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Stock Sentenced and Released (Jocks Pac 089 090)

Chi Chi LaRue
Jocks Studios  
Casey Williams , Chris Rock , David Bradley , Drew Damon , , Karl Tenner , Lorenzo Donado , Rick Matthews , Ross Vincent , Spike , Thom Barron , Tyler Hill
Kink / SextoysOrgyHunksDaddies / Men

Stock Sentenced and Released (Jocks Pac 089 090)

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Sentenced to a sex dungeon with Gregor Yelson

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Stock was Jock's first 2-part film, a rather novel idea for the studio at the time.

With more or less two sets and a budget for two movies, ChiChi LaRue was able to pour almost every Falcon talent at the time in this movie. As a result, Stock features a first-class cast of prime, oiled sexualists in their natural setting, an underground stockyard doomed to non-stop sex.

The script is a bit silly, but the sex is searing, ranging from vanilla to kink. The looks in the film range from Hollywood glamour to backroom grit.

Stock also pays special attention to Falcon's goldenboy at that time, the pretty, buffed Russian Gregor Yelson (Serviced). The other actors range from the pretty, to the cuddly, to the massively hung, and to the masculine.

This is a great show all around.

Jocks Stock: Sentenced

The movie opens with the stockyard keeper, Ross Vincent, throwing Casey Williams into a pen which currently is populated by Rick Matthews, Drew Damon and David Bradley. The three put the new prisoner through an exhaustive initiation process to the life of sexual slavery.

Matthews sucks Damon, while Williams explores Bradley's dong. Kissing, rimming and a daisy-chain of rimming build the scene up to Williams gets humped by Bradley, and Matthews getting it from Damon.

In the next scene, Vincent is ordered to bring Yelson up to the curtain-draped sex chamber for observation by patron Tyler Hill. Yelson is put in a tub of water where is is washed gently by servants Spike and Karl Tenner (In Deep: Miles to Go).

Hill remains stretched across a bed, jacking to the sight of Yelson's bathing. The three suck and rim, with Spike lunging energetically with his tongue up into Yelson's nether region. Tenner and Yelson could pass as brothers.

Without anal yet, they all pump out big loads everywhere. The others depart, leaving Yelson alone with Tyler Hill. At this point we witness the treat of Yelson bottoming. Hill tops the boy is one sweaty, great scene. To top it all off, Yelson flips Hill around for some of the same.

Stock Sentenced finished with a down and dirty group scene in the stockyard. Vincent is administering enemas to Chris Rock and Thom Barron, in preparation for the big party in tape two. The group still can't cool down with Barron becoming the center of attention as he rams his axe-handle up Rock's capacious ass. Lorenzo Donado enters the fray by sliding into Barron's ass while the German is still banging away on Rock.

Boss man Vincent barks orders throughout this scene, which is ultimately capped by him topping Barron, who despite his tall size and huge dick clearly prefers the bottom role.

Karl Tenner, Gregor Yelson, SpikeWatch on or Watch VOD
Karl Tenner, Gregor Yelson, Spike

Jocks Stock: Released

Released begins with an all-out first-class orgy scene lasting over thirty-five minutes. This perfectly photographed bonanza of sex has to be seen to be believed. The fast and frenzied action includes more of Ross Vincent, Karl Tenner and Gregor Yelson, but also German guest star Jens Hammer (Berlin Sex Life).

David Pierre undergoes an impressive double-penetration from Spike and Travis Wade (No Way Out). The scene contains twelve eye-popping money shots.

At the orgy's end, stock master Vincent is taken by Marcello Reeves away blindfolded. Reeves proceeds to hammer away at the control-bottom with his Brazilian dick, and later his fist.

By the end of the movie, we learn that the film is a dream by the well-manicured and dressed Vincent. In the real world, a final sex scene is carried out in bed between Vincent and his lover, Kevin Miles (In Deep: Miles to Go). Miles goes all out, working Vincent from mouth to cock to ass with his mile-long pole.

Stock is both impressive and sensational. The gorgeous Gregor Yelson, as well as all the other current Falcon family of stars are on display here doing the best of what they do best, all in the form of a fantastic, slighty-twisted daydream.

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Stock Sentenced and Released (Jocks Pac 089 090) Photos:

Spike licks Gregor YelsonWatch on or Watch VOD
Spike licks Gregor Yelson
Gregor Yelson spills on Tyler HillWatch on or Watch VOD
Gregor Yelson unloads
onto Tyler Hill
Spike and Travis Wade double penetrate David PierreWatch on or Watch VOD
Spike and Travis Wade double penetrate David Pierre

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