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Addiction: Parts 1 and 2

Chi Chi LaRue
Jocks Studios  
Aiden Shaw , Alec Martinez , Brad Benton , Danny Lopez , Danny Vox , , Ken Houser , Maxx Diesel , Rob Anthony , Rob Romoni , , Trent Atkins
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Addiction: Parts 1 and 2

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Tommy Brandt and Josh Weston Need a Fix

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Some men can't resist chocolate cake. Others have a weakness for Ecstasy. My addiction happens to be watching gorgeous men fucking on film. Lucky for me, scratching my itch isn't difficult. And when I need a fix to get that perfect high, I'm sure that the nasty fuck flicks put out by those deviant sex pigs over at Falcon Studios (and their brother company Jocks Studios) are sure to get me off.

Addiction, Parts 1 and 2 almost made me OD from pleasure. It's complete and utter sensory overload. The guys are beautiful, the production values are gold standard and these films are the kind you'd want in your permanent collection. In this two-parter, Addiction is the name of a hot club. Make your way past the two humpy doormen and you might as well be entering into a sex club for all the action going on in the bathroom, backrooms, beside the dance floor, and even the alley behind the club itself. Long-time porn veteran and British daddy, Aiden Shaw, studs the film with quick deadpan comments into the camera lens. He plays a bartender at Addiction and seems to hold sway over all the men coming in and out, cruising for cock.

Josh Weston in AddictionWatch on or Watch VOD
Alec Martinez and Danny Vox
peer up at Josh Weston
The film's action is snapshot quick, often switching between sex sessions going on in different places in and around the bar - and of course, everything is captured stunningly on film.

Poor Danny Vox can't even take a piss without slutty twink Tommy Brandt making a play by twiddling his prick after taking a leak. Throwing caution to the wind, Vox does what any hot-blooded queer would do in response to such a brazen come-on - he drops to his knees and sucks.

Thankfully Brandt doesn't hesitate to return the favor because Vox's prick is a masterpiece. Forgetting the 'public' part of 'public restroom', Brandt and Vox swap sucks until bald stud Maxx Diesel and his bouncer buddy Ken Houser drop in, lock the door and drop their trousers. What ensues is a steamy tearoom four-way that quickly turns into a five-way when Trent Atkins finishes taking a dump and exits the stall fresh as a rose and ripe for fucking. Vox, Brandt and Atkins all have holes that get a good stretching as Diesel and Houser make their rounds.

In another dark corner of the bar, pale-skinned Josh Weston (Kept) takes on two Latin guys, Danny Lopez and Alec Martinez. Before Lopez and Martinez even uncover Weston's ripped torso, they take turns giving his dong a passionate spit shine. Is there anything more erotic than two studs worshipping your cock at the same time?

These three are quite the acrobats, crawling all over each other to take swipes with their tongues at any available pucker hole or throbbing dick. Lopez seems the obvious bottom here, and does indeed get topped first. But surprisingly all three take it up the ass in quick succession before blowing spooge all over the club's lovely leather couch.

Brad Benton Fucks the Bartender

Rob Romoni (Taking Flight) takes a break from behind the bar to screw around with Brad Benton. They decide to get it on in a parked car, Benton standing up and out through the sunroof so Romoni can blow him. These two get it on like horny teenagers at a drive in, Romoni eventually getting plowed in the back seat before Benton takes his turn getting plowed. Benton delivers a spray of hot cum that is filmed beautifully, Romoni up his backside the entire time.

Bringing up the rear of Part 1 of the Addiction films is a frenzied pairing between our 'narrator' Aiden Shaw and the new boy cruising the bar, Rob Anthony. Seems Anthony can't find anyone to lay him (god knows why - he's a gorgeous muscle god) so Shaw, with surprisingly grey hair, is more than happy to step up and dive in.

Shaw, certainly in his 40s by now, is in top form. His long hooded prick is luscious as ever. Anthony blows him on the bar top (the club is closed, otherwise I'm sure they'd draw a crowd of wankers) and then lets Shaw ease that monster deep into his guts. And this is only the first installment of the film!

Addiction: Part 2

Addiction, Part 2 picks up inside the club, but the first sequence takes place inside Josh Weston's dirty little mind. He fantasizes about an empty club - empty except for Brad Patton, Marcus Iron, Trent Austin, Jacob Hall and himself. Take care not to blow your load watching these five grope, slide, lick and thrust. It's almost impossible to hold back while this mini-orgy unfolds.

What's happening inside Josh
Weston's dirty little mind?
Patton's thick, uncut and incredibly huge cock seems to be the point where all the other models focus their energy. I mean, how could you ignore a piece of flesh that big bouncing and throbbing over your shoulder and pulsing blood against your lips? The highlight of this scene - which contains all your favorite sex acts like rimming, oral and anal - has a clever moment when Chi Chi puts everyone but Weston back to back in a circle. Weston then plays a game of musical cocks, going around the circle sucking each model in turn. Weston then makes himself the center of that circle and all four men ravage his muscular frame.

In one of those cozy backrooms, goateed Justin Dragon (Bounce) and returning Danny Vox get to know each other better under a cheesy disco ball. The heat goes up 20 degrees when Dragon drags his prickly goatee across the tender flesh of Vox's hairy hole, slobbering over it before he humps it. Dragon gives Vox one hell of a facial.

Just when you think you couldn't possibly cum again watching this film, Filippo Romano, Daniel Montes and Ken Houser return to the club's bathroom for one of the most heated threeways put on film in some time - well, at least since Falcon's last film. Montes remains the model-perfect and mysterious top with every gay man's dream dick, but it's Houser's sex pig attitude that really got me fired up. There's really nothing these boys don't do to one another in their quest to get off. When all is said and done, Houser's face becomes their cum rag.

Joe Foster Gets Fucked

Aiden Shaw and Joe Foster (Good as Gold) provide the film's final pairing. Shaw decides to bang Foster as part of his job interview. Foster doesn't appear to mind having his hole worked over, except that when Aiden Shaw is thrusting inside you, it's more like a loving rape and pillage. At least Shaw has the decency to rim his butt thoroughly before he fucks it. Foster brings himself off by taking a ride on Shaw.

Falcon and Jocks Studios remain the masters in the industry. Their films have top-notch production values, the hottest talent and seamless presentation. Getting off watching the flicks 'directess' Chi Chi and her gang produce is a nasty addiction to have, but I can't think of a better way to get high.

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Addiction: Parts 1 and 2 Photos:

Trent Atkins and Ken HouserWatch on or Watch VOD
Sweet torsos: Trent Atkins and Ken Houser
Marcus Iron and Brad PattonWatch on or Watch VOD
Marcus Iron looks back at Brad Patton

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