the episode, he easily jacks himself to cumming with his friend thrusting inside him.

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Jock Strap Photos:

Vinnie D'Angelo and Tyler RiggzWatch on - Watch VOD
Vinnie D'Angelo spreads his cheeks for Tyler Riggz
Francesco D'Macho and Ty LeBeoufWatch on - Watch VOD
Francesco D'Macho behind Ty LeBeouf
Rafael Alencar fucks Max SchutlerWatch on - Watch VOD
Rafael Alencar tops Max Schutler
Vinnie D'Angelo salivates onto Tyler RiggzWatch on - Watch VOD
Vinnie D'Angelo salivates onto Tyler Riggz

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