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Josh Eliot
Alex Stone , Anthony Gallo , Bo Summers , Chip Daniels , Chris Champion , Daryl Brock , Dave Logan , Doug Perry , Hunter Scott , J.T. Sloan , Jake Andrews , Jeff Mitchell , Mark West , Rod Majors , Scott Russell , Sean Diamond , Tony Idol , Ty Russell , Vince Rockland
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Chris Champion's Got a Jawbreaker

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Catalina pulled out all the stops for its big-time production, Jawbreaker, a story of convicts on the lam after a prison break, and of the law officers who are hunting them down. Excitement starts immediately as prisoners Jake Andrews, Daryl Brock, Rod Majors and Tony Idol race across barren terrain, desperately flying to freedom as the credit fly by to a pulsating theme song by Chris Green and Peter X.

This promising beginning launches a non-stop, two-hour sextravaganza that features over forty money shots. The men, sex and nicely-woven story propels with such a momentum that the film virtually never lags.

The first prisoner to get nabbed is Idol, who is captured by deputies Vince Rockland ( Saddle Tramps) and Hunter Scott. The officers are furious with having to chase him across two county lines. Therefore, they take Idol orally and anally. The guys go though lots of hot sextalk, and deliver six loads in total.

Back at headquarters, sheriff Jeff Mitchell leaves deputy Chris Champion in charge while he goes to collect Idol. Champion has a very big dick, earning him the jawbreaker from the movie title.

Unsupervised, Champion goes to a holding cell where prisoners Bo Summers and Alex Stone are wrapped in each other fully engaged. Champion, who is a little tradey, watches the action and jacks his enormous meat through the prison bars. During this, Sheriff Mitchell returns, and Champion tells him, I'm watchin' the prisoners just like you taught me.

With the sheriff present, the all engage in one of the hottest four-ways ever filmed. Eight loads later, Summers and Stone have sucked the lawmen, which is no easy feat considering Champion's size. Then, prisoner Summers takes his frustration out on Sheriff Mitchell's ass, while Champion does a deep-drilling on Stone's butt.

In another part of the county, deputies J.T. Sloan, Doug Perry and Dave Logan are on patrol posing as hunters. However, they take time out to partake in a complete oral and anal session and scorches. Logan, the lean Brit, becomes the epicenter of the trio.

Later, prison authorities from the state, Mark West, Sean Diamond (Forced Entry) and Anthony Gallo, arrive at the sheriff's office to take control of the case. It isn't long though before they succumb to the allure of their erections. They start in the courtroom, and end up in the sheriff's office.

Not only is the sex hot here, but the sets and production values stand out.

Jawbreaker then moves to a backwoods country setting where escapees Majors and Brock attempt to get work from some ranchers. Scott Russell, and his two horny sons, Ty Russell and Chip Daniels, boss the prisoners around to the point they are all naked and screwing.

"Not enough sheep on this farm to keep you happy?" asks Majors at one point.

Scott Russell shares Chip Daniels

Scott Russell in particular shows his skills as a trash-talking sexpig. And Chip Daniels is shared and passed around getting a piece of everyone's action.

The movie concludes with Champion meeting Andrews secretly in the countryside. It's revealed that they had an affair, and now Andrews has come back to the deputy for help. You give me some old memories back, and Ah'll give you your freedom, he answers.

The two engage in a lusty, strong duet under the cloudy, blue-skies. Totally satisfying for the two men, and the viewer, when finished they turn and move off in separate directions.

Jawbreaker is a lean story studded with nineteen great models. Fine music, editing and sets make this a classic of the genre. No wonder it won the 1995 GayVN Award.

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Jawbreaker Photos:

Chip Daniels in JawbreakerWatch Now
Chip Daniels enjoys the barn orgy

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