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Jersey Score

Chris Steele
Jet Set Men  
, Dean Coxx , , Hayden Stephens , , Josh Logan , ,
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Jersey Score

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Dean Coxx preaches G T L: Gym, Tan, Loads

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

We're fans of the television series Jersey Shore, which, in case you do not know, is a popular television show running on the MTV cable network about the lives of a group of young Italian Americans thrown together to live as housemates.

The show because an instant success its first season, making its cast household names everywhere. The show is controversial. Some people are frankly turned off by the vapid attitudes of the show's stars. Others offended by the perceived negative stereotypes which the flaunted proudly in the faces of the viewers. And many, both.

For us, Jersey Shore is a fun, guilty pleasure that's an illuminating peek into the daily behaviors and trials of some young Americans. There are certainly just as many negative stereotypes that could be perceived from preening young gay people obsessed with the relentless grind of the nightlife and themselves.

Dean Coxx and Derrick Vinyard
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Mike The Stimulation / Dean Coxx
sucks D-WOW / Derrick Vinyard

Jersey Score Porn Photos
After producing many recent good porn parodies, it comes as no surprise that Jet Set Men jumped that the opportunity to captialize on the hype, quickly milling Jersey Score throug production. To our wary eyes, the movie appears like it would have benefited from a few additional weeks of planning and pre-production. Although the movie will probably sell better, and it's certainly scored lots of coveted mainstream media coverage, this movie does not hit all the notes like Getting Levi's Johnson did earlier this year.

This gripe will probably not matter to most people. Straight porn star Dean Coxx (Mike "The Stimulation") leads a good cast here of self-described "guidos" through four sex episodes. This gets intermixed with footage of the guys doing their hair, creeping and a bar fight where someone gets "Snookied" (punched out).

Coxx does a good job in the film here. His abs are right up in the same competitive echelon as "The Situation's" own six-pack, and he pushes a perfect amount of gay-for-pay enthusiasm. [Fans of Dean Coxx can see him on his website]

The movie begins with The Stimulation meeting with Sammy (Andrew Blue), whose responding to a notice seeking roommates for the beach house. They sit and chat for a bit in a comfortable living room that looks significantly nicer than anything you'd ever see on Jersey Shore. A pair of Italian flags lay crossed in a small vase.

Coxx quickly talks Blue out of his clothes. They show off their butts to each other. Blue has matured from the dreamy twink in Buckshot's Splish Splash a few years ago into quite the muscular hunk. And his big ass looks as delicious as a ripe peach. After trading off sucking each other's dicks, Coxx bangs him on his fours as well as on his back.

In a nice finish, The Stimulation pops a high flying money shot that shoots directly into the camera. Covered in the top's jizz, Blue enjoys a visibly lengthy orgasm while jacking out his own sweet, gooey load.

Kevin Cavalli follows the Guido Handbook

Who's going to get Snookied?

After this comes a hot three way, which results from a fight over the bathroom when Pauly G (Kevin Cavalli) occupies for too long perfecting his Blow-Out. Ronnie (Josh Logan) and Vinnie (Trent Diesel) are not amused when they get through the door. A tussle erupts into which everyone takes their frustrations out on Diesel's asshole.

This film is Logan's first on-screen work, and not only is he a good doppelganger for the juice head Ronnie, but he's also very hot. His dick is arguably the fattest Italian sausage in the entire film.

Cavalli, despite that the speaks like he has a mouthful of rocks (hat-tip XXfactor), continues to be a mean, tattooed fucking machine. Watching Cavalli and Logan trade off on the bent over Diesel's ass is arguably the movie's high point.

After this the movie adjourns to the bar, where bartender D-WOW (my personal favorite parody name) holds court with a crowd of rowdy Jersey Score guys. The entire cast is here, and naturally there's a brief fist fight. The upshot is that Jarred King gets to enjoy a spontaneous sexual hook-up with Hayden Stephens (Beg for It).

The two guys look a lot better out of their clothes. Stephens has a nice, big cock that King slurps on with gusto. And, of course, Stephens is quite the enthusiastic bottom, sliding down right on top of it, riding him in his lap. At one point, he turns himself toward the camera so he can ride it with his open, muscular legs spread wide in full view.

Stephens cums all over himself while getting fucked. King follows by pulling out, tearing off the condom and squirting his own nice load on his new friend.

Dean Coxx's Jersey Score

The movie ends with a volcanic finale between D-WOW (Derrick Vinyard) and the returning Stimulation, whose been cruising him at the bar. (Note: in heterosexual Jersey Shore speak "creeping" is essentially the same as cruising) Vinyard has followed director Chris Steele from working at Falcon (Driver) over to appearing in some of Jet Set's latest movies.

At first he appeared very much the trade-top, particularly by his effusive stream of sex talk that flows out of his mouth. Since then he's become quite versatile, and the entire talk aspect is what makes his persona such a hit with his fans.

Vinyard and Coxx take their own sweet time with sensuous foreplay. The guys visibly click together with enthusiastic bouts of cocksucking followed by Vinyard getting fucked in the ass. (Take note, Derrick Vinyard admirers!) The scene ends with another standing ovation cum shot from Coxx, whose long-distance power spurts rain across Vinyard's outstretched body, adding even more natural surprise to his face.

Jersey Score has plenty good fun and hot sex. To us, it seemed slightly rushed in order to quickly take advantage of the free marketing accompanying the hype with the real Jersey Shore. Where are the grenades? How about some fist-pumping? Jersey Score is sure to be a big seller for Jet Set, so hopefully if the franchise continues on MTV, a spicier parody sequel with some real Italian gorgonzola and oregano added can make it a complete dinner.

The movie is available in both DVD widescreen and Blu-Ray format.

Jersey Score Photos:

Dean Coxx and Andrew Blue
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Mike the Stimulation / Dean Coxx inspects Sammy / Andrew Blue
Dean Coxx fucks D-WOW
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Mike the Stimulation / Dean Coxx tops D-WOW / Derrick Vinyard
Sucking Kevin Cavalli
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Sucking Pauly / Kevin Cavalli
Hayden Stephens rides Jarred King
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Hayden Stephens rides Jarred King

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