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Italians and Other Strangers

Lucas Kazan
Lucas Kazan Productions  
Alessio Mancini , Alex Orioli , Antonio Rinaldi , Bruno Boni , Daniele Montana , Ettore Tosi , , Lucas Andrades , Marc Dievo ,
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Italians and Other Strangers

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Lucas Kazan presents five different ways to see Italian passion in action.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The Italians made their original, unforgettable imprint on porn production back when Bob Guccione filmed his Caligula extravaganza back in 1979. Erotic cinema has since far matured beyond those old overbudget Penthouse productions, even in Italy! Today's adult movie industry can still bless us with excellent productions that literally crosses over from porn into the realm of art.

2008 marks director Lucas Kazan's tenth year as an independent gay film director. By every account, Kazan's Italians and Other Strangers captures the joyous melody of passion. It reveals a symphony of beauty, while set in the rustic Sicilian countryside.

Michelangelo himself couldn't have chiseled a more beautiful cast.

Marc Dievo presents Danielle Montana's buttWatch Now or
Marc Dievo presents Danielle Montana
Stunning newcomers Daniele Montana, Alessio Mancini and Bruno Boni leave the viewer completely breathless. Established European hunks Jean Franko and Lucas Andrades return to carve one more golden notch on their sexual belts. Kazan even brings back Italian stallion favorite Matthias Vannelli back before the cameras, whose recent absence from any filming has been noticed.

According to the movie, Italians awaken every morning to the sound of the cock. A crowing rooster awakens Alex Orioli in the early morning, causing him to pounce on the still sleeping Boni laying next to him. Boni at first seems tired, but he is soon reacting the morning cock. Orioli is relentless. He gives Boni an enthusiastic morning blob-job, sucking his dick. He runs his free hand over the newcomer's soft, glowing skin.

Boni looks like he could be one of Roberto Giorgio's siblings. He is certainly one of the movie's most powerful new weapons. He responds to Orioli's oral advance with a pleasurable bout of rimming. After some sixty-nining, Orioli struts his topman stuff by throwing a long, hard fuck into Boni. And just like watching his kin Giorgio, Boni sure looks hot while getting fucked.

Orioli has learned how to enjoy hungry, passionate sex over at Bel Ami. (The Private Life of Brandon Manilow). He gets Boni off to two hot orgasms.

Picking Up Tricks at the Disco

Next up, the movie takes us to a crowded Italian disco, where it appears every haute couture model for Dolce & Gabanna has shown up for a night of partying. Somewhere in a dark, secluded part of the bar, Antonio Rinaldi, better known as Hungarian porn star Marco Campbell from Casting Couch, is getting pinned with his back to the wall.

Rinaldi enjoys a quick blowjob from a fully clothed Ettore Tosi, Lucas Kazan's long tine associate who has been with him since the very beginning. (Hotel Italia). Tosi quickly exits, leaving olive skinned powerhouse Lucas Andrades to finish him off.

Actually here, it is Rinaldi who finishes off Andrades, throwing a sizzling standing fuck into him as the bottom grips onto some overhanging metal chains. In a great visual, Rinaldi literally fucks the cum out of Andredes, who delivers a no hands money shot while still standing. Finally, the top pulls out to gush heavy spurts of his own hot load on to Andredes' beautiful backside.

These first two episodes of Italians & Other Strangers are simple appetizers. The final three scenes take the movie to new highs of passion.

Starting in the bright outdoors, latino porn star Jean Franko appears to give us another one of his high powered sexual performances. This time, he gets serviced by a sweet faced Italiano named Alessio Mancini. They adjourn indoors where Franko fucks the boy's brains out. In a brilliant directoral move, Mancini wears his preppy shirt throughout, his jeans pulled down just past his round ass.

Franko twists Mancini into their final sexual position: the still partially clothed Mancini pounded hard missionary style into the convenient bed. Whether they are Spaniards or Italians, their sex is powerfully relentless. Franko shoots a geyser-style cum shot all over the bottom's hole, closing what is arguably one of his best scenes ever.

One last note, the dvd's twelve minute Behind the Scenes sequence, at one point, depicts a buck naked Jean Franko joyously singing and dancing to his iPod player. This riveting sequence alone makes this movie instantly valuable for any of Franko's fans.

Marc Dievo snapshotWatch Now or
Marc Dievo
Alessio Mancini snapshotWatch Now or
Alessio Mancini
Like watching straight guys having gay sex? Well, we'll bet the farm that the next couple, newcomers Marc Dievo and Daniele Montana are 100 percent heterosexual. And these guys do their best to put on a fine show.

After a bit of slightly awkward Eurohunk kissing, their scene quickly turns into a real barnburner. Dievo, like lots of European guys nowadays, sport a wild, sprawling tattoo on his right pectoral shoulder muscle. His ass is perfect. Spunky and energetic, he is a perfect bottom for the powerfully built Montana.

Montana sports a dick of death, large and beautiful in shape. Dievo rides up and down on it intensely, followed by more sex positions all over a leather chaise lounge. The episode ends after the guys enjoy two money shots each, Montana's being especially copious.

Bruno Boni Awakens Matthias Vannelli

In the final episode, Boni returns with a grin on his face, He speaks into the camera that some guys lust after their best friends. Cut to him laying in bed, caressing the sleeping naked Matthias Vannelli. Vanelli at first spurns him, but later under the bucolic setting of the Italian woods, he relents. Boni gets on his knees to stuff as much of Vannelli's big cock into his mouth as he can.

Would you seduce Matthias Vannelli if you found him sleeping naked? Boy, we have missed Matthias Vannelli!

In what is one of the most beautifully lit romantic sexual episodes we have ever seen, Vannelli drills the moaning, squirming Boni stomach down into the bed. Vannelli's steady grinding and Boni's heavy panting takes them, and the film, to it's most satisfying climax.

In a final aside, Boni explains that Italians are all cheeky and playful, but that's just the way they are. This is the film's message, which is supplemented by Kazan's chosen musical accompaniment, the overture to Italian composer Domenico Cimarosa's opera Il Matrimonio Segreto. It sets a very mischievous tone to all the action.

Some people see porn as purely a function of quick sexual release, and then there are others who can see porn as a potential artistic outlet of beauty, one where sex is not degrading, but an elevating celebration. If you fit into the latter category, then you will absolutely want to see Italians and Other Strangers.

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Italians and Other Strangers Photos:

Alex Orioli and Bruno BoniWatch Now or
Alex Orioli sucks Bruno Boni
Antonio Rinaldi and Lucas AndradesWatch Now or
Antonio Rinaldi behind Lucas Andrades
Porn Star Alex OrioliWatch Now or
Alex Orioli
Bruno Boni and Matthias VannelliWatch Now or
Bruno Boni sucks Matthias Vannelli

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