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Jarod Steele's Buckets of Cum

Wade Lincoln
Hot Desert Knights  
, Jason Mitchell , Teradyne Allesandro , Alan Gregory , Big Ben Gunn , Caleb Daniels , Casey Woods , Dino Phillips , Duke Savage , Jake Harriss
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Jarod Steele's Buckets of Cum

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Jarod Steele's seedy gang bang

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Some of you will be familiar with Jarod Steele, the 6'4" blonde bottom boy with a predilection for hot raw sex. He was one of the cutest up and cumming models of last year, starring in, among others, Raw Retreat and Hung House Husbands, and profiled on Friskyfans here as the bareback twink porn star of 2007.

If anything can solidify such an honor it has to be this latest flick from Hot Desert Knights - Jarod Steele's Buckets Of Cum - where he is rightfully given his own vehicle in which to shine. The cover isn't joking when it claims "Load After Load" and it must be said this title has afforded this review load after load of his own *ahem*.

After a blushworthy infomercial soundtrack intro we are spared any further aural embarrassments with natural sex sounds that, lets face it, are the best idea for porn movies.

Casey Woods above Caleb Daniels [Watch on]
or Naked Sword
Casey Woods above
Caleb Daniels (Caleb Carter)
The viewer is brought to an empty dungeon room with a sling, leather goods on the walls, and a wooden horse that is soon to become the focal point of the first sequence. Ivory-toothed twink Steele materializes onto this bench.

Laying against the top support with his chest pressed against the leather, and his arms and legs rest on conveniently custom placed platforms - convenient, that is, for arranging Steele in such a way that his eminently fuckable body is perfectly positioned for doggy style raw and uninhibited sex.

His hungry hairless twink butt faces the camera at cock level, and his blonde head hangs down at the other end in equal anticipation.

No sooner have our eyes adjusted to Steele prostrate on the sex bench, we are introduced to the men HDK have laid on for his gang bang. Dispensing with any irrelevant time wasting, they appear quite suddenly around him, and get right down to why we're all here and watching.

It's a thoughtful and varied bunch that puts Steele though his paces - smooth to hairy, a spectrum of age and race - and all with exceptional cocks (and one exceptional Woods indeed).

Allesandro Teradyne starts the gang bang

A stubbly pony-tailed Allesandro Teradyne (Sleaze 2) gets the ball rolling, stuffing his hard penis in Steele's mouth. Jake Harris, athletic and young, a light skinned black guy makes a start on his hole. Already you can hear the sloppy sounds of raw wet sex. And all around the room the guys stroke and watch - Alan Gregory (who has been in Steele's very position before in Bareback Porn Star Gangbang - Alan Gregory), buff black and hung Ben Gunn (100% Bareback Beef), the handsome goatee-sporting Duke Savage (Dungeon Gang Bang) and Caleb Daniels, a tall skinny versatile twink with red hair and a hairless torso.

When Harris is spent (for now) and pulls out, Steele still has his mouth full. He reaches back and smacks his own ass, inviting Savage up inside his bare hole. Savage obliges, spitting then working his jutting cock right up there, while Gunn forces his monster down Steele's throat. Savage gets vigorous, and just about/almost manages to pull out his ejaculating meat in time to coat Steele's opening with jizz.

And then he slips back in for more.

Steele is now moved to a sling, upturned, and anally open to all.

His wet boy-pussy is pushed to its limits by ass assailant, Gunn. Teasing the audience the camera heads below, affording us an intimate view of Gunn's shaft exploiting and exploding in this white boy's butt. He works it around, making sure all 360 degrees of Steele's puckered ass are well wet and wide.

Jarod's eyes can barely open by the time he's done. But Gunn leans in for a kiss, giving the blonde a brief moment of respite. And then he goes at him again, before letting the next top fill that cumhole up.

Some asses need multiple partners and multiple loads, and quite clearly so does this boy, so he's quite happy for one cock to replace another like when Savage re-enters his tunnel slick and easy like its made of wet silk. Allesandro, meanwhile opens up Steele's other lips, and he's worked back and forth, left and right, all to the sound of clanking chains.

