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Jet Set Direct: Take One

Bud Light Thor Stephens
Jet Set Men  
Brad Benton , Brandon , Buck McCall , Cody Cash , Ken Ryker , Marcus Iron , Paolo Cortez , Tag Eriksson
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Jet Set Direct: Take One

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Tag Eriksson and Paolo Cortez swim in the aquarium

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

In an homage to anthology television shows (remember Amazing Stories or Night Gallery?) the Jet Set Team assembles choice talent for its new sexfilm series, named Jet Set Direct. Each scene in the DVD is realized by a different director and production crew, giving them creativity to do whatever they wish in their alloted time. Like those old television shows, this format essentially means that the results can fall all over the map. Fortunately for this movie, only one scene drags, while the other three are very hot.

The editors stick their best foot forward by placing Aquarium first. The duet with Tag Eriksson and Paolo Cortez is an absolue must see; it is one of the hottest scenes of the year, and easily overlooked for Tag Eriksson's other gay porn video. The models are simply picture perfect specimens; enthusiastic boys lustily humping around a colorful garden.

Eriksson, who is about as tall as the Empire State Building, is an incredible bottom, agressively taking Cortez's fat latin cock up his silky smooth ass. Their sex looks like boys at play, capturing everything gay male sex is cracked up to be.

Porn Star Cody CashWatch Now
Porn Star Cody Cash
Augmenting this is the imagination of director Bud Light, who always seems to create something inspired when place behind a camera. Eriksson and Cortez screw in an outdoor garden, patches of sunlight glint of their skin. Colorful orbs hang from the trees, as interesting statues leer from the corners.

Punchy, playful music carries through to the finale. Finally the near-hairless Eriksson lays on his back getting plugged, when suddenly he sprays jizz on his stomach. This is followed by the only slightly more hirsute Cortez blowing his own hot seed onto the Sweede's tummy.

Brad Benton and Marcus Iron get freaky

Michael Zen directs the next story, titled Freak, showing how horndogs Brad Benton and Marcus Iron love to get freaky. It starts with a frazzled Benton tiptoeing through his house. Filmed partially in black and white, the moody lead-up eventually unites the leather clad Iron with Benton, who apparently relishes the boy treatment from his sir.

Like the models in the first scene, these two show sexual chemistry. They are clearly into their roles. Iron lovingly tongues Benton's ass before he screws him. In a hot flip-flop moment, Benton screws Iron missionary. Benton shoots first, followed by Iron who delivers over four gooey blasts all over Benton's torso. Turns out that they are both freaks.

After this comes the weakest link of the chain, The Visitor. It features Ken Ryker and Cody Cash playing daddy/boy fantasy roles. Cash is a hot little bottom, whose facial expression always betrays evil thoughts in his brain. We have never been a big fan of Ryker (well except for maybe Big River from Falcon Studios.

In the scene, Cash lures Ryker up into his well-appointed bathroom with his meaty ass. Ryker then dispassionately screws the dishwater blond. His cock is as thick and long as ever, so watching Cash take it inside him is fun.

Things heat up again however for the final scene: a leather - lite duet with two delectable latinos, Buck McCall and the mono-named Brandon. Brandon is skinny and twinkish, in contrast to the beefier, more macho McCall.

McCall weilds an incredibly fine bubble ass, and a hot dick. With his brown pole, he screws Brandon wearing leather chaps. The garment displays his ass nicely. Directed by Thor Stephans, McCall performs his latin topman skills by throwing a hot screw to Brandon. The two well-oiled, perfectly-groomed guys blow nice money shots.

In keeping with the disc's haphazard style, there is also a music video, essentially some MTV-style edited footage of McCall and Brandon. On top of that, a behind the scenes vignette documents a Swedish television show trying to interview Freak stars Iron and Benton. We now better understand why Sweden cannot get it together to join the European common market.

All in all, Jet Set Direct Take One is a very interesting DVD. This DVD is an example of why not to judge a book by its cover: the cover is quite bad. It reveals no clue as to the three hot scenes hidden inside. Kudos to the assembled directors, they are great storytellers, and their new releases are always great fun to watch.

Jet Set Direct: Take One Photos:

Brad Benton and Marcus IronWatch Now
Marcus Iron pokes Brad Benton's saddle
Tag Eriksson and Paolo Cortez
Tag Eriksson opens for Paolo Cortez
Tag Eriksson rides Paolo Cortez
Tag Eriksson rides Paolo Cortez

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