He's already lost count of who's been and cum up him and neither mouth nor ass is left alone for more than a few seconds before it's refilled . When Gregory mounts Steele it's like an anal slip-n-slide. Gunn, perhaps extra interested in this twink, takes extra special care that Steele is not neglected, that each orifice is well worked.

But eventually Steele is afforded a break, with god knows how much jism already inside him.

Caleb Daniels / Caleb Carter pops in for some fun

Since this movie is a showcase for Mr. Steele the next scene seems out of place here, but I'm certainly not complaining. Completely breaking from star Steele, Buckets Of Cum follows the heart of orgy-goer redhead smoothie Caleb Daniels. (aka Caleb Carter No Folks at Home)

I'm not a religious man, but I must say his choice partner in this scene, Casey Woods has been blessed to the EXTREME between the legs. Don't believe me? Check him out. He makes other horse hung guys look, well, lacking… Even if they're not.

Dino Phillips rims Jarod Steele [Watch on]
Dino Phillips rims Jarod Steele
So Daniels sucks on Wood's hugeness. Woods has this cute yet messy look about him, and resembles a young sexier Phil Daniels (Quadrophenia anyone?), which is quite ironic considering the name of his partner in this scene. He sports an arm-band tat, a smooth bod, and well, that massive nuclear missile between his legs.

I can't honestly think of any bottom in the porn industry who wouldn't want to sneak Woods their number for a private audition.

By the time this gangbang draws to a close Steele's been so fucked into twinkish cummy mess of mouth and meat.
Daniels isn't the best head giver, but when he gets astride that behemoth, there's no doubting his anal prowess. He rides that thing to the hilt, like he was born with 13” inside him.

The pair even trade out fucks later in the segment, but to be honest, after you see Woods all the way inside Daniels, you've probably already got one cummy hand reaching for the off button and another for a tissue. Woods is HUGE!!!

But for the multiple cummers around us (or those who don't always start porn at the beginning) we return to the title star Steele, and rightfully so. It just so happens his talents lay on the reverse side between his legs.

He's joined now by skinhead hottie Dino Phillips (A Lesson Learned), buff smoothie Jason Mitchell, and "big cock" cup winner Woods himself (let's hope he gets a starring feature of his own), as well as many of the other vagabonds from the earlier segment.

And for the second half of the movie they switch, swap and trade out on Steele, sometimes so horny that even the fuckee isn't exempt at any given time from the sudden thrust of an erection in their cavity. And the cum seriously flies.

Steele stands over the fuck box-of-fun for Woods after multiple cocks, cum, sucking and fuckery, and shockingly manages to take the continuing tirade of cock without weeping.

By the time this gangbang draws to a close Steele's been so fucked around with that he's just a sexy smooth twinkish cummy mess of mouth and meat. And it becomes quite crystal clear that the "buckets of cum" referred to in the title are none other than Steele's own well used mouth and ass. But Steel is known to be resilient and Jarod adequately proves it here. With gusto.

What HDK movie would be complete without a chapter index, previews and a cumshot reel? No disappointments here. But on top of that there's 8 minutes of exclusive hardcore footage on the DVD. You can tell how hot the atmosphere on the set is from these offcuts, because even when the director is setting up shots, there's guys in the background playing around just cause they want to. And its not staged.

And for insatiable fans of Jarod Steele, this blonde bottom with a beautiful bum, there are exclusive scenes of the movie models getting right in on, and up, a solo Steele as he bends over that self same wooden fuck bench for their bareback cocks.

And who would ever turn down some extra length? Certainly Steele doesn't.

Jarod Steele's Buckets of Cum Photos:

Duke Savage fills the cumbucket [Watch on] or Naked Sword
Duke Savage fills the bucket with cum
Steff Alexander tops Jarod Steele [Watch on] or Naked Sword
Steff Alexander tops Jarod Steele
Allesandro Teradyne tops Jarod Steele [Watch on] or Naked Sword
Allesandro Teradyne tops Jarod Steele

